Spiritual Signs During the Day?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was in bed the other night and I felt the strangest sensations in my head. It felt like...several sensations were firing off to the point that I could not sleep. I've been reading about spiritual awakenings and occasionally I will get tingling activity on my skull/head. I also feel flushed (the only way I can describe it) or a shiver sometimes like I am reacting to something but there is no reason for it.

    I notice that most of these spiritual happenings occur in the morning and a lot during work. I experience deja vu a lot at work, have surreal moments and usually encounter a lot of phantom smells. I don't know if it's the building I work in or am I more receptive during the day? In the evenings I still have long, vivid dreams that I can remember and find myself waking up around 4:30 AM every night.

    The thing with my head/skull the other night is the most intense yet. Felt like fireworks were shooting out of my head. If there is a message I am supposed to get, I am not sure if I am missing it. Any insight is much appreciated.



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