Husband capricorn wife aquarise help with marriage?

  • Been married for 18 yrs. My husband is a capricorn and I am a aquarise. I don"t understand him any more. Some one give me some insight on us being a couple. I can"t live without him. I do alot of giving and he does all of the taking. How can we meet in the middle so we both can be happy? What does 2010 hold for our future? Good or bad I must know the truth! Thanks

  • I am married to a Cap for almost 9 years now

    If anything we both contribute to the relationship

    in the beginning it was hard to live with his rules and he works long hours I felt lonely

    but as I got used to it, I found hobbies and interests to fill my spare time so I wasn't troubled anymore by any of that

    I don't know if this is because I am a Leo, but then again in any relationship

    you should never ever let anyone take advantage of you

    put your foot down and don't give anymore, tell him, it's his turn

    I know what you mean actually, I 've met Caps like that at work

    I did the same thing I advised you, at the time they were not my boss so I ain't bowing my head

  • 18 years is a good anchor. You have been through enough good and bad to have faith that this too will pass. You can not make him do anything. Even better and much easier, you can make a change in how you treat yourself and he will rise up to meet you. It's the law of attraction. When you treat yourself right it sends a message to others that you do have a boundries. Sometimes we get so far gone in a relationship that has suddenly gone way too rude and it's hard to see our way back or see were it really started. He takes too much because you give too much. Anytime he really makes you cry and he was out of line and it wasn't just a dumb little squable but the kind where someone crosses the line and realy was being cruel for their own benifit --forget screaming at him or arguing with him while you get no where but exhausted while he's cool and claiming you overreact ---he did nothing--instead you go out and you buy yourself some selfish little treat that delights you. You don't need to tell him even because it is no longer about him. If you're too broke for special gifts you can always buy just one piece of decadent chocolat---or one pretty rose. You must start feeding your own happy place. If there's only one piece of cake left don't just give it to him--don't even split it! Savour it--in front of him and feel how yummy it is and how you deserve it. Pamper yourself--more baths with lighted candles. Throw out your raggy nighties--and worn clothes--Dress like someone special is coming to visit--you can keep it comfy but just dress so you look in the mirror and say I look nice! All the things he never says you start looking in that mirror everyday smile and say damn girl you are one hot babe! Just smile and say you love you. The change you want to see in him must come from you first--you set the bar. At first he will try and ruffle your feathers once he feels you are changing the rules but press on. It will pass and you will get stronger as you feed that inner place he is starving. You need to empower yoursef. He has widdled you down to nothing with his neediness. Also he's having scary getting old thoughts right now as well and some of that anxiety is spilling over onto you.

    Stop searching for ways to figure him out--he's stealing your power --spend energy on yourself--men smell self-esteem on a woman and they know they better buck up. Unless they don't love you but I don't get that. This man loves you. He's not in a good place right now and making dumb decisions. You can ride it out fighting and getting beaten down with worry--OR you can give his situation a break and really nurture yourself and come out ahead--no matter what the outcome. I wish you the best. Have a Blessed New Year!

  • What are your exact birthdates?

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