Newbie here, needing help with a lost item....

  • Don't know if I'm in the right place, but you all seem like a friendly bunch! ....I need some help, before my husband drives himself and me absolutely batty. He is a gun collector (don't care for 'em, myself) and one of his "babies" is missing...we recently moved (we still have the other house, and are working there, fixing it up a bit more in order to try to sell it), and when we finished moving some things last week, we discovered the box this "baby" had been in was empty....I feel he has put it somewhere himself and forgotten where (yes, we are at "that age")~ there just has been no one but the movers and the satellite tv people in our house, and it was in a closet; not laying out where someone could just see it and take it. If anyone could help AT ALL, I would be forever grateful. I know there are folks who have this gift and share it....personally, I feel as though I am just "on the edge" of developing those senses, but never quite get there....Anyone?...Please?

    Thank you kindly, in advance~


  • SweetAnnie, The magic word for something lost is Poindu. When you say it remember to say what you want to find and it harm none and blessed be. This is one of the 22 angelic words that have been uncovered from the archives and is not a demonic spirit force. Lola means love and I wish that for you and yours.

  • Hi SweetAnnie, did you find it? Your nosey neighbor luv.

  • I asked my angels to help me to find things too!

    Love & Light

  • I've Saint Antony to help me as well.

  • That is beautiful, they do answer us, Lola, to you and yours.

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