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  • I’ll apologise up front as I suspect this will be a long post. I also feel a bit stupid asking this question, because surely if I was, I would know the answer, however, I will plough on.

    In the past couple of months I have become more interested in the spiritual side of my life. I have been doing some reading up on Astrology, Tarot and Dream Analysis. I did a Numerology report the other day and it did say that between the ages of 35 and 40 I would turn more to the spiritual side of life and I would start to try and develop this. I turn 40 next year.

    I have called quite a few psychics lately about a friendship/relationship problem I have been having. I know I shouldn’t be calling them as often as I have, but each time it has helped me get through the uncertain period when I have been feeling very down. Two of the psychic’s I have spoken to have said I have psychic abilities myself. One of them (the first one) I simply didn’t believe, as the reading just seemed like a con. However, the second one that said I had psychic abilities made a number of short term predictions, all of which came true.

    I have had one incident happen to me that makes me wonder if there might be something there. The incident relates to the “relationship/friendship” person, who I hadn’t heard from for a few days (it used to be daily contact). One morning I woke up and just felt he would contact me by 11:00pm on the Friday night. The latest he ever used to text was 9pm at night so I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part, however, on the Friday in question he sent me a text at 10:20pm.

    So this has me wondering, do I really have psychic abilities that I am just not aware of ? Is this something someone can learn and if so what are the first steps?

    Although I am not a regular poster on here, I do spend a couple of hours each day reading through the forum and I have found it very useful and insightful, so thank you to every one of you regular posters.

  • Hi Pisces0301, welcome to your new found gift, I would like to help you to understand your capabilities through the Tarot cards and thereby you will empower youself without the need for calling on others. Buy the book called Tarot made easy by Nancy Garen and and a pack of cards from the Waite deck, drawn from Pamela smith, you need to follow the instructions from the book and will save your self the 28 years of questions that I have had. It will take years to complete, but your answers will be immediate. Lola is the magic word for love and I wish this for you. Also Zenda is the word for to remember. Get the book and you will know what I have been passing on to others to empower themselves.

  • Hi pisces0301

    In truth everybody have a degree of psychic abilities. That is what I believe anyway. That is why it is said in the Bible that The creator says to us humans: "Why dont you listen to me? I tell you again and again what you should do and what the truth is, and every time you ignore me!" This is not because the creator is a bad energy that gets angry with us, like some people might image it in the mind. It simply means that we have all got intuition and guidance from within and we must nurture and cleanse ourselves so that it will become easier and easier to follow the guidance from within.

    So to answer your question: Yes you really do have psychic abilities that you are not yet aware of.

    My approach to life has been to do a spiritual excercice called the latihan in subud: Others have other approaches. And you may find yours.

    Good seeking, my friend. And if what you seek is clarity, inner peace and healing of the soul, then I hope that you find all that you seek.

  • TheHangedWoman, That is the clearest interpretation that I have ever read, thank you. I think that you may be the teacher for all of us at this point in time, please share more when you have the time, I for one am intrigued with your words of wisdom. Thank you.

  • Hello, TheHangedWoman, I will go to the sight that you mentioned and learn what you are teaching, thank you. And if I don't hear from you again, I would like to add that I feel that you are enlightened and your hanging has not been in vain, thank you. I know you know what I am saying, Lola.

  • Hi HangedWoman, I have read your sight that you have posted, I would like to add that I am not sure what it means. I am talking about the psychic on a universal level and I think that you may be talking about that as well. The universal consciousness is a weave that we all share it does not have religious definitions or pray to any one god, we are all born with the answers and guided by our conscience.Please let me know what you would like to teach, as I feel that you are strong in your convictions and am open to what you would like to share.

  • Early morning to you Pisces0301. I was going to say what HangedWoman told you she just beat me to the punch. I also think that the amount of chaos around you will keep you from hearing anything that your being told. As I was explaining to someone just last evening after I said to her. How long have you been at home and not out and about in the daily chaos in California dealing with people, traffic and noise. Phone calls and family bickering before you started feeling other peoples emotions and hearing voices and seeing things. And she said about a month I think she said. She thought she was going crazy and she would grab her keys and her headset and go to the gym. As soon as she left home and got on the road she didn't hear anything. That's because of everything going on and she was no longer receptive. She was busy watching and listening to everything else and all the other noise drowned out her guides talking to her. When she got back home it would start again. Looking for answers she ended up on this forum and they were talking and using words she had never heard before like empath. Gee this sounded like how she felt. And now in about a month and a half she is on here doing readings with great accuracy. So I told her. I had wanted to leave California long before I ever did because I kept saying I don't want chaos in my life anymore. When I left and sent a great deal of time alone and started reading that's when I began to open even more. If you find that you have spent a great deal more of alone time this could also have been a time when you were finally able to hear what has always been trying to get through and couldn't be heard. I hope we have helped you. Peace and harmony

  • Also being outside and working in the soil and being able to recharge my energy with no negativity to block me helped a great deal. I also was more receptive around water. Like being in the shower I had my first visits from known spirits to call back to Calif. to tell their family members they were still around them. I was asked why are they coming to you? I said I guess because they can. I don't have anything else to stop them.

  • I meant the Justice card, I am sorry I am tired. Good night all.

  • Where are you going I just got up. 5:20 in the morning.

  • This is strange LibrasLair the last 2 posts I sent to you did not show, I guess it wasn't meant to be. Even so I just wanted to thank you for your support again on your last post to me.

  • luv2laf

    What HansWolfgang once said: Awareness. From awareness there comes no sin, no mistakes, only truth comes from awareness. He said something like that. So I think that is what I also believe in. So true awareness transcends religions and belief systems. True awareness is from where healing gifts and psychic gifts come from. True healing does not come from the will, but by surrendering will to the inner guidance (the inner Light).

    I see why you do not understand the site I gave you. That is in a way because the subud organisation does not teach one religion or one thought system to people. It is just a spiritual excercise that is a receiving that nurtures, heals and awakes the soul. It is not a mind-system.

    So I can not explain what it is. I just can say that the receiving that I have had in that spiritual excercise has healed me a great deal. I myself have become a healer because of that. It has only happened twice, but it still has happened. Because of the receiving from that Awareness, that Awakening of the soul. But even though the soul has received healing, the healing is not yet complete. The completion will come long after my death from this life journey. So that might also be why it is said: Healing is the road, the life and the goal and the truth.

  • luv2laf >> I already have a set of tarot cards, but struggle to understand the meaning of them. I will look for the book you have suggested.

    TheHangedWoman>> Thank you for the link, which I have saved. I find I need to read things a number of times before I truly grasp or understand the meaning so will be going back. I am seeking all you have said, but realise it will not come overnight.

    LibrasLair>> You struck a chord - although I do live in a small village in the UK, like most people I work long hours and find it hard to switch off. My mind just never seems to stop no matter how much I want it to.

    Thank you all for your replies, I regretted posting this message initially, but now I am glad I did. I will continue reading, learning and see where it takes me.

  • Thank you all and I understand and appreciate all of your, teachings.

  • luv2laf I sent you an e-mail at your address a couple of days ago. I guess it went to your spam or trash. I will try it again.

  • pisces0301 why don't you try telling the voices not now I don't want to hear from you right now I am busy with work or I have to sleep now. Or what ever it is that your doing. Tell them your not working with them right now. See if that works.

  • Thank you LibrasLair for your suggestion, it is such a simple thing, but I had never thought of trying it. I will give it a go - it is normally worse at night when I am trying to get to sleep or get woken up in the middle of the night/early hours of the morning.

    Merry Christmas / Seasons Greetings / Happy Holidays to you all.

  • You may want to talk to hisbablov I have also been working with her. You can compare notes and see what is working for her. She is in California. So there is a good time gap but I am sure you two can see if your both up at the same times maybe in the morning California PST.

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