Negative energy?Sapphirediamond,Blmoon,Amantim,could you please tellme?!

  • Dear Gifted friends

    I have been told often that there is someone with a negative energy that surrounds me and that Im susceptible to others energy.Who is this person...Im not sure I know and what can I do to protect myself?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  • What does the topic negativity have to do with sapphire/diamonds/blue moon? There will be a blue moon on the 31st, but I always took this as a positive sign that rare things (i.e.miracles) can and do happen. Sapphires and diamonds are also supposed to be lucky, so are these three different topics or what?

  • Jlove 13,these are names of three people on this site who help others with their gifts.There are many gifted and nice people on this site.I will welcome a response from anyone.Sapphires and diamonds are not lucky for all...In Indian/Vedic astrology,planetary positions are considered before prescribing gems...just a thought.Merry X'mas!

  • Hi. I am not a psychic though I do have a gift of dreaming things that come true. I saw your post and I was drawn to it. I am a person that has been in the center of negativity and effected by others negativity until about a year and a half ago. my family is very negative, my inner circle I use to hang out with was very negative, and I think I can offer something of value while you wait. I can also pick up on peoples vibes when I am around them. A person that has negative energy, usually has a very negative attitude, has lots of chaos constantly, says things like this bad thing will happen, etc., can be vengeful, untrustworthy, or people in addictions can have tons of negative energy bc they are not putting anything positive out there. People that are jealous emit negative energy. I cut most of the negativity by putting myself around positive people and setting boundaries of what I was going to listen to about from family members and limit my involvement instead of putting myself in the middle of it. Also, when you hang out with someone, u will pick up how they are behaving and act that way yourself to a degree. If I hang out with my one friend, and he is having a bad day and is just miserable and nasty about everything, I learned to leave bc when I didn't ,I picked up all his negativity and became just as nasty and felt yucky from being around it. I don't know if any of this was helpful, but I'm trying to give u some ideas that maybe u can figure out people that might have a hint of these qualities to give you a start. U will feel drained from being around this person if you are picking up there emotions, or chaos, or stress, etc.

  • Thanks Ckdgh703.Yes you are right about being drained.There are people in my family (inlaws),where the negativity was very apparent and I have limited interaction by moving house.I was thinking of friends,neighbours and others,who come for help or to share.And it is difficult to turn away when someone is sad or needs one's help.But the draining happens.I seem to attract people and animals that need help:)Animals and plants give a lot of positive energy back but people baffle me sometimes!!Hope you have managed to shield yourself.Happy Holidays!

  • hi suramya...I didn't know this was posted..but I was looking and I found it...first of all there is alot of jealousy out there and if you become observant about behaviors and how people communicate you will know which people in your circle of family, friends, etc are it is up to you to always protect and cleanse yourself..I use sage and cedar and participate in cleansing ceremonies...and use may never know who that person is...or persons..but just be aware of certain people and aware of your surroundings..and for me its always been prayers...when it really gets tough and I know that at times I could feel the heaviness or the negativity...not all people are generous w/anything either..but sometimes you have to overlook people's flaws/weaknesses and you have a chance to show them..through words of kindness, love or by doing something from your heart...w/out them maybe they will take that lesson and use it is too short to hang on to the negativity that people carry around..but people all the time..just keep working on the balance of life and live in matther how much they want to see you down just keep getting up and keep going on...good luck..and many blessings...light n love...thats all I can offer..but remember what they say keep your friends close but also keep your enemies closer..

  • I've been doing this for 3 years, if you want, try them

    first. clean your environment

    use sage incense, lit one or two every day. take it to each room in your house, try to go around each room corner to corner. after all rooms are done, leave it by the door (one at front one at back) or you can leave one at any room you feel like it (not necessary but you can).

    second, clean your self from lingering negative energy. use the gems It's quartz crystal, clear. Not pink or any color. Clean them every day, with salt under running water. then let them air dry. when they are dry, blow your breath onto each corner of the gems. this way gems will work for you. when you blow your breath, pour your lingering sadness/worry/despair/anger onto the gems. Energize the gem as often as you can. find a place where the sun light can reach it and leave it there for two hours at least. The sun, like fire, is a great transformer.

    third protect yourself at all times. visualize white/blue light around you, hold on to this visualization when communicating with people, whether by phone, email or in person. the light will return negative energy back to sender and allow positive in. this way no more negative energy can attack you, and gives you time to work on the gems to neutralize negative energy that has been lingering around you for some time. don't share your gem with others, keep it safe. don't even let them touch it. the gem will absorb negativity you pour onto it and transform it, if the other person touch it when it is working, they will be hurt.

    Four, understand the concept of energy. we all live under the same universal law. what we send out will be returned to us. we all make mistakes. what you have to do is look back to the past, make assessment about yourself, be honest about the rights or wrongs you have done to anybody including yourself. learn from them and close the door to the past. make amends when necessary or possible. we all have been wrong before and to certain point, have sent out negativities towards someone no matter how small we thought it was. the more negativities we send out the more we get them back. so we suffer from our own negativities and negativities that others send us (which the universe will send back to them, but nonetheless they do hurt us). some energy can linger for years, depends on the intensity and the frequency it is sent. start to live your life in positivity from now on. refrain from dwelling in the past, anger, sadness, jealousy, wishing bad things happen to someone, despair, regret, revenge etc. revenge belongs to the universe. you don't have to pretend or fake a smile when someone wrongs you, lies, pretentious, denials are negativity. you can however, say, 'I am human being. you don't need to do this to me' or ignore them and move on. let the universe do what it always does.

    Do the sage cleansing, gem cleansing and energizing, visualization, and keeping positive thoughts/words/actions - every day. Within 2 months or even lesser, you will see improvement. By then you can decide which routine you want to keep doing and which one to stop. I would suggest don't stop any, but that is your choice. Also, don't forget to live your life in balance. nurture your physical and psyche. with the physical, you know you can go with balanced diet and routine exercise. do the same with the psyche. the psyche is link to the universe guidance, don't ignore it. you can find free yoga./meditation videos online. or go with your beliefs. read spiritual books that interest you, they are chicken soups for the soul.

    To calm you down, get Bach Flower Rescue remedy. any homeopathy store has it. you can also calm yourself down by saying This Too shall pass, repeatedly until you regain comfort. this also works when you start feeling down and negative energy tries to drain you or someone's action makes you want to send negativity towards them.

    Use affirmations, say it any time you want, out loud or in mind. Something like "I am positive. I will stay positive. I am protected. The universe will provide me all the help I need" or make your own. Don't fret if you feel down or fail, stand back up and try again.

    any question, shoot.

  • Dear Sapphirediamond

    Thanks for responding.All I can say is that I feel truly blessed to meet people like you,Leo scorpion,cris 1962,marcus roarke,Hanswolfgang ,Manifest dreams,to name just a few,on this site.Ive learnt a lot and am still learning but its like opening a window into another world.Ive realized that I cant help myself,if someone asks for help or is a friend,so Ill just protect myself with what you and leo have written about.Thanks,love,more love and light.Happy New Year!

  • Dear leoscorpion sweetheart:)

    It takes not two months but just overrnight to feel better after following your steps.I read your advice on another thread{depressed] and bought a quartz crystal and it really works.So does all the other advice.Assessing oneself and admitting ones mistakes is the toughest but am working on it:).Once again I must say that I feel great just being here.Thanks all of you!Will ask you again Leo when I am feeling down but for right now heart felt thanks ,prayers and warm wishes

    Love and light!

  • Suramya

    well that's 59 days faster than expected.

    sure, any question, just shoot 🙂

    if I do have the answer, gonna throw it at you right away

  • Thanks Leo:)

    About visualizing white light,I have been practicing it for a few days,as part of Reiki.Do you use a specific image or technique?And what does blue light signify?

    Thanks again!

  • Blue light signifies calm and serenity, and it corresponds with the 5th chakra (throat).

    Leo had some awesome advice for you!

    As for techniques...

    For me, I envision a circle of light that surrounds me. I expand or contract that circle according to my needs. When I was learning to do this I would cast a circle and imagine that white light was coming from the tip of my wand or fingertip. Now I can just visualize it on the spot, as needed.

    You really need to ground yourself. Any time you feel the negative energies coming at you, try this:

    Stop what you're focusing on and imagine a circular wall of light coming up from the ground around you. Bring the circle up and over your head, then bring the edges of the top together. Now, try to imagine that the outer walls of your light are mirrored surfaces, reflecting the negativity back toward whomever sent it to you. Or, if you don't connect with that visual, try solidifying your light wall so that the negativity bounces off.

    You may need to do this several times a day for a while. It might be slow at first, but with practice you'll get faster. Practice bringing your wall up and then down. You'll get the hang of it fast.

    Be sure to cleanse and charge your crystal, and I'd suggest you get several more. Choose them by feel, not by how pretty they are. Your crystals will choose you. Pick up some tiger eye. It's a protective stone. Carry that along with a quartz crystal in your pocket.

    I have a buttload of various crystals and minerals, and I choose from the pile daily. Last week I ended up with half a dozen quartz, a piece of copper, and three tiger eyes in my pocket. I was all jingly! I guess I needed a bit of extra protection for a few days. LOL

    There are also some easy candleburning rituals you can do to help in your situation, if you're into that.


  • suramya

    I am not into reiki. I don't have specific technique with visualization.

    I merely do just that, visualize white/ blue light whichever you prefer.

    The color symbolizes protection.

    what the light does is reflect back negativity that others send you, but allows positive energy in.

    you can simply imagine being inside an egg shaped form of light

    you can choose blue or white color

    I was advised to use white, but some ancient tribes had used blue, so blue can work as well

    this visualization has nothing to do with chakra

    it;s just something I was told to use according to my mentors

    but if you are into meditation and yoga, it does help to know which color represents what chakra

    depending on what meditation and yoga that you use

    I do Kundalini yoga, so chakra balancing and opening is included in the poses

    but when I do Zen meditation, I have to add chakra balancing and opening after

    so it depends what kind of meditation and yoga that you are doing

    but the visualization itself, doesn't have anything to do with chakra

    it's just a protective shield.

    if you ever forget to put it up, don't fret. do the gems cleansing regularly, it will help get rid of the negativities that hit you when you forget to protect yourself.

    bye now take care. sorry I didn't even see this thread.

    I was all over the place today. January is always like that

  • Thank you Silverwitch !! Thanks so much for sharing the technique.Ive been visualizing it as a channel/wall passing through me but will practice it with the circle closing overhead visualization as suggested by you.That should feel enclosed and safe!And yes I love tiger's eye so will keep that as well.Candleburning hmmm Ive never tried that except as part of a prayer ritual.Tiger's eye is usually seen as a stone of fearlessness and protection while travelling ,isn't it?

    Love and light

  • Thanks again Leo!Yes Jan is busy.Stay happy and take care.Best wishes!

  • you take care now suramya

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