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  • Hi

    After all that has gone down am I finding ive lost my way a tad. I humbly ask you for a reading on path to walk. Further i know ive asked this before and u mayb tired of it, but love n men as well. not to peg on it but to know progress as i know it will take time before it fully manifests.

    here i mainly think of the sign im getting myself. signs such as lost one returns n such.

    ill b so grateful for ur help n reads. i will take each one to soul, let it sink in n follow advice given.


  • I'm not exactly psychic, but I am sending many blessings your way, I feel like your exhausted though,I feel your pain, like a big tired sigh,you need a break, and letting go of a lot of crap thats been building up, so I'm saying a special prayer for you right now, that things will get better very, very soon for you!

  • That is really nice bluecat123! I so wish I could tell you somehow but I am not a reader either but I am your friend I feel and I will say a prayer for you to find the answers you need. I wish you great blessings, this is an irish blessing I love so Im sending it to you!

    May God grant you always...

    A sunbeam to warm you,

    A moonbeam to charm you,

    A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente,

    Leave this with me and I'll see what I can come up with. I'm exhausted right now and probably not very receptive.

    The really funny thing is, I was thinking of you before I saw this post and got something for you and was thinking, I must tell her that!!!!! LOL!!!

    So, what came to me earlier was......apply for a Nanny position, somehow that feels like to me how you will get to the USA.

  • Thank you ladies. NAMASTE n merry xmas to ya both!

  • Charmed,

    I think we posted at almost the same time, did you see my post above yours?

  • Now i did. nanny huh ? hhmmmm well its an idea lol thanx.

    any on men??? LOLOLOL

  • No, but leave it with me. I got what I got for TaurusGirl over a few hours while cleaning like a mad woman to work off my anger from my brother!!!!! And it was Sunday. Let me get past Christmas because I'm working tomorrow (Wednesday), dropping kids to their dad's on Thursday afternoon then have to rush around do my Christmas shopping and grocery shopping, then Christmas day and so on. So let's get past that and give me time to be more relaxed and receptive and let the messages pop into mind.

    I will come back to you, just not getting anything now.

    That was the first "proper" reading I've done, for TaurusGirl the other day and I'm not sure how to get the messages coming again, but I think right now I'm too tired and worn out. Leave it with me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I must say that yesterday I felt like my head was going to explode and really depressed. Today I'm drained, wiped out, tired and feeling low.

    You have a wonderful Christmas and I'll speak to you. :-))

  • Bente baby you are obsessed with men. STOP IT. You need to change the way your going about this. This I tell you from experience not getting a message at all. I found when looking for someone to be in my life you find someone alright but......................... it's not a lasting relationship. When I just went through my days and life working on me that's when I would meet the one that was right for me at the time. Now I say that because.................. sometimes they aren't suppose to be with you till death do you part. I think they are with you for a purpose. So you two may learn from each other. Every relationship you need to go back and find the one thing you learned from it. I don't care how small it is. One of my husbands all I could come up with that I learned was he taught me how to cook fried rice. He was a chef. But he learned or should I say he had the chance to learn a lot from me. Now whether he finally realized it or not isn't for me to worry about. So that's the best message I feel if for you. Go out and meet, just don't see everyone as your mate. Much love and luck cause it may or may not come in the very near future because you don't change over night do you?

  • I had a disolved relationship/marriage once, that was so tramatizing at the time, I thought I wouldn't meet anyone else, and with three little shadows in tow, others said that to me too, I remember feeling so angry at being left alone, and possibly as a single parent for the rest of my life, but then I turned that anger into picturing someone that I would want to meet, someone so totally different then my ex, someone mature, emotionally compassionate, not perfect, but a person who I might get in tiffs with, but could never break my heart on purpose, when I felt the crippling pain, and fear for the future from my divorce, I would automatically go to this other in my mind, picture sitting on a park bench, pouring my heart out to them, and them caring and wanting to get to know me. I didn't picture exaclty what they looked like, what they did, but someone who deserved my loyalty, this was like my mental picture affirmation. I never knew if that would be the case, I didn't meet anyone I instantly clicked with, so I learned to take a pass, I learned to go through the motions, accept what was for the moment, it wasn't easy, but I learned to channel by emotions into positives, I figured it wouldn't hurt, what did I have to loose?then one day, I did, and he was all that I affirmed before for myself and more, a gentle, compassionate, intelligent, responsible soul, I tell him all the time, I had a recipe in my mind and heart for him before I ever knew him! I don't know if this will help Bente, but I truly mean it too, as I know what it feels to be frustrated, I truly beileve if I of all people, can manifest a good thing without even knowing for sure that I was, then I know there are high hopes for you as well!

  • I hear u LOUD n CLEAR momma libra and u are right. thanx for banging on my head n wake me up , lol

    NAMASTE momma

  • Thank you bluecat ;-D


  • CharmedWitchBente -- I am not familiar with your story. I apologize for this. However, while reading your request, I felt that you have "shut off your hearing". I also heard that you need to go through this time of "drought" to gain fully what you are supposed to get from all this. It should not be entirely long, but necessary. Hope this helps. (Patience, I think is the key ingredient/lesson needing learned.) Have a great day! 🙂

  • bluecat is on the money Charmed and so is Amantim. Much love and time to heal.

  • Amen thank u so much ladies. i appreciate this very much n i will relax chill n heal. time will show. thank u again


  • CharmedWitchBente: I am sorry you let this angry woman drain you. Every time I answered her posts, I on beforehand felt that it was a bad idea. But the temptation (lol) was just too big;-) She is so (bleeep). Okay, yepp, she is stuck in her own anger. I never felt I wronged her, I never meant to hurt her feelings, I never felt to make her feel that I attacked her or insulted her. I merely answered her, as I would in every normal conversation. I have never felt angry with her, since that is waste of energy. Although as I said, on beforehand on every post I felt that it was a bad idea to post it, since she obviously is not a person worth conversating with. She is like a brick wall in conversation, but instead of just standing there it hits the person in the head for no reason. Very strange behavior. 😉

  • LMAO TheHangedWoman ure right on that. i just kept trying bc i felt some good in her, but i dunno what it is in her that feels like KOOL AID RAM BAM!! wall hits.

    Ive learnt a lot from this n one thing is sure when i start to feel im swatting a stupid fly or hit the dang wall its time for me to ask my spirits do i pull out. n when the reply is yes im adios find some other sucker to pester bc im nolonger availeble.

    thanx again TheHangedWoman, bless ya merry xmas n NAMASTE!

  • the lady requires a light worker to assist her to lift the load that she is carrying, however the load will not be shifted unless she puts in the effort to shift it, there is so much saddness i felt for her and she is angry but you people were the ones who bore the brunt of it , her anger is a sign of her moving from a depression, which isnt so bad as its releasing stuff i dont feel shes really lashing out at you guys, its something underneath thats coming up, anything that gets in the way cops it, poor girl, her charkaras would be all out of wack, i personally dont know her, bur after reading the sites comments, on both sides anyone can see shes doing it tough, i really hope she can aquire the assistance that she needs for her journey to help her develop and grow, life can be very tough, its thru mistakes we make and thru the mistakes of others we learn and we grow, it was very lower chakra, light workers assist the person to see the light in darkened situations, they light the way with their knowledge and compassion, they are very patient and can see where the person is coming from, i have been working with one on my own journey and it takes time, but i have a very good one one of the best, its far better to light one candle in the dark than to curse the darkness, one positive thought can lead to many, as i said it was a learning on both sides of the coin including for myself, see only love for love is all that is required to heal, its the love of the divine the love of ones self, just thought i would share that little bit with you all, and no offence meant to anybody, love and peace is wished to everyone

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