Desperate for direction with a reading from anyone with insight

  • Hello to all - I have had tremendous loss in the last two years and need a reading because tonite, I don't know where to go or what to do. My son left my home 2 years ago and I have not seen him since. No one in my family has heard from him. We are desperately worried about him. His birth date is 8.8.1989

    As well, we lost my brother, a new heart transplant recipient 6 months after the heart transplant and one year after my son left.

    Now, after suffering alone for two years (I'm single) I met a man that I had received many thoughts about prior to meeting him. It was uncanny and ushered in by many coincidences back in mid-november of this year. We quickly became close and developed a "serious" relationship but suddenly he has stopped seeing me and hasn't been willing to communicate with me and I have only reached out 3 times. I am very confused about his mixed messages and he indicates he is going to be seeing me again but I haven't heard anything from him for days and after having been together every day and night for four weeks; suddenly we haven't seen each other for two weeks. My birthdate is 1.25.1956 and his is 11.14.1954.

    Can anyone tell me when/if this man and I will see each other again, if there will be a strong ongoing relationship between us eventually, or what part we will play in each other's lives?

    And most importantly, can anyone let me know something about my son - if he is safe, healthy, alive. I would be most appreciative - I am alone tonite and feel like there is no hope now.

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  • Hi Strl Slvr, I replied to your post under the psychic thread because I want to make sure that you know BUMP means that Wenchie and others who have "bumped" want to keep your post towards the top so that more people will see it and respond. I feel such empathy for you after reading your posts and I really want you to get some answers. Take care. x

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    Thank you for responding!

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  • Im desperate please help me

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