• I am a Scorpio,11/21... I ended close to a 2 year relationaship with someone in Costa Rica, he was fro the states living there. He had a persona which was completely opposite of who he really was age height weight everything...9 months into the relationahip he finally admitted the truths, when I insisted on the pictures I was waiting for ..for so long and learned the truth. I never flew to CR and eventually the relationship ended labor day when I accused him of having someine there on a on and off basis...he never answered..never defnded himself..he is a Cancer 6/24..I have sent emails..and tried to communicate but he has not responded.

    I recently met a Gemini and became close to him, he is in the states..met on a dating forum..he worked nights and seemed to be attentive he is very very Charming...I felt things are not what they should be..he says he is divorced and had his teenagers living with him and his wife is BiPolar and lives alone..can not deal with them or him. I felt he was involved with several women chatting and sexual conversations.....he would appear and disappear from the email and I am hurting ..confused as to how and why I am right back here again,,feeling as I do...was I wrong? is there something to this with the Gemini could someone help me with a readings or preminition..I need clarity Thank You

  • Hi AryanMary,

    I am sorry for your troubles and your pain. Internet relationships can be very precarious. For some, it is just a fantasy or diversion, and some take it quite seriously, often people are not on the same page. Maybe you need to try a different site, and keep the 'safety tips' in mind. Better still, try meeting men offline, not through the Internet.

    The thing about Internet dating sites, most people are there to connect with as many viable dating possibilities as possible, and often will do so until they meet someone they feel compelled to focus on and attempt a serious relationship with, and of course there are also those there just looking for attention or sex partners. Try not to get too emotionally invested in men from the dating sites until you have really had the opportunity to meet at least a few times to get to know them. It's also a good sign if they introduce you to their families. So basically, you need to gaurd yourself a little.

    Wrong? No, just hopeful.

    For now, do something to make yourself feel better and to distract yourself. Maybe get yourself a reading from a legit psychic or reader...but keep your equilibrium.

    Gut feelings are often right, unless they come from a place of fear then sometimes they are wrong. Don't beat yourself up. Maybe revise your profile and make it really clear that your are seeking an exclusive, monogomous relationship if it does not already clearly state so. Doing that sometimes scares away those who are just playing a numbers game.

    Good luck, I hope you find a good reader and the right man for you.


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