Blmoon only 3 Questions if u can help

  • Hello Blmoon!!

    I'm sorry for that thread it was sent 2 me by leoscorpion and I'm trying to keep away from hisbablove but she is trying to provoke when I'm over arguing with her and her friends and want 2 move on with my life.

    Like I said just 3 questions and that's it.

    Is Chris listening to the advice I'm giving him?

    Will I get an apology from Chris ever for the trouble he has caused me latey??

    Will my brother snap out of the depressive mood his been lately??

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia

    My brother Mark: 26/11/1982 1.50pm Liverpool Australia

    Chris: 25/01/1974. I don't know where Chris was born but he does reside in Leumeah Australia.

    Again sorry 4 that thread being up again leoscorpion sent it to me.

    I don't even know what it was about so there was no malice on my part.

    I'm worried about my brother so pls I implore on ppl don't come on here to provoke an argument cause I'm over arguments and all that nonsense.

    So pls refrain from that pls.

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