This may be an odd topic and question to post here, but here it is....

  • In this time of thinking of others, as I always try to do year round, there's something weighing very heavy on my mind and I'm hoping some of you may have some advice. In my workplace, sexual harassment is an on-going thing. Not to me, but others. I'm not in a position to enforce a more positive working environment though I've tried my hardest to have an influence. Ownership has spoken to said offenders but there is no punishment or consequences beyond that and has created an enabling situation....they feel they can get away with it, and they can since they are the ones responsible for policing this type of behavior, and are the main offenders. I've spoken to a few of the women who have taken the brunt of this behavior and told them they don't have to put up with this and have the power to end it, but none seem to step up for fear of repercussion of more bullying in the workplace. I've looked around on-line but it seems the only people who can file complaints are those directly affected by this.

    Any advice? Legal advice? Moral advice??

    Merry Christmas to you all. Love and Light.


  • That's a tough one Azara12. I was in a workplace many years ago where sexual harrassment was ongoing. I heard some awful remarks and jokes made at other people's expense and went to Human Resources to complain. The lady there told me that she just couldn't believe that the person I was complaining about would say such things and that I had no proof since nobody else was stepping forward. I was so disgusted that I quit then and there and found a more positive envrionment. Looking back, perhaps i should have been more insistent on being listened to. I was young and didn't know how to proceed. This was about 15 years ago. Maybe things have gotten better. If you can convince these women to step forward then hopefully something can be done and it will stop. After my experiences, I lost faith that one person can make a difference. It appeared to me that a crowd was needed to step forward in order for management to listen. Good luck.

  • oops, sorry for the typo on your name....Azaza12.

  • It's just a horrible situation to witness. And being a Sag, I'm always rooting for the underdog.

    No worries on the typo!

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