Epic Dream. Could someone interpret please.

  • This dreams seems to have alot in it that I cannot interpret on my own so if anyone can give me some insight please.

    The dream started out in the open and was in some kind of small valley that was just lots of smooth rock that had layers, sweeping wavey lines. I was investigating the crevices and detail of the rocks and I remember thinking "**** would love it here" (* being the guy who I love and is constantly in and out of my life) When i looked down at my feet I had bare feet and it was very muddy, I was sticking slightly but could walk. I looked further on in the valley and noticed what i thought was a pool of water. I wanted to wash my muddy feet so walked over, getting closer I realised that it was the entrance to a water filled cave. The water was clear but had a bright green tinge to it. I dove into the cave and found that all of a sudden I had scuba diving equipement so I could breathe. **** was there too amoungst other friends, although I couldnt make out who as they all had scuba equipement. In the water with us was a giant turtle, very green in cololur and he was very friendly. would let us touch him and hold him. I got a very happy feeling from the turtle, although I also got the feeling he was slighly in pain.

    Somehow I had managed to cut myself in my leg and was bleeding. It was then that panic struck us all as we knew there was a shark in the next cave and he would smell the blood. At this my friends formed kind of a circle barrier around me as to get me to safety and protecting me, but also putting themselves in danger. At this point I do not know if **** was there or not.

    If anyone can decipher what it means that would be amazing. Or if you are just interested in dreams then im happy to share.

    Thank you

  • Hi The fishies,

    If your willing, I'd like to take a try at your dream. I'm not a professional interpreter but I do ok sometimes. Here goes!!!! You are in a valley with smooth rock with sweeping wavy lines. To the Navajo, the wavy lines represent change. You had bare feet and it was verry muddy. This might indicate that you are either feeling exposed or want to get something out in the open (who am I doin' so far?). Your feet are muddy and you are sticky and want to get the mud off your feet. Again this would indicate that you need to expose a certain situation, probably has something to do with **** which has been making you feel less than honest to yourself. You find clean water, purification, that is in a cave, you are the cave. Now inside this cave are your friends (nurture and support) and a giant a turtle. This turtle could well be your spirit guide. You then cut yourself, thus exposing yourself in a negative way that could bring about seriously negative consequences (the shark). You are uncertain how to proceed and are afraid how to bring a situation out into the light and resolve the issues. COuld this have something to do with ****, and your on again off again relationship? Sounds like this is an issue for that needs serious resolution. Am I on base? Let me know what you think. Many blessing and happy holiddays.


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