Merlin to Pilot007

  • Greetings Pilot007,

    I've read your question but I've brought my response to this thread in order to preserve the original thread started by another member of the forums.

    The cards tell me that the man in question is part Don Quixote, a troubador who brings social activities, romance, excitement, and travel into your life. His charm is his greates asset and his most powerful weapon. With it, he wins over his adversaries, converts people to his way of thinking, and moves through life with the grace of a fish.

    His focus is on emotion and on the creativity that flows from it. He is usually warmhearted and communicative, but sometimes he's so caught up in his own head he seems evasive, too self-contained. If you annoy him, he isn't the type who will tell you off; he'll simply tune you out.

    But the cards point to a new start and a new appreciation of life, new fortune, new opportunities, joy, and spiritual awakening. A happy situation is already in the beginning stages. Imagination and fantasy will combine to produce numerous opportunities.

    I suspect that this reunion will, no doubt, present you with some choices.

    But it's possible that this myriad of options will leave you feeling muddled and confused. You might experience trouble distinguishing the good from the bad. You will need to make a choice, Pilot, and you should devote much care and consideration to making it.

    What you desire the most may be right under your nose, just waiting to be recognized. But until you choose your path and begin working with it, all your dreams and ideas will only remain just castles in the air. Beneath your confusion and indecision lies an abundance of innovative energy waiting to be relased. So long as you remain mindful of the fact that we are all creators of our own experiences, you'll find the power to take the step towards the right direction.



  • MerlinsTarot, would u please share ur insight with me and give me a reading? Any words of advice would be appreciated.. I am fearful of losing/changing my job. I have a boss, who is top level, (Gemini)- who would love to get me out of my position, and i feel as if she is setting me up to lose my job and iam a single income mom..My job is high stress and I worry everyday what would happen if I lose my job. We would be on the streets. I am having a lot of stress, like everyone these days but I wake up w panic @ times. Also, the man ,a cancer and I have just parted ways and he is giving me a lot of grief. I know another man who has been supportive-Capricorn. What do u see? Thank you for your help!

  • Thank You for your Reading, you have done an excellent job!

    You are absolutely right Merlin, he did bring Romance, Social activities, Travel, and excitement into my life. In all my years here on planet earth, HE was the first guy that I FINALLY met who liked to travel and do social activities. All of the other guys would lie and say that they liked to travel, taste wine go to art galleries, be impulsive etc.etc.

    I dated my EX at the age of 35. { I think it is sad that it took this long for me to find someone who shared the same interest}.

    That is why when he stopped communicating with me; I had, and still am to a certain degree stunned and "stuck" in the "RAZZLE DAZZLE" of his lifestyle. I seriously doubt that at my age I will find someone who shares my interets. This is the main reason as to why I am hoping that he will sit me down and talk to me.

    Merlin, when you say that I will have to make some choices, could you please dig deep and see what these choices will entail? You mentioned that I will have a hard time distinguishing the good from the bad. I am very curious.

    Your insight please!

  • Greetings Pilot007

    My cards are all pointing to choices that might lead you towards a new chapter in your life. Think transition, something new being born in your life, fresh starts, and new challenges. They could affect your work and your love life.

    What is required, however, is a strong mind to see through the myriad af choices that could be laid at your feet. At this time, you're too engrossed with expectations, that you might have difficulties distinguishing fantasy from reality. It's important that you face any decisions or judgements that you make with a clear head.

    You might feel overwhelmed by all of this activity so don't pressure yourself into making hasty decisions about anything. Remember that there's nothing wrong in saying "let me sleep on it."

    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks Merlin, I will keep you updated once 2010 gets settled in.

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