Conceving a child

  • i would like a reading , i would like to know if i would be having a baby and if its a good idea to try having one now, im 41 and my children are 20 and 18.i would really appreciate any insight on this matter, thank you

  • i can see that you are very family oriented. (like your kids are your life) i can also see that you have a strong ability to handle difficult times. as far as your question, i see a loss of control and thoughtlessness. and i see that you do have a hard time with control. your friends are offering you good advise. i would recomend you concider thier advise. if you don't your situation could end up being negitive. i see you becoming fickle and inconsistant. you'll have o take ownership of your choice. i feel all in all that you will have a duty to fill, and you'll be unwilling to do so.

  • Enne,

    If you can I am in a similar situation have been trying to conceive for quite sometime now. I am trying to find out when I will conceive my first child like how old will I be and what year will I give birth? I have been trying a lot of things including taking fertility drugs please help please.

  • I would like to try and help. Can I have your bithdays, and significant others birthdays also?

    Thanks, Nanette

  • Sure my informationis Gemini June 20, 1987 and his is Aquarious February15, 1985. Please and Thank You.

  • Hi, i'm not sure what lead me to this thread as i was signing off and was planning on taking a break from tarot dot com for a while.but someone drew me here,maybe it was to help me understand what is happening to me now?i do not know? normally i think pretty clearly,but not right now.

    I'm an empath,and also devloping psychic abilities,all has be going all in all pretty good,with learning more and meditating and doing cleansing with myself and home and even had some talk's with my spirit guide,gewn.

    well the other night i was siting in bad and doing an empath exercise,that teaches you to listen to your body when you have a health problem,i was fearing that maybe a cyst on my ovary was returning,and then when i was consatrating gewn came to me and said that i was pregant,and i was to have a little girl,and i said but this is imposible,she said with God nothing is imposible and this is a mricale,a gift from God. I still argued with her because it is very hard for me to wrap my mind around it ,i can not carry a child anymore,and why me,nothing but bad things have pasted in my life?

    So now i find myself very confused,not balanced anymore,and i just feel like i want to be alone?

    I was fine up until a couple of nights ago,and i have tryed talking to her again and the answer is the same. and trust me i can not go to the doctors they would think that i was crazy,they know that i can not carry a child.and to add insult to injury lastnight i had a very vivide dream that i was breast feeding my beautiful baby girl????

    what's happening to me???? and i'm no spring chic,my birthday is 10/16/1970 i just turned 39...

  • This is very interesting, Until your birthday in 2010, you are in the year of Karma - Justice. On his birthday of 2010 he enters his year of Karma! WOW!

    Your birthcard is the Lovers - Culmination of relationship.

    His birthcard is The emporer - (FATHER)

    I would say in regards to these cards Life cards of The Lovers and The Emperor Combined with Karma year cards for both of you, that possibly before your next birthday, you could very well become with child. As your next birthday leads into the hanged one - unable to move forward (awaiting birth?) and his still being the year of Karma within his BIrthcard of Emperor (Father), Could mean we will see birth before his birthday in 2011.

    Whatcha think? Sounds like prayers and Karma are on their way!

    Let me know if this helps,


  • The last comment from me was for 143Jastin.


  • Patricia1970 Libra, your birthcard is the Chariot - all choices and paths that lead you to victory.

    Your year card for 2009 which you just entered on your birthday this year is The Wheel Of Fortune - Change is coming, and on your birthday of 2010 is your year of justice or Karma. What goes around comes around, brings to mind the card. I don't know much about empaths, but I do have some psychic moments. I have tried to contact my spirit guides but must be doing something wrong! Unless it is the insights and awareness that I get, but usually that is for other people and not me! anyway, you are not too old to have a child, unless you have had a hysterectomy. In which case, could a child be coming to you from another method? There is adoption, guardianship, foster care, or the unmentionable - a death of a close relative or friend about to give birth or died in childbirth, naming you their child's caretaker. But instead of all this speculation, why not go in for a routine ovarian cyst check-up, and take it from there. You can always use a home pregnancy test when the time is right to verify. If you trust your guide and instincts, go to the Dr's.


  • Nanette C,

    Thank You I am quite speechless of what you have picked up. It has taken a while for responses to be received but so far for the ones given I must say one matches closely to what you have said matches that of having a child in 2011 my first. I am AMAZED you folks are truly gifted and I am very thankful for your insights. I truly am. Is there anything you feel that I should know. Or perhaps would you be able to provide a gender and insight into my life and relationship. Please.

  • I think with the personality cards also being your soul cards, you are doing just fine. I wouldn't hasten to guess as to the gender, as there is a possibility of being more than one. Maybe some information was meant to come when it's meant too, I seriously am not picking up anything yet. Sorry. I also think that your husband will make a fine father and you will provide all the love your family could possibly need, even through disappointments.

    Let me know if this helps please,


  • Every reply is an overwhelming and AMAZING feeling you have no idea. I am excited and anxious. I have been blessed as I receive what was asked through you. I hate to bust your bubble but would you have a exact date of when I will conceive or give birth to my first child in month day and year. I am sorry.

  • 143Jastin, At this time, I am going to pull a card and see what I get, so hold on........I pulled the 10 of swords! Sun in Gemini which is may 21 to June 20, and again I would venture to say 2011. I also want to point out that this card is the man with all the swords in his back, In a lot of pain, kind of like labor! I laughed when I pulled it. It has lots of painful meanings, but the ones I think apply to you are: Karmic results, Its finally over! This is as close to an answer I want to come. Hope this helps. If you want you can contact me at Nanette 2853 @ aol . com. Remove all the spaces between the words and numbers, I really would like to hear how things go with this.

    Let me know what you think of this time frame.


  • I am again speechless I have no words but Thank You So much. Though I am a little scared about the whole pain part I believe it will all be worth it. As going toward what you had stated about the Karmic results being over what do you mean by that? Is it that all the karma is out of the way? I am so much in astonishment that I have again do not know what to say for you have definitely sparked up my day.

  • Karmic results in this instance I would think means that the fruit of your labors have been achieved. as having had karmic years for both you and your husband. I am under the assumption that the fruits of your "labor" will be your child(ren).

    Whatcha think about that! Exciting!


  • Karma is the reward or punishment for your actions. So I see this as the reward for working towards your goal of having a child.

    Hope that helps explain it a bit more.


  • Joy has definately filled me for I have been touched by an angel. AMAZED, EXCITERD, OVERWHELMED with JOY. I have something to look forward to.

  • NanetteC,

    Thank-You very much for taking time for me,I will let you know what happens.

    peace,blessings,love and light 🙂

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