Need a little help, please

  • I'm new to this & not really sure if I'm doing this right, but here goes....I am 50,dob 7/27/59, 11:06 am,

    and would like to know What do any of you see for me. I have had a pretty tough life so far. Thanks to any and all for your time.

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  • bump??? I don't understand what that means Laie4.

  • hi ragbag! it just means i tried to give you a push to the top of the list so that maybe someone would see your post & be able to help. read up on mars retrograde, k? just a thought.

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  • Thanks for that! I didn't elaborate so much on what I was looking for. Trying to keep it brief and to the point. I just need to know where do I go from here? My kids are grown, I am alone and unemployed, have some health concerns, trying to care for my mom, have a sis addicted to pain pills that I am trying to help due to the fact that I am a recovering alcoholic (sober 3 1/2 yrs.), and we have always been so close. That scratches the surface. So, once again, Thanks to all for your help 🙂

  • Congrats on what you have done! You can't give others what they need unless you look after yourself first. Also, they have got to want the help.

    You need to re-list your DOB & time with a place of birth. This will assist someone in doing a better chart for you unless someone does a psychic reading. Keep in mind with various holidays folks are a little on the go right now and it may take awhile.

    BTW> You can always " bump" yourself in a week or so if you don't hear anything : )) Good luck!

  • Thank you so much Laie4. Should I start all over or continue here? Sorry to be so much trouble but this is the very first time I have ever done anything like this. When you say place of birth, do you mean city, state, county? How precise should I be? Thanks for your kind response and Happy Holidays :))

  • ah, u caught me still sitting here when i should be making b-fast! don't start a new thread, there is no need now that u have the secret code, lol >>> Bump! hahhaa

    yes, just re-list the dob, time and city&state thats good enough. If it doesn't get you anything after the New Year, then of course, do a new thread with that info.

    no bother at all .... i am starving tho, different after the kids are gone isn't it? no one shouting santa came, santa came .... gonna go see if my handsome guy is awake ~ gotta get this beautiful day started! happy holidays to u also!

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  • Thank you LibrasLair and Scribe1. So nice to know I am not the only one here on this festive day.

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  • need birth location

    be specific, city/town and state

    will pull out something Sunday or next week

  • Ragbag, it is part of your destiny to have to overcome great odds and suffer many personal disappointments because your lessons are all designed to help you acquire discipline, and to develop a sufficient level of emotional detachment to be able to impact on the lives of those around you, by lending psychological and spiritual insight into the workings of your society. You were born with the desire to correct problems and right wrongs, and when you discover your unique ability to observe, analyse, and reflect on others' lives - both those who are loved ones and those of your community - you will be able to guide and inspire them. You are commanding, expansive, and sincere but be mindful of your tendency to overassert your authority.

    Success for you lies outside of the world of personal needs and gratification. Naturally assertive and powerful, you have no problem getting people to do what you want, but you mustn't neglect their wishes in the process. You can sometimes be rather overbearing or even downright dictatorial with very high standards expected from yourself and others. Still you are only trying to do what you think is right. You have a natural attraction to high ideals and larger causes of humanity but you must become more socially conscious. The things that have happened to you were not meant to destroy you but to strengthen you and beat out any pride or blind stubborness that might be leading you to ride right over other people's needs and wants.

    Remind yourself to be in the world, but not of it - that is, to take an active role in society but to stand somewhat outside and not get pulled into any emotional storms. You tend to have a sometimes overzealous, over-direct, and childlike enthusiasm and need for perfection that can get in the way of the mature impartial analysis that is needed for you to become a positive influence on those around you. You love efficiency and are good at giving practical advice - you can always spot what needs fixing, improving or changing. You rush into situations with the best of intentions, yet you sometimes behave like a bull in a china shop. Blessed with dynamism and spontaneity, this life will challenge you to lose your naiveté and become better controlled without being too repressed or indecisive. Your natural curiosity will help here. Training and education will help you gain more self-discipline, although you are probably more self-taught than formally educated. Your ultimate goal is to use the powers of observation that your curiosity gives you, combine that with a system of thought or action, and take advantage of this formidable arsenal to right the wrongs you see around you, or to simply provide information to others.

    The family situation is often the arena where a lot of your life's lessons are worked out. If you had a strict parent or other family member in early childhhood, it might have caused you to rebel against such an influence. Later, in adulthood, you may project this figure onto a boss or authority figure, and your innate need for freedom may cause problems. From the influence of this earlier person, you may yourself become overstrict with others as you grow older. You can be a workaholic with a seeming need for fame and success; however it is not the attention and approval of others you seek but the perfection of what you create.Thus you will face great stress in your career. If warning signs are not heeded, a mental and/or physical breakdown may occur. Bosses and coworkers could see your irrepressible child-like energy as you being frivolous and may not take you seriously, when in fact you have overly high standards and a strong moral code (which you should not impose on others). All you want is to be acknowledged as an important part of an organization and this will guarantee your continued devotion and hard work. Learn to overlook inefficiency and imperfection.

    Friends and family who see you as a highly capable and wise person may nevertheless hold back from seeking your advice because they fear your controlling, brutally honest, or overly moral attitudes. This is a shame since you have a great capacity to give and receive affection.

    In relationships however, you must apply discipline to your love of freedom or you might never commit to anything longterm. Your perfectionism might also make it hard for potential mates to measure up. Trust is a key issue for you in a partner and it could make or break a relationship. You want to feel valued by a partner whom you can love and respect, but you loathe all forms of false flattery. You are a good judge of character and will reject anyone who tries to manipulate you through praise.

    This lifepath of yours demands maturity and growth, and though the child within must agree to grow up, she must also be nurtured and kept alive; otherwise a cranky rigid adult might well result. A successful navigation of this lifepath will have you becoming an attractive personality who draws people to her due to the objectivity, gentleness, and wisdom of her views. You have a fine balancing act to achieve between detachment and passion.

    I hope this helps you in some way, Ragbag. I know you wanted some sort of future prediction but if you can overcome the difficulties of this particular lifepath, I know happiness and success lie ahead for you.

  • I really appreciate this. I do have quite an overbearing Mom. I love her dearly but don't feel very close to her. She is 85 and in terriffic health. I am thankful for that. I was born in Pulaski, Tennessee. As I stated earlier, 7/27/59 at 11:06 am. Have a daughter 35, son 25, deceased son who would be 30. I was with my Daddy when he passed 13 years ago. We were very close. My oldest brother moved in with me 5 years ago. He was sick and passed away on my sofa where he slept. That only scratches the surface and yet I feel guilty being upset or whatever I am feeling when I stop and think of some of the things people are going through. I guess I'd just like to know what now? I am alone and I think I'm okay with that. I just want to move forward and try to let go of whatever has a hold on me. A heartfelt thanks to one and all who take the time to read and/or respond. 🙂

  • The only thing that has a hold on you are your own fears. Nothing else is holding you back. Do you have any guilt at surviving when so many around you have passed on? There is a reason you are still here - you still have goals to achieve.

  • A little I suppose. I mean I was the only one with my son and my brother when they died. Then only me and my Mom when my Daddy died. And there have been others who have passed shortly after I saw or spoke to them. Its kinda eerie for me. Is it me?

  • No you are not killing your family - you are just outlasting them. There's a reason for that. There is still more to do. May I ask if you are looking to get back to work?

    If it's any consolation, I know enough about numerology to see that you are in the last year of a long nine-year cycle. That means 2010 is a whole new beginning of a new cycle for you, a chance to start over.

  • Absolutely. I had been working part time until September and hope to start back at the same place first or middle of January. Very interested about the 9 year cycle.

  • ok ragbag

    you've got help now so I don't have to pull out the chart

    hope for the best

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