Romantic engagement and help

  • Hi - First, I wanted to ask for help. (my story below) and I hope that someone can shed light for me today.

    Hello to all - I have had tremendous loss in the last two years and need a reading because tonite, I don't know where to go or what to do. My son left my home 2 years ago and I have not seen him since. No one in my family has heard from him. We are desperately worried about him. His birth date is 8.8.1989 My son's number is 7. (Numerology from birth date?)

    As well, we lost my brother, a new heart transplant recipient 6 months after the heart transplant and one year after my son left.

    Now, after suffering alone for two years (I'm single with only my one son) I met a man that I had received many thoughts about prior to meeting him. It was uncanny and ushered in by many coincidences back in mid-november of this year. We quickly became close and developed a "serious" relationship but suddenly he has stopped seeing me and hasn't been willing to communicate with me and I have only reached out 3 times last week. I am very confused about his mixed messages as he told me he "loved" me and then is very vague about everything and he indicates he is going to be seeing me again but I haven't heard anything from him for days. After having been together every day and night for four weeks; suddenly we haven't seen each other for two weeks. My birthdate is 1.25.1956 and his is 11.14.1954.

    Can anyone tell me when/if this man and I will see each other again, if there will be a strong ongoing relationship between us eventually, or what part we will play in each other's lives?

    And most importantly, can anyone let me know something about my son - if he is safe, healthy, alive. I would be most appreciative - I am alone tonite and feel like there is no hope now.

  • strlslvr

    I can see from your information that the attraction is mutual, it may not be on intellectual or level, but more of physical and emotional. he loves his freedom and you are one that is not into binding him into commitment for you are independent and possess the ability to adapt into various situations you find yourself into. let's say you both get together and then he disappears someday, you will adapt to this new situation without much trouble. he likes this in you and he does have that tendency to be on and off. mostly because he is always into achievement, adventures, all that life has to offer.

    He doesn't stay in one place. One of these adventures, may or may not be: women. He may not even see it as cheating, these adventures (women or not) are just passing time for him. That is of course, if his heart is set on you.

    You two are great friends however, enjoying social life so much you send less time alone together. Physically, he has strong appetite, but you're not much of a romantic soul which can put a damper on the relationship. It 's not enough to make him commit to you, but it sure will keep him coming back, if you are willing to bring more sensuality into your relationship and make it unforgettable se xual experience for both of you.

    Both of you are intelligent, but yours is less practical. This is due to your inventive side, that prompts you to fantasy and creativity, but not reality. You are however, likeable and easily attract or be attracted. But since you tend to live in fantasy, you tend to fall for illusion and not the real person. This is why you sometimes can't see the truth, be it a person or a situation. However your versatility does help a lot in dealing with the unexpected. Your inventive side, can be very useful to bring more life into your se xual connection with him.

    This is based on the dates you were born, so some things might have changed for you have been through all kinds of experiences by now and some of them would have affected you profoundly and shaped you into who you are today.

    I wouldn't know how you romantic life will be unless you give me your birth time and location

    I'm saying romantic life, because even if you don't meet this man again, doesn't mean you can't be happy romantically with someone else.

    Not saying he is not coming back into your life, if his heart is set on you, he will come back someday but this will depend so much on him.

  • by the way sorry for your loss

    and sorry I can't see anything about your son either

    I only see that he likes to feel loved, he can not bear being ignored/ yelled at or similar

    in fact if he feels loves, he can succeed professionally. he'd rather be loved than love, this makes him prone to lies and deception of those disguising as friends or lovers.

    they will be able to manipulate him into doing something for them, making him think they love him so much they will do anything for him too. he is also very fond of having friends and can not bear losing one, for this means he will lose someone who cares for him. This doesn't mean all his friends are truly friends, but he does think this way. he might even fight you for his friends, if he feels that his friends love him more than you do.

    I hope he is OK. if he does find a job in entertainment or beauty field, he can do well. I really hope this is the case, because 2007 was a hard year for him. I hope he didn't do anything bad such as ending his life or become manipulated so much that he became ill. also, if he did persevere, he would enjoy a more stable year in 2008 and now. it has its difficulty but he will fare better than 2 years ago.

    Not sure if this can help, it's been 2 years, but did you ask his friends, especially the 'new' ones. The ones you had never seen before that year he ran away. They might hold the answer to his whereabouts.

  • Leoscorpion, maybe you can help me help Strlslvr? I was getting very clear messages, myself. My guides were all over me with the messages.

    I was reading your last post here where you said

    "I hope he is OK. if he does find a job in entertainment or beauty field, he can do well. I really hope this is the case, because 2007 was a hard year for him. I hope he didn't do anything bad such as ending his life or become manipulated so much that he became ill. also, if he did persevere, he would enjoy a more stable year in 2008 and now."

    And I'm wondering what messages your guides were giving you here? Is he looking for or working in the entertainment or beauty industry? Do you see he has,or has tried to harm himself? I honestly didn't get that from my guides. Maybe our guides should meet:)

    This is SUCH an important question, a mother worried and wondering if your child is safe, or even alive...I KNOW we would want to give her the best and most honest help we could. I know I wouldn't dare guess at the answers or throw things out there, and you, being so spiritual, wouldn't either.

    I'll be honest, when I asked my guides, and went to connect with him, I was expecting a very different answer than what I got. OF COURSE I was relieved that I was wrong and the things I got from my guides and from him were the very opposite of what I had thought:) One of the rarer times when we get to deliver a GREAT message to someone suffering...and what more suffering can there be than a mother suffering for her child!

    So, thank you for contributing here. I'd love for you to let me know what you're getting on your end so we can help this precious mother find out anything she can about her child. I hope others will join our efforts!

  • StrlSlvr --- I read this last night and because it was a heartbreaking story I shut the computer off. I really felt your pain and just couldn't deal. I am sorry for the loss of your brother, missing your son and your sense of loss and abandonment. I want to offer this :

    Last night I instantly got an impression that he is alive and only left because of angry frustration. Then a picture of a young man, not to tall, thin but with wider shoulders, brownish-blonde a little shaggy hair, white t-shirt & jeans shoveling dirt, like beside a driveway for run-off. Flat, barren landscape.

    I don't treat this lightly .... I could be Way off base .... still as a Mom I only offer this to assist you and hisbablove. I wish I could do more ....

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  • hisbablove

    " Maybe our guides should meet:)"

    Funny you said this. Those in the spirit world know no separation or limitation, as in the physical world. so They DO know each other. But because our purpose here on the physical world is to learn and move forward, not all of our questions will be answered by the guides.

    Sometimes we have to find things out the hard way. If all our answers are given all the time, what are we learning? Some answers are layered or not clear, maybe in symbols or codes. We are to learn how to decipher these messages and get better as we go.

    My guide doesn't always answer if I ask her things pertaining someone else, only if I am meant to know and I will learn something new about this, then she will. She does guide me, because that is why she is here, to guide me. Even then some things I have to find the hard way, like everyone else.

    So all I am sharing is what I am meant to know, and if there were symbols, then the ones I could interpret. The ones I couldn't interpret I would probably mention them, but I would also say that I am not sure. My response is below, I do not know anything more than what I wrote below and I am not going to write what I don't know.

    I am saying that I hope he is fine, not injured or dead. Because things will fare better for him in the next 2 years which is 2008 and now. He does have a tendency to hurt himself. I already said he likes to feel loved, but there is no way he will feel loved all the time, for all of us have our moments where we can't and don't give love to others due to our own sufferings. When this feeling of 'unloved' is strong, he will and can hurt himself. Hurting himself doesn't always mean physically, he can do this emotionally about as bad.

    He already hurt himself, by running away from home. The element of 2007 was about independence, a contrast to his dependency on other people's loves for him. Home, where he is loved, would be a great place for him to stay in 2007. He needs to learn to be independent, not relying on other people to love him and help him. But he can still learn to be independent and stay within the circle of those who really love him, until he is strong enough to face the real world on his own.

    He had made his choice, however, to follow the influence of this element and left the safety of his parents home. I am not told what had happened to him after he ran away. It definitely was not a safe world out there for him in 2007 with the contrast of elements at play. That's why I can only hope he is fine.

  • Oh please, StrlSlver, no apology is needed. It just hit me hard and I have yet to figure out why. My only guess is that sometimes when a person writes from the deepest recesses of their heart I feel the author. You asked that we hold them in our thoughts and I have been doing nothing but that, pacing the floor this morning actually ... I am going to be a little more pro-active, instead of just "carrying you" around in my head, lol!, I will light a candle at sunrise ( which is just about here) and say a prayer for the men in your life and more importantly You.

    I found it beautiful what you wrote about etchings on your heart. It is a lovely poetic description of exactly what our loved ones do. I have always said mine have left an imprint on my soul (very true!) but your wording appeals to me more. Remember, we do the same to them; keep them in the forefront of your heart and mind as you are doing ... it will pay off. We can't control their actions, as you know, so sometimes this is all we have. Love & Hope.

    (I just lit a white candle. The sun is turning the sky pink at the horizon.) I had a thought about your brother that I'd like to share. I am very sorry he did not survive. My grandson was an organ donor and we heard that his liver didn't make it into the intended person. The pt. died before the surgery could take place and my daughter felt awful. I understood her feeling but told her that At Least the Chance for life was offered. The pt.'s family had hope and knew that someone cared enough to reach out to others in the midst of their own pain.

    I "peeked" ( click on any person's name) this morning StrlSlvr and found you have just posted this and are new to this site. Your pain has caused you to reach out and there are many optimistic people here. Even if they don't post just read your story, positive energy is going to flow your way! Merry Christmas to you and may peace and joy reveal itself to you in all the little ways of life.

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  • StrlSlvr,

    I'm sorry to have been away. You were on my mind very much, though. Take comfort in the fact that myself, Laie4, and Mystoblustars(on your other thread) have all gotten the same message regarding your son. One of us may have been wrong, but ALL three? I doubt it:)

    I can't see him clearly, but I see brown hair, longish, a sweet face with a lovely smile when he smiles. I don't know if he is now, or was in the past, but I see him as a solid, sturdy young man. Not obese, but not slim. His mouth has a baby quality to it; really red lips, a bit of a puckered look. If I am describing him correctly, then that is the guides way giving you a sense of truth in the more important part of the message to you, that he is alive.

    Now, I know now, and have known from the very first reading I gave you, that the reason for his leaving is much more involved than he just up and left for no reason at all. There was serious conflict and emotional turmoil prior to his leaving. He felt alternately cornered and torn, stuck in the midst of all this turmoil and unable to see a resolution that he could live with. I feel like it was more about one single issue that he felt brought everything to a head. I'm getting something about two months, as if it was two months of conflict, the last two months he was home brought him to the decision to leave...I haven't gotten to the bottom of that two months message, but I believe you know what it means or you might be able to make some sense of it.

    I know you feel a tremendous amount of guilt. You feel it so much that you can't even talk about how and why you got to this point. You MUST put that guilt away. As much as things might have gone wrong before he left, ultimately, HE has made the decision not to risk reopening the wound and trying to come back. I feel like he wants you to know he's ok, but he isn't ready to reach out to you yet. He will. In time. When that time comes, you must be prepared to start anew and the only way you can do that is by validating his hurt feelings AND forgiving yourself BEFORE he comes back. You must also be prepared to accept him and his point of view as they are not as you want them to be. I feel like he hasn't come back yet in part because he feels you haven't done that yet, and he might be right. Right now, all you want is him home, but have you resolved the conflicting points of view that led to his leaving? Have you accepted the things he fought for and against? Are you ready to do the hard work withing yourself and with him that it will take for acceptance and healing. I'm getting that word a lot; Acceptance. Again, I feel like you will know what that means.

    I will stay in touch and, if you need anything that I can do, please don't hesitate to ask.


    What a BEAUTIFUL post and thought. You not only added credence to what myself and Mystobluestar read for StrlSlvr, you brought her light, warmth, encouragement and comfort. For as much as people think that our gifts are an enviable blessing, what you did was far more valuable and a greater blessing in many ways.

    I feel like your lighting the white candle and StrlSlvr's association with it was an intentional thing on the part of the universe. It was meant as a sign, a support, a connection of something very deep. I hope you continue to post, read, whatever you do, for StrlSlvr because you obviously have much of value to offer.

    Blessings and Light to you BOTH:)


    I wish I had made mention of all the wise help and guidance Libraslair has given me as I have become more open and in tune with my "abilities" (I SO dislike words and phrases that sound SO pretentious, but how to describe it?:) I might have saved your poor fingers from having to type all that when I had learned it already! I feel SO bad! Of COURSE our guides have no time, space, etc. limitation:) Sorry my little joke led to your spending so much time explaining that to me, among other things. I will remember where and when to be lighthearted in future, if only to to spare others from feeling it necessary to spend so much valuable time and energy enlightening me when they have so much else to do.

    I know that the realm the guides are in is not at all like ours, nor are they there to give us all the answers...sometimes we get NONE of the answers. That would almost negate free will, if everything and everyone was subject to predestined "predictions" or "visions" or whatever being true and complete fact.

    Of course, I would love to make it so my guides answered all my questions, didn't just give me symbols, words, images, and leave me waiting or absent ANY answer at all. The things you discussed happen to me all the time. I'm sure I've said those very things in almost every reading I put up here. You just learn to accept the message and deliver it as it is. What else can we do? It would certainly be irresponsible to guess or "think aloud" when there might be even the slightest possibility that those reading what type(or say) might take it to mean that that is actual message we are getting for them! Can you imagine that?! I would feel TERRIBLE if I ever did that! I hope we continue to be as careful and diligent as we are, not to needlessly or even carelessly lead someone astray like that...don't you agree?

    Libraslair, as much knowledge as she has about these things, having been open to it all her life, experienced so much herself, AND studied extensively, has never given me the answers to my own questions as to why I became aware of my gifts when I did, etc. She, like our guides, does not put it all out there, but gives me clues that are meant to help me come to my own knowledge on my own. I know you agree that that is a very good thing to remember when it comes to our guides, as well.

    I am SO grateful that, knowing as much as she does, she doesn't sit perched on superior wisdom and experience, surgically repeating things she's read or learned and insisting that her superior knowledge give her the right to pronounce everything she thinks or knows as unquestionable fact! Wouldn't that be utterly arrogant and foolish? I try to be conscious of that all the time. I'm sure you do too.

    I hadn't realized though, that you meant you hoped he would still be alive as a simple hope not associated with something your guide had given you, just as a personal thought. I thought you were also giving a message from your guide, which is why I was confused that our guides were giving us conflicting messages and why they would do that, hence my silly joke. I'm sure StrlSLvr is a much sharper woman than me and she knew the difference, though. I'm glad for that. Better I was confused and doubtful than she was:) Even better, LAIE4 read for her far more beautifully than I ever could.

    SO many humble, caring, sincere people here! Aren't we LUCKY?!!

  • of course we are

    I myself have been helped by many that the universe sent my way

    and these people are not even on this forum LOL

    I've read psychics here gave different messages

    it's normal, some things have to be learned on our own

    like I said, if the universe gives us all the answers

    what's the point of learning?

  • and by the way no need to apologize

    what I wrote was mostly about my guides and my own post to explain to you

    the little bits above it, some of the words are copied and pasted because I wrote it many times to a lot of people here anyway so it doesn't make sense typing it all the time

    Happy holidays from me and hubby

    I hope StrSlvr gets her answer/solution soon

  • Well I'm glad you didn't have to retype all that...and I'm glad you said you copied and pasted it from other post because I was beginning to wonder why I was feeling like I knew some of that already.LOL

    Good thing I'm not full of myself or I might have given myself credit for "predicting" it just because I'd read it before...LOL

    Of course, Mama Libra would zing me right back to normal if I ever got that arrogant! I know people like that are too much for YOU to bother with,too:)

    Happy Holidays to you and hubby (you should get him on here with you sometime so he could see what all the fuss is about and some of us wouldn't feel so guilty with you doing so much here and him left out:)

    I hope StrlSlvr finds her peace and takes what she needs from the messages that have been given to I won't go off on a tangent on her her thread anymore:)

    Blessing and Light

  • I meant other POSTS...must be more cautious:)

  • Nah I'm not worried about him

    he works long hours we are used to be away from each other

    he is only off dec 25 and 31 and he spent it fixing things in the house

    I only got on here a few hours every day

    typing a lot doesn't take much time in my case but it will for him

    with the copy and paste it's even faster LOL

    anyway gonna get off and get some wine

    bye and take care

  • StrlSlvr ~When I read your post the first time, no one else had posted. I shut the computer off, you stayed with me and I turned it back on the next day to give you my impressions. As I quickly scrolled down to find the reply box, I saw hisbablove's words that your son was alive. ( i haven't yet read the responses you've been given but will later.) It was what I had seen so i launched into the post. Afterwards, I was struck by a sense that I should have asked a question first. I thought, oh no, what if the images I got aren't for her. I've never done this sort of thing without having the person in front of me or at least knowing the person.

    Now I realize it doesn't matter ... it helped and that is all that matters! Thank you for letting me know. I'm not one to become agitated/anxious so when I do it is another person's spirit connecting with mine. I kept thinking this person & I could easily sit and have a cup of tea and chat --- I guess I could have wonderful conversations with you & your brother. Maybe it was him behind this, : ) Science & theology are my first loves. We have commonalities but under it all your strong spirit drove the connection with myself and others as receivers.

    I've shortened this a great deal, cutting out the blah, blah, hope its still coherent, lol! Happy to know in some small way I eased your heart .... I am always in awe of this beautiful life and the wonderful connections we all have to each other.

    PS> I kept "hearing" this when writing the candle post but it felt inappropriate; your reply let me know it was okay to say now .... " Tough cookie" As in your a tough cookie. I'll leave the interpretation up to u . : )

  • What a coincidence--you a cardiac nurse? I have been both drawn then repelled by your first post--checking on it to see if any message from others because my impression was too painful for me physicaly. It's so overwhelming that I could not proceed to clarify. After reading your post I get crushing chest pain to the point of wanting to throw up--very very intense. I am psychic and pick up energy but mostly spirit message. The chest pain has let up since your first post---but still afraid to go there, so not sure if it's your physical health--mental health or a loved one passing with chest pain or all of the above. Right now attempting to zero in more I'm getting heart flutters so will cut this short to say if these are your symtoms please get checked out. If your heart is strong you need to keep it strong and adress the issue that is squeezing the life from it. You are not in a good place right now--too weak and washed out--this is not a good time to search for a loving partner. This will happen later--6 months if you start on a more positive road and get your strength back. Your son--visit other blog sites--even the ones you'd never think like gay lesbian--he's hiding but not--he still blogs but it's not as visible as facebook. He will have a disguise but when strong you will pick him up. Once your energy returns you will get the clues, I'm being hopeful this is your turning point as you didn't say but I pick up that your issues of weakness and worry go back a lot farther than two years and your son's leaving is in a painful way a journey that can lead you out of past self defeating habits. What spirit says is heal these issues and your son's part in this joursey will have been completed and your searching and grasping will let up--the gates will open and love will COME TO YOU! Wisjhing you the best

  • Forgive the many typos--it comes with moving fast and worn key board--the bleep for the possible site reads for g-a-yandl-e-s-b-i-a-n. Bleep? Look for him in the places unexpected.

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