To all the readers; When did you first realize you had psyshic abilities

  • Hi everyone, first off I'd like to say, Happy Holidays!!!

    Thiese are a few questions I've been curious about all readers and I think would be a great topic, if you are all willing to share.

    When did you first realize you had these abilities? What exactly are your abilities? How did you learn to control them and manage them into your everyday life? Where you scared? Confused? First time stories would be real interesting for me, as I'm sure many others.

    I'm sick and going to be home for a few days. lol




  • ....and clearly, if I had any, my first insight would being able to spell "psychic" without difficulty....haha

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  • blondie>>When did you first realize you had these abilities? What exactly are your abilities? How did you learn to control them and manage them into your everyday life? Where you scared? Confused?

    Sandran712>>It was before I was 21.But, I noticed it at 21 years old.I can feel things happen before it happens.You can't really control it.You just avoid certain situations.Except I predicted I would be a single parent before I was pregnant.And that I would never be married.I have never been married.To manage it.I try not to see everything as a sign.If you did that.Your mind would be insane..Really hard in a public place where there is lots of people like the mall or Walmart.My holistic doctor told me I am very emotional and the stress is taking a toll on my body with physical pain.A special needs parent will do that..LOL.I am not really scared too much or confused.But, it freaks people out when I am in public and tell a person about themselves.They back off.I gotta quit doing that..I did that with a date and I scared him away...LOL

  • I don't know if I am psychic but I can tell when someone is lying or hiding something from me. And, I have a tendency to just know something. It's never concrete but 9 times out of 10 I am right.

    I've tried to develop it but it's never grown. It also gets me into trouble in relationships because I push when I know something until it is revealed.

    I also try talking to spirits and my guides but am unsure if it's really working. A lot of the answers are incorrect which makes me think I am crazy.


  • Good Morning;

    First of all - Merry Chistmas and I hope Santa left your health in your stocking.

    There are a few different definitions of "psychic".

    1 - a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces; medium.

    2 - sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature.

    3 - pertaining to or noting mental phenomena. Outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual.

    Personally I prefer #3. I read Tarot cards - I love them and enjoy bringing to lif the stories they allow me to tell. They are the "Hidden Path" cards and they are positive and very spiritual with wonderful insights and potential for siritual growth.

    I believe that psychic feelings are your intuition - it is important to listen to voice deep inside of you that often tells you things just moments before they happen. It can be little things or big things - the more you listen to your intuition - the better things will turn out and the easier it will be to hear the voice.

    Everything is made up of living energy - and I also believe that if you are in tune to your own energy that you can also be in tune with someone elses energy. I have a friend and we are what I call "kindred spirits" if we sit down and concentrate on each other - we can read each others minds - small things like "What color am I seeing?" - "What month am I thinking of?" we started this one night when the power went out during a storm and when it went so well - we just kept doing it and sometimes the answers are surprising and quite specific and right on. We also often finish each others sentence or bring up a subject at the same time.

    It all comes down to focus and relaxation techniques - learning about youself and how your mind, body and soul communicate with each other.

    When the phone rings just as you are thinking about the prson who calld it is becuase you feel their energy. I have noticed that every person has their own unique energy signal - like a finger print. When someone is in a room full of crowded people and even thought you have not seen them you can feel their presence.

    It is my belief that to predict our own future is not psychic because we can control our future to a certain point - we can plant seeds and make our life take certain turns.

    Reconnect with yourself and experiment with your intuition - pay close attention and see where it takes you.


  • moni69>> don't know if I am psychic but I can tell when someone is lying or hiding something from me. And, I have a tendency to just know something. It's never concrete but 9 times out of 10 I am right

    Sandran712>>I don't know if I would be considered psychic.But, it says in my astrological chart to have psychic abilities.I can feel the same thing you do.So tho we may not be a straight up psychic we show some high intuition skills.I too can feel when someone is lying or hiding something.I do not like using this gift friviously because in case the situation can change. Someone will feel let down in case you happen to be wrong.Like you said we are not always right.But, what happens is that we guessed it right but, the time span was different.

  • Dagaz>>Everything is made up of living energy - and I also believe that if you are in tune to your own energy that you can also be in tune with someone elses energy

    Sandran712>>Sometimes I am not in tune to my own energy but, I pick up on someone else's.

  • I realized I had psychic abilities when I was quite young, around 8. I sensed things people weren't telling me...and discovered I was right. I would (and still do) think of someone out of nowhere while I am out and about, and minutes later I run into them. I sense things about relationships as well. However, I AM wrong sometimes in predicting things, so I remind myself not to rely on my guesses.

    Advice I would give to anyone trying to tap into their psychic side is to be open to any and all thoughts you have about a situation and don't immediately think "That's impossible!" , because most of the time our intuition is correct. Also, even if your predictions are correct 10 times in a row, never think you can't be wrong!

  • Oh boy......I have felt all these things. This is making me a bit nervous.

    daquaz, I have done that with my father, the things you have experienced with your friend. Constantly, actually. Not mutually, more on my side. To the point where it even shocked him. It's weird, but silly things like what he would make for supper that night. Meaning....I'll be sitting there thinking..hmmm....i'm craving hotdogs.....sure enough, he cooks hotdogs that night. Even if we hadn't had them in months. It's rather quite strange. It's always " I knew you were going to do/say that, type thing. We are very close. But like I said, it's more on my side. If he can't remember something, I remember it for him.

  • everyone has psyche abilities, it's just a matter of realizing it, understanding it, nurturing and then developing it. for some people it manifests as empathic, some are clairvoyants, some are mediums and many other types of psyche abilities have or have not been mentioned throughout the history of mankind.

    Realizing my own psyche ability, didn't happen until I was 25. My father died shortly before my wedding. I knew he would die and when, down to the date. It was shown to me and I thought to ignore it. It was cancer and he was responding well to treatment I thought he would survive but I was very wrong. Shortly after he died, I was alone in my room. Out of the sudden I couldn't breathe. The door was around 6 ft away from where I was standing and yet it felt too far to reach. I was panicking gasping for air, I turned around the room was crowded by tall figures. I then realized, my father had brought me to where his spirit was. I looked for him among these figures, but it was hard to breathe I fell down to the floor. I was close to fainting when I looked up to the closest tall figure. He looked at me and then I knew. It was my father's spirit. I couldn't find my father because I was looking for his physical body, his spirit didn't look anything like it. As soon as I knew this, the air returned to the room and I could breathe again.

    Looking back I did have premonitive dreams, seeing things other people didn't etc But I was raised in a religious family and talking about these things always ended up in argument, being judged, made me feel like I was some kind of loonie. So I never did anything to develop this ability, I was confused and desperately looking for answers, be it online or real life. Only 3 years ago I met a mentor and the last 3 years have been the best period of my spiritual life. Because it is in the spiritual life that we actually live, the physical is only an temporary. Therefore a profound spiritual change not only enlightens spiritual life but also manifests profoundly in the physical. This year marks the beginning of my walk in the spiritual path. All my questions in the past are answered, no more confusion. The universe has sent me more mentors, power animals, and a guide, to confirm this is the path I am to walk in. and to help. I left my original religion, there is no answer there, at least not for me. I never feel so good in my life, my view of life has never been so clear, my steps are light and cheerful no matter how hard life challenges are. I keep constant communication with all the people and spirits the universe sent my way. They do not always answer me but I understand this completely. If we are always given the answers, what is it there to learn?

    The connection you mentioned above, I had it with my husband. I was almost settled down with another man, but he bailed out, so I ended up marrying my hubby. 9 years no regret. If he hurt himself in the head, I would be hurt in the shoulder or neck next day. I have a migraine today, the next day he will get it. If I am thinking of getting something, he will take me to get it without me telling him. Doesn't always happen, since mundane life keeps us busy most of the time, but the connection is still there. I don't think this is psyche ability, it's just a connection. Since we are all spirits, we do come from the same place, it just happens that I take female human forms and he male human forms and we fall in love with each other.

    Man I can't believe I'm typing this much. I've been told I should be a writer. But I'm too lazy to stay on one subject. I have a lot to learn, spiritually and on top of that mundane life. So I guess later, when I'm done with everything else, I'll find out.

  • Hi leo, thank you for your reply, I very much appreciate your response. You write very well, and I found your perspective very interesting.

    I do believe that, that type of feeling is a just connection, of course. If not, I would be like that with everyone.

    However, Forgive me for contradicting you... I don't know why, but as soon as I read that, something told me different. I don't believe that everyone has a psyche ability. I do believe some are stronger than others.....some are very minimal...and a lot are non-existent. Otherwise the world would be a different place. Very different. People would understand each other, even if it was just a small amount. Not quite sure how to explain it, as I am searching for answers and trying to find the right path.

    As I am learning, things just "click" as if I've always known, but never knew how to deal with, understand nor put them into words. (kinda like now)...and reading "everyone has psyche abilities".....not sure why, but something deep inside is telling me, that it doesn't make sense. Not saying you are wrote, I am saying I just don't know. I am stuck in the middle right now with all of this.

    I, Too have had dreams that have come true....and others that made absolutely no sense at all. I have had re-occurring dreams...that I don't understand. Some I have forgotten, but when it re-occurs, I knew I had dreamed it before. I am learning and I have a feeling that it will be a very long process.

    I am here to learn, and learning I am! I thank you so much for your opening up...I am starting to feel like this is the right place for me! If you are interested, read my story in

    and tell me what you think/feel.

    Thanks again, Leoscorp!



    ps. scorp is in my rising too!!!

  • "Not saying you are WRONG in what you wrote" (meaning that I don't think your perspective is wrong)

    I really need to proofread!..sorry!! lol

  • Blondie

    everyone is born with the physical and psyche ability

    the difference is how it manifests

    and many of us do not realize it and do not nurture it, so they never do anything about it

    but when the time comes, the psyche will prompt them to it and then they will know

    we are consist of psyche and physical, so why wouldn't we have the ability?

    not everyone is clairvoyant, doesn't mean they don't have a different psyche ability

    even if it's only a hunch, some call it, a hunch is a psyche ability

    the physical doesn't know more than the 5 senses, anything beyond that is the psyche

    you can believe or not believe, you can understand or not understand

    when the time comes, you too will know the answer

  • it's like the physical ability

    some of us may be born disabled, but doesn't mean they can't live with physical disability

    they just have to work their way around it

    some may be more difficult than others but that's what life is: to learn

    some people have immunity to certain disease, some don't

    doesn't mean these people are superior

    it's just in their build and if anything, experts should learn about this difference

    and if possible create a serum or something so that everyone else can develop the same immunity

  • the world will not be a different place just because we have psyche ability

    but it will be a different place if we use our psyche ability for the good of all

    there are those who use their abilities for their own good

    so having or not having a psyche abililty is not why the world is good or bad place

    I hope this clarifiies it a bit

    I'm off for my ritual so if you still have any question, just shoot

    if I am meant to be the one that explains it to you, then I will

    after the ritual at least

    bye now

  • Yes, I agree, that makes more sense to me, Leo.

    This hunch you speak of is the same as a "gut feeling" we all have them. Whether they are right or wrong. Now when you say the "psyche will prompt them" how do they know when they've been prompted? Do some get prompted more than others? What IS it that gives them this prompting and why does it not happen to everyone if we all have psyche? Why are some more susceptible than others?

    I completely agree, I've seen many people work around a disability. I have also seen some crawl into a shell and wither away. I have also seen situations where humans keep a person with many disabilities beyond repair, alive, when they really shouldn't. Yes, lots of people have an immunity to a certain disease and I totally agree that the others who are immune are not superior. I have seen people that don't let their disease control their life and went into it completely positive....accepted their fate...and die with grace. I have also seen people who let the disease run their life, completely consume them.....and die a long painful death. What is the difference, why do people re-act so differently to the same disease if we all have the same psyche?

    I think I am getting carried away here, these are different for each individual, I imagine. Like I said, this is going to take some

    I don't know what I have. No idea. I know I need help and need to learn.

    I look at it this way.......if experts always created serums so everyone could develop the same immunity to everything, then that would disrupt the natural flow of things. It's hard to suffer. it's hard to see loved ones die needlessly before their time is up, but if everyone was immune, then this planet would be too crowded so to speak. Including animals...everything. Forgive me, I know what I am trying to say, but finding the right way of saying it is eluding me. not saying that all of it is necessary, as quite a bit is man-made. But I believe there is a reason why it was made in the first place. I don't know how to explain. Arg.

    All I know is that we are born to which one thing is certain....that we will die. It's what we achieve in between that makes a difference.

  • Our PHYSICAL forms will die, I must add.

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