911 with a 666 problem!!!

  • Hey. Not sure if anyone can help me but i was recently told that a person put bad energy towards me. Shorty after discovering this i received a phone call "666-666-6660" and it came up "unavailable". Like a fricken idiot i picked the phone up and no one was there. Soon after that my daughter's doll went off by itself and the following day i almost went down a 13ft ditch.

    I need help! Who sent this to me? How do i fix it?

  • Sumbeen --- Pay no attention to this bad energy. Remember like attracts like. You can fix this and help yourself. Bad things started AFTER you found out ..... Turn it around and live in a positive world. Good will attract good. Start by saying a prayer of any kind and imagine yourself letting go of the negative. Peace

  • I appreciate your words. It's just been SO hard to overcome this. I have had this HUGE negative force following me to start with and just as i am trying to get this under control SOMEONE does this to me. It was just a blow i wasn't expecting. I generally try to stay positive and think good thoughts. It is hard and can be a struggle some days.

  • I don't know how many people even watch the History Channel. But I believe that this information was on this channel. They were discussing the bible with several different people from many religions. But it was said the the 666 isn.t the sign of the beast that it is something that has been spread by movies and by word of mouth till it is now believed but it is actually Nero's address 666. So cures and spells will only work if you believe in them like Voo Doo cures.

  • Our minds are very strong and you can do many things like draw negativity to you just by constantly thing this way. You can also heal yourself as well as make yourself sick. So start living the law of attaction and improve what you bring into your life.

  • Sunbeen ~ LibrasLair is correct and usually I don't comment on these things ... we've all learned different concepts. Still, sometimes learning about a different viewpoint helps. I learned that it was a secret code written on the houses of practicing Christians. In this way, they could worship free of persecution. ( the beast being those who meant harm. ) Look at the symbol for Pisces --- picture the fish swimming against each other as 6's, think of the fish as a symbol of Christianity. Sorry, I don't really remember all I learned ....

    If you believe it to be the anti-christ, then know that the number will not appear until after the anti-christ is present. Again, it isn't something someone can use against u! There is so many ways to see the 6's, but one thing is so> do not see this as someone who has any power of u. Don't blindly follow what others tell u ----You have ur own power. Look into this for yourself.

    Take care!

  • Thanks. I have seen that episode too! I have also read up on the number 6 and 9. I too believe we only give power to the things around us. I am the type of person who over thinks and over worries and when i get a message like this i overwhelm myself with EVERY possiblility. I try to go with a "group average", meaning getting feedback to make sure i am not going over board with it all.

    With that said, I have tried to stay as positive as i can. I know there are things I cannot do on my own but 95% if everything else I control. It's was just a hard blow to get that message when i was already on the ground. This past year has been a difficult one for many reasons and i hope the new year is BETTER than this.

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