To all the readers; When did you first realize you had psyshic abilities

  • Stonyeye

    sure, take the time you need.

    Sandran and dagaz

    I was going to respond to dagaz but I thought he was asking Blondie somehow

    if his question is for everyone, this is my respond;

    First of all, The universe sends back what we send out. if we send out negativity, it will return to us. the same happens to positivity. energy is an air form. we breathe in and out. therefore one person's negativity, can travel far and reach many. depending on the intensity and frequency, energy that is sent out, can linger on the target. your friend, may not be exuding negativity, but someone has sent her this and it lingers. It becomes a barrier between her and everything/everyone that is positive. even if she tries to exude positivity, when the universe returns it to her, she will not receive it because this negative energy is blocking her from it.

    What you can do, is protecting yourself. This seems easy that people tend to ignore it. An energy can reach you by phone, email let alone in person. Practice to visualize a white/blue light around you, everytime you communicate with anyone, anywhere. This light will return negativity back to sender, but allow positivity in. This way negative energy from anyone, from far or near, will return to sender leaving you undamaged. Like everything else, it takes practice to get better. If you don't feel ready, avoid her. But when you are, don't fret about meeting her again. Avoiding negativity is good but sooner or later you have to face it. So take your time and practice iuntil you are ready.

    Don't exude negativity yourself. It will be returned to you. To the universe, everyone is equal. You get what you send out. Instead of exuding negativity, channel the bild up energy somewhere else. Get a new hobby, new interest, keep your self busy for things that improve your life and your loved ones. If you should tell her about how you feel when she is around, arrange your words carefully. Base your thoughts/words/actions on love and tolerance. This is the best way to stay positive and help you convey your message to her in a positive way. Ask her how she feels lately, any change in health or routine, places she has been and she doesn't like, people she meet and she doesn't enjoy it. One of these might give you a hint of why you and many people don't feel comfortable around her.

  • Daqaz.....I had a friend like that, for 20 years. It came to a point that I loved her as a person, but I dreded any kind of contact with her. Regretfully, I ended the relationship, as somehow, I knew that it was not healthy for me at this time.

    It saddens me, because I believe she is a good person...but at the time, didn't understand why i felt the way I felt every time I was with her.

    Correction. I did understand, as she was a trigger. The trigger I needed to escape my feelings of loss and confusion. She was my party friend. She would do anything for me, has never rally done anything extremely wrong....but just being with her made me want to turn back to drugs...and numb myself. And we did. So I had to let her go. She has to help herself at this time. I coun't help at that point, I couldn't even help myself.

  • Sandran....You don't tell a person...I repeat...YOU CANNOT TELL A gently let them go. It may take some time, but slowly, they begin to let go themselves. Don't belittle them. Do NOT point out their faults as to why you have been..."standoffish" to speak. Do not get defensive. <---this part, I cannot express more. Don't tell them why you are letting go, because they WILL sense it, eventually, but if you do so, will only express more grief. Just stop responding. If they talk your ear off for an not give in to their advances they seek. Do not give advice they are seeking. They will think badly about you for some time....but you MUST let it be, for now.

    You may feel as if you are being secretive and not yourself....but you must succumb to this. let this feeling be, as you are doing nothing wrong...You must....or be prepared to be drained. Until this person, if ever being used to you......your entire physical life. I believe these people have followed us, to an extent, from a past life. Which is why we feel drawn to them, and always will. If we were meant to help....they wouldn't drain us.....and would be fully open-minded at all times.

    I don't know, I hope this helps.

  • leo...I had an AWESOME time with my dad! Thanks!...I am still absorbing everything you have shown me. It will take some time, this I can feel. I feel negative and positive about it all, and not sure how to question, just yet. But i must say, everything you have taught me, has hit home....more than I have ever felt before.

    You're awesome and I can't thank you enough. 😃

  • take care now Blondie and take your time

  • Blondie, that's good advice. I too have a friend who is extremely toxic. Right now, I just can't stand it so I avoid her. She has been told by at least 2 others that she is toxic, physically for all the junk she puts in her body and spiritually has some bad things hanging around her. And she just won't listen. Everybody is stupid. She is a good person, if you don't believe her, just ask her, that kind of thing. Can't understand why men aren't falling over themselves to be with her. I told her they probably don't care for her holier than thou attitude with everyone, belittling someone who is a blue collar worker etc. She's always counting how much people are worth, it's sickening. She frustrates and exhausts me so I don't answer or return calls. I feel like a bad friend. Maybe I am but I really don't need all that extra negativity in my life. So distance, distance, distance! Maybe she'll come around...

    Stoneyeye, glad you asked those questions! I have constant brain chatter too and don't know where to begin to meditate.

    Leoscorpion, I too will try your advice, when the weather gets better and I can put the dogs outside for an extended time!

  • Ictdog.....there is a very distinct difference in just an insecure person and an emotional vampire. Unless these two other friends are feeling drained, it is not the same. It resembles normalcy in a normal word where people are insecure, but it just sounds like this friend of yours is trying to reach out......and isn't getting the answer he/she needs. She won't listen because this is all she knows. What she has be taught. She is screaming for help, but is not getting the right answers in her she continues down this dangerous path and disregards the advice. I feel that she feels very unloved. And is seeking it, any way she can. She doesn't understand herself and is very insecure, so she puts up a "front" with those she feels she can. Meaning you.

    Do not abandon her, it will only do her harm. She is young, and learning. She listens, but chooses to repent what she has been told......only because she is insecure. Unsure. And is searching for something. It is something deep within herself...and the universe, will help her find it. But she needs you. Do not judge. Let it rest. do not condone her opinion nor her actions, simply just be there for an ear. Eventually, it will fall on deaf ears. She will have an "awakening", if you will.

    As far as that something, I feel she will find it. But she needs those she feels are close to her, to remain close, because she will only become worse. In more ways than you can imagine.

    I'm not sure, this is only what I feel, I hope this helps!

  • She has an urgent need to feel "superior" to others.....and there is a very deep reason for this. But she will only find this, on her own.. Not sure what that is.....may be upbringing and a need to feel she must satisfy a critical, overbearing parent....or if this is just a need within herself, because she is not confident in her progress in life, thus far. She feels she can achieve anything, but deep down, is scared of it. Of life in general. She needs support...not to back her up on these ill feelings of "superiority".....but just someone to stand by....and watch her fall......and help her pick up the pieces when she experiences this "awakening"

  • Now please understand, this is just my opinion. These are things I felt compelled to write, after reading your post. I felt something was telling me something other than my own mind was writing....I could be so very wrong. I do not by any means claim to have any gifts, at this point. It is just something that I feel.

    Everyone elses advice is very welcome!!.

  • I will, Leo...and thanks again. I am trying.....but I still feel this continuous...push..pull.....

    It's time I take some time out for myself. I think I may have to stop reading posts for awhile. So I can learn, before someone gets hurt. Thanks so much again!

  • Is it possible for you to do a reading on me please. My DOB is 6-20-1987.

  • you're welcome Blondie.

    just enjoy the flow of information. don't judge.

    when you are ready, then voice your opinion. there is no rush.

    bye now take care, and take your time.

  • I think I was about 5 years old. When someone, usually my mom, asked a question, I just answered it. When she was looking for something, she asked me to find it. Then came the

    " you cant know that " too many times and I quit giving answers and learned to be quiet.

  • Blondie, your second comment was DEAD ON! Got to thinking after I wrote what I did that she probably is not a vampire, just on my last nerve. And always trying to prove her superiority. Problem is, I don't take too much of that cr ap from anyone, even the ones singing my paycheck. And for 20 + years she has been not listening to the advice she has asked for. Not saying I was right but at least think it over! Her father was and still is mentally abusive yet she still seems to crave his approval. And her brother treats her in much the same way. Sadly, I don't think she will ever get it. So I will probably suck it up and give her a call in the next few days bucause what would I want someone to do for me if I really needed them. Anyway, this is off your topic. but I just wanted to let you know how accurate you are about this. Thanks for your thoughts


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