Update for manifest and hisbablove

  • Thought I would write and let you know how I was doing since you have both been so kind. I am currently still grieving, although it's getting easier. My body feels rested and I'm just eating healthy and sleeping alot. I have contacted him again, I know, but it seems the hormones keep me doing things I shouldn't. I had an intuitive dream about him and he was sad, the dream was a basic understanding that he to is grieving and doesn't know how to deal so he is remaining distant but watching over me.... another thing I picked up from the dream is that he is feeling worried about his karma and spiritual self as well. My contact was very short, told him I had a dream and wanted to just see if he was okay and that I felt uncomfortable with everything that happened but that he still means a great deal to me. That was it. The hardest part in this whole process has been the loneliness. I feel like I could just use someone to hold me and let me cry it out. I wish he could see this as he is my natural desire. If you all have any guidance on maybe how we can both go about healing together and getting him to recognize the feelings I could use it. For now I'm trying to concentrate on me but as xmas approaches I feel the strong pull to him even more. Hope you are both well.

  • Hi mooninsag,

    I'm so glad you took the time to check in here and give us an update. I've been thinking about you and know how hard things must be for you right now. I'm sure your dream was correct in that your guy is grieving in his own way. I know you want him to be there for you, in the way that you need, right now. I get the sense that on some level you new that he wouldn't be and it factored into your decision. I'm reaching out and giving you a big cyber hug right now. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, though you feel lonely, you are never really alone. Hope you find some joy in this holiday season. You have a lot of life to live and a lot of happiness in your future.

  • Hi Mooninsag,

    Thank you for keeping in touch with us and letting us know how you are. I hope you know that we do care. Not only Manifeestdreams and I, but everyone who posted to your thread.

    I know you are healing, mind, body,heart, and spirit. It takes a lot of time and nurturing yourself to heal. In every situation when there is hurt,the healing is the same. I feel like you're grieving a lot more than the pregnancy. You are also grieving him and what you had thought would be the one thing that would maybe bring you two together. Your relationship was in trouble before this. You thought maybe the baby and then your pain after the procedure, would bring you to the place you wanted to be with him. I'm sorry that that isn't the case now but this is your chance to accept the message and the gift of healing being given to you. Much as you don't like or want it, it is a blessing for you.

    I'm being told to tell you that you must stop making excuses to yourself about him, what he is or isn't doing, and what he is feeling. That you are doing this is not only prolonging your pain, but it is impeding your healing. Until you stop doing this, putting some of your feelings on him, what you wish or hope he would feel, you will not heal. Release it. Release it or it will hold you captive and destroy you. Please don't dwell on that. It isn't for you to bear that burden now.

    Take of yourself and know that you can and WILL come out of this stronger and better than ever before.

    Please stay in touch with us, hon.

    Blessings and Light

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