Romantic engagement and help

  • StrlSlvr,

    Please do NOT feel alone or hopeless now, much as it seems like there IS no hope. You are very wrong. As much as it seems that things are dark, recognize that you are looking through the lens of emotion where its too hard to see the whole picture.

    I feel very badly doing this now, because there are so many who are waiting for readings that I haven't been able to get to. BUT I'm telling you this so you know that the message you are getting from me is clear and true. I came on the forums to read for some of those I have been trying to get to, but my guides practically dragged me to your post. I will get more detailed as soon as I can get my mind clear, but know this much;

    YOUR SON IS ALIVE. He isn't in any harm, but he is angry and resentful. He left the family under very unhappy circumstances. I feel like he was fed up, frustrated, and just plain sick of everyone and everything at the time he left. There was a lot of turmoil and conflict going on amongst the family. I feel like there were a lot of people involved. He just left. He felt that he needed and wanted to get away. He isn't angry with YOU anymore. But he is very hesitant to get in contact with anyone because he still feels like it would be going back to the things he wanted to get away from. He hasn't worked through it all yet. But he is alive and he's OK. I feel that SOOOO strongly. I think HE wants you to know that. He's mad, but he worries that you suffer and though he has no way of telling you he's OK, he DOES want you to know.

    I'm sorry I can't read more right now, I promise to get back here and take care of you and all the others who are waiting as soon as I can get clear myself. But have hope, be strong, and rest assured that things are not as dark as they seem to you right now.

    Blessings and Light to you:)

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