• When Mom brought me home as a newborn she placed me in my grandfathers (Papa) arms on the upper porch. When Mom told Papa my name he said "Humph! I'm not going to call no youngin' any such name as that! I'll just call him 'Ben'!"

    We were protestant but I later learned that in Hebrew 'Ben' means 'Beloved Son'. I thought that sounded odd in the transliteration to english so I renamed myself 'The Ben' . In my mind that translated roughly to 'The Beloved Son'.

    I am not a wealthy person by monetary means - but I have lived a blessed life! I grew up in poverty without ever learning the meaning of the word 'poverty'! I have always had love around me - much of it shown by people who never even knew my name! The Universe blessed me in a way that I can only attribute to the name, blessing, bestowed upon me by my Papa on that upper porch! My thankful prayer is "Bless me that I might bless!"

  • In addition to my post "Thankful!" I'd like to add my own reply.

    I am thankful for learning to pray when my Mom was ill, for being totally healed of spinal meningitis at age nine, for being healed of a broken collarbone at age seven, for being saved from a tragic auto accident at age sixteen, (also at ages 34 & 55!), for a childhood on Papa's farm - stacking hay, shucking corn, dipping cornmeal at our gristmill on Saturdays, working the garden with Grandma. As a nurse I am so thankful for all the people, patients, co-workers, friends, who have flowed through my life in these past twenty-five years! I know that each has been more of a blessing to me than I to them- I pray that in some way I have shown my appreciation all along the way! A little of each person we meet along life's way remains with us in order to shape us into the person the Universe intends so I understand the power of 'Gratitude' as I thank every life that has touched mine!

    "Bless me that I might bless, empower me that I might empower, strengthen me that I might strengthen, be compassionate to me that I might learn compassion!"

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