Lots of Break-ups lately! Cosmic influence?

  • Incluiding my own. My pisces FIANCEE broke off our engagement because he wasnt sure of things... that led me to get really insecure, we ended having lots of silly fights until he decided to break up for good (still hoping is not final tho)

    It has come to my attention that a lot of people are having break-ups lately, anyone aware or any cosmic influence and how to revert it?

  • So sorry to hear that. I just broke off a realtionship that now I regret but who knows what the future holds.

    As for cosmic influences, mercury went retrograde 12/26 to 1-16. As well as mars is retrograde till March. Also Saturn has a huge influence right now.

    I'm not too much an expeprt on all this but I do know that when mercury retrogrades it messes up communications. Read up on these aspects and I am sure you will find some insight.

  • thanks lunaazul, i've been all over the place with mercury retrograde lately.

    wish things start looking better, specially for us pisces who seem to be having a very bad run lately

  • I look at retrograde times as being times to just chill out. Otherwise I get so frustrated. AND never sign a contract. As it may not work the way you want. I think everybody is in a differant aspect right now. We don't have light planets fro "fun" and games right now. Not a pro on astrology but I know I have a huge influence from saturn for quite awhile in my chart. Its time to get my nose to the grind & get serious in life & hopefully it'll produce a good outcome.

  • Well my pisces just broke things off me with me as well. He's been getting upset over minor things lately. I just plan on giving my fish time to see if he swims back. Normally pisces don't stay away very long. Keep yourself occupied. I know it's easier said than done. Good Luck,

  • bump>>>> same here i'm going through divorce i hope everything will be ok ....

  • Well, this pisces is still away from her pisces... he doesnt seem to get a grip on things, says he misses me, then he says i should move on, then he says he doesnt know what to do, then he says he misses me again. Same as what Taurus1979 said, he gets upset over the minor things, saying they rub him in the wrong way. Dont know if he is going to swim back to me, his confusion over not knowing what to do is too much for him to be able to give the relationship another try and things dont look too good.

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes, hope your own issues resolve themselves.

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