• I have been in a 7 year relationship and recently my boyfriend has informed me that he has needs and that I have'nt made enough of an effort to be enticing to him. What do I do?

  • Dear Chicalik

    I read Tarot cards for my own learning and practice.What I got was the picture of a masculine man,passionate,somewhat controlling in nature.The cards suggested victory for you.I got the feeling that you should value your own worth and not underrate your contribution to his life /this relationship.The advice was for you to be inwardly calm and strong...Strength is a reassuring card in times of stress.On the sexual front I got the feeling that you have the choice of acting on your dreams,your fantasies ...what feels good to you ,not just necessarily to him.Maybe theres something you dont know about this situation thats blocking your choice.Overall,I read that you deserve appreciation for what you have put into this realationship.Hope that helps!

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