Can someone please explain this to me <3

  • Hi, I am a Taurus. My birthday is on April 20th... I know some people would like to say I'm an aries but I assure you I am not anything like aries. My rising sign is Taurus too.

    I seem to have this problem with my stubborness.... I make friends and the seond they wrong me I kick them to the curb. I'm a very loyal person to my friends but I have a big problem giving people second chances. I wish it were different because I'd obviously have more friends if that were the case. Is this a normal Taurus thing?

    As far as love goes, I was married to a Taurus man which I eventually divorced because I couldnt stand him anymore. We used to fight like crazy and eventually I ignored him while hed be screaming at me, and one day I basically fell off the face of the earth to him and didnt say a word. I almost feel guilty for being so cold about it.

    Currently, I'm getting over a scorpio man... I thought I loved him for a minute, our time together was crazy intense and passionate..... but hes just so distant. He plays crazy mind games which I spent the last couple of months trying to figure it out, and now I'm just thinking its not worth it. I basically am about ready to cut him off cold.

    My next question is, is it worth it to even attempt to wait around for a scorpio? It doesnt feel worth it, hes so distant! And finally my last question is, what signs are good for a taurus, because it seems I have trouble with all of them!

  • Hi xskittlex, What I have noticed in this day and age is that Women are getting stronger and so do not follow the old belief systems about being a martyre in this life. You may come across a lot of Bloated Toads before you find your love is appreciated., maybe listen to them carefully before you give your heart away, I am not saying that you created this, only that you don't need to feel any kind of frustration with some one who is not on your path. They are there to teach you what you do not want, and bless them for that for that will lead you to your Prince if there ever was such a thing. Lola and you will make it, You are a Warrior, and this will serve you well. When you do find your love friend there will not be these draining energies. Just a thought from another who has been kinda there. Be true to yourself and your convictions and then no one can play with you. This is only a quick note from an experienced so called Warrior for the truth, and am also vulnerable to all kinds. Merry Christmas or whatever you believe in.

  • Lola means love in the angelic language, and I wish that for you xskittlex , love luv2laf.

  • Hi xskittlex, you will find much info about your beautiful sign, but when it comes right down to it I stand behind what I have said on a round about way. Maybe get the book on star signs. I wish that I had the info but I keep giving the books away. I think her name is Linda Hill but am not sure. I only want to empower you ,and to see that this too shall pass if you keep your wits about you, which I know is hard to do when it comes to our heart versus our thoughts. Some times it helps to think if I could have everything I ever wanted would I continue to do this or want that!

  • I want u to realize often our most compatable mate could be right in front us but our inability to realize or appreciate can be clouded by simple past transgressions. I wish a simple answer to your conflict by saying your scorpio is a powerful connection. and what your soul needs is a balance of love, respect ,honor and strength without these no one person or will be suitable.

  • Hello,

    luv2laf- Thank you for your reply! Its much appreciated as I love what you said. I truly am learning from the experiences and I know one day he will come along, I'm just worried I'm to stubborn to realize it. I have a few books about star signs, which are pretty insighful, I guess I'm just a little confused right now with the battle between my heart and mind.

    FavL- Thank you for your reply as well! Ive felt a really intense connection with this particular "scorpio" unlike any before but, hes so distant that I'm almost positive that its not mutual. Sometimes I think it is, sometimes I feel as though I never existed to him. I'm just not sure how long to stick around for as its making me vulnerable to get more hurt with everyday that passes. I long for stability and mutual love and loyalty, and I almost feel as though if I'm not getting that in return as of yet then I probably never will from him. My feelings are coming to a close on him really quickly like they do with everyone else.

    Just not sure when to close the book on someone.

  • Hi xskittlex, here is some info from my favorite book from Nancy Garen, she explains a scorpio as in two ways, first is the positive which states:The type of person is spiritual,psychic, clairvoyant, magnetic,intense,secretive,sexual, deep,complex,removed, in control, and at times overpowering or aloof. Type of vocation: Occult work, undercover work, physician, stock broker, acupuncturist,dentist, counselor, dramatic actor.This would also symbolize the Queen of cups in the tarot. The Page of Swords is the Taurus in the deck. Practical, thoughtful, persevering, posses

  • I will continue here,possessive and realistic, down to earth, security-minded, patient, sensual, and sometimes reserved. Needs concrete results and knows how to get them. Type of vocation: Serving, singing, sales, finances, negotiations, consulting, leasing, working with buildings or homes. This information came from the book called Tarot Made Easy, from Nancy Garen. I hope that you get the book as it will lead you to enlighten yourself in numerous ways. Lola, which means love, and I wish this for you and yours, untill we talk again. Merry Christmas to you and yours, or what ever you believe in, big huggs.

  • Truly I may be taken off the sight here, but in my experience, I was stocked for 9 years from a scorpio man and he was cold and gave the same symptoms that you have expressed, if he is cold get out now! And if I am taken off this sight maybe I can help you before it is too late.

  • Truly I may be taken off the sight here, but in my experience, I was stocked for 9 years from a scorpio man and he was cold and gave the same symptoms that you have expressed, if he is cold get out now! And if I am taken off this sight maybe I can help you before it is too late.

  • Of course saying a scorpio will stalk you is insane if you don't have the numbers right, but still the same, they are not a sign that you want to mess with.

  • luv2laf they won't take you off the site for what you have said there is far worse things said on this site everyday and they are still on here day in and day out. I'd say your safe.

  • LibrasLair, thank you. I feel like you are the queen of swords protecting me now. Thank you again.

  • And the Justice card, I may be wrong in my judgement about the Scorpio man, but my heart is in the right place. And LibrasLair thank you for your feedback to me, it makes a big difference in how I feel, not trying to sound selfish here.

  • I don't understand the discussion thread so far so I will address the original question. xskittlex, Taurus are known for their stubborness. It will always be something of a challenge for you and you will need to be guarded in your use of stubborn behavior to get your way. What we astro-buffs need to understand is that the negative traits of our sun signs are just defense mechanisms. We don't use these traits because we like them or because we are cosmic slaves to them. We use them because consiously or subconsiously they protect us. Your subborness is protecting you from having to change, from having to commit, from having to face the fact that there are areas in your life that in order to be happy you MUST change. Now I said it. I can feel your defensive, stubborness formulating replys as I type. For just once, don't try to resist the message. Read it, absorb it, and comtemplate it without forming any judgments good or bad. That's how you defeat your stubborn nature.

    As for a good match, I would say Cancer. Cancers have been demonized in a lot of the discussions but don't believe it. I will say here what I said in another discussion Taurus because the Cancerian traits will be especially relevant to you: Cancers are not all bad. Cancer can make a woman feel that there is no other women in the world for him. He can hold her in a way that melts away all fear and self-doubt. There will be no lonely days or nights if the Cancer is in love because he will shower you with emotions that warms the heart and fuels the eternal flames of love.

    Cancers are very prosperous as signs go and very generous so he will shower you with material things and you will have an open checkbook at your disposal. Google the cancer v. taurus and see for yourself.

  • Keep in mind the compatablity are not just based on the sun sign but the rising and moon sign . The moon being our emotional side and rising being our personality as the world sees us. They are important to know as well.

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