Your insight, please?

  • I am a cancer, born 7-9-62 at 8:05am in Milwaukee zip 53218. I am starting a new chapter in all areas of my life - career, personal, romantic. I'm feeling a little lost and would like to know how this huge upheaval will all pan out. Would someone be kind enough to give me a little insight, please? Thank you!

  • Hi Sparky79. You are presently going through a period of transformation that effects all areas of your life. You are feeling a strong desire to release yourself from restrictions and relationships that have limited your life for some time. Your Sun in Cancer can make it difficult for you to let go of the past, but current influences are giving you the energy you need to push through your fears. Trust that the time is now for you to make the changes you desire. Your need for newness and someting totally different in your daily routine suggests you have the courage to go outside your comfort zone at this time. You will feel an enormous relief and renewed sense of self confidence by clearing out the old to make space for the new. Congratulations to you for moving in this direction. You are supported by a kind and loving Universe. All the best in 2010.

  • Meera 17,

    Thank you so much for your uplifting reading, letting me know that I am headed in the right direction. I have a couple more specific questions if you or anyone else would be willing to answer for me. They will require my being more specific so here entire life, the universe has not been terribly kind or loving, although I would like to believe that inherently, it is. Sexually abused between the ages of 4 and 7, my sister dying in an accident where I was there and saw it and was unable to save her. 4 best friends and 3 boyfriends died, each in separate incidents about 2 years apart. I thought I was cursed. Met a great man who didn't believe or care that I was cursed. Got married and had a wonderful beautiful life with a home and 2 kids. The last one was born dead, revived, and in neonatal intensive care then on machines at home. That is when my husband became ill. He never told me schizophrenia ran in his family and the stress with a very sick new baby and a 1 year old as well as a hostile take over of his place of employment, he cracked. He currently lives in a mental institution most of the time and does not want his kids and I to know him like this. Got a new boyfriend who was awesome at first but then became controlling then abusive. Found peep holes in my kids closets and packed up my kids, dog and a dirty clothes hamper (I knew we would all have a change of clothes in there) and ran...literally...350 miles away and never went back. In my prior life, no matter what evil fate befell me I always had a great job and made plenty of money. I am college educated. It kept me getting up every morning and taking care of things. I have never had therapy or dealt with all the things that happened to me. They were just happening one on top of the other so I was just suppressing them and punching them down deep and hoping tomorrow would be better. In my new life, things have never been worse. Couldnt find a decent job so I started bartending. And drinking. To excess. Several days a week. Got 2 DUIs and spent a couple months in jail and under house arrest. I am angry and push away anyone who tries to get close to me. I cant keep the anger from coming out any more and I got upset with my boyfriend and was very mean and broke up with him. All my fault. It made me realize that it is time for me to deal with all that has happened to me and the anger I carry around because of it. I quit my job at the bar and started counseling two weeks ago. I begin treatment for alcohol on January 4th. Whew....there you have it. My questions are this:

    1. Will I find a job somewhere somehow so that I dont end up in the streets? (Not even close to a joke) or should I go headstrong into my side job that I will need to take a class that I can't afford to really make a go of it.

    2. I really loved my scorpio man but he hurt me in the past and I threw it back in his face. I believe this time around he was being faithful but I just used it unmercifully against him. Have I ruined what we had or should I move ahead without him. Will there be anyone to share love with in my future?

    3. Is there a light at the end of my tunnel?

    Sorry for being so long winded. Thanks to anyone who stuck it out to here.

  • Sorry to hear about ur troubles.. THey say God doesn't place on u more than u can handle..if this is the case you R one tough cookie! Looks like you'll be growing old gracefully and peacefully because you have had more than your share of troubles. You are very wise to have moved away from the man who was controlling. Someone shared this w/me and I am going to do the same w/you. Start saying positive things to ur self, it helps, really..It draws positivethings to u and ur life.. and believe them! Also get a good support system..Family/friends someone who can help. Take care, May blessings come your way..and I'll light a candle for you.

  • I didn't do a reading, sorry not experianced yet..But I thought the words of encouragement may help.

  • I also forgot to add w/the support groups maybe you can find a good church w/activities for yur family..God always blesses and send helps, ask in his sons' name and nothing will be denied.

  • Dear Purpleiris,

    Thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement. They have touched me. I am a complete optimist both outwardly and in my soul and always try to find a positive reason for every negative thing that has happened to me, even if it takes years to see it, no matter how trivial it may seem. Although I haven't attended church in quite a while, I am a very spiritual person and talk to God regularly about my troubles and thank him always for the good times and the little things that most people don't notice. I guess I'm afraid if I whine too much and forget to thank Him, He might stop listening to me altogether! Yes, I know He doesn't do that. But, I continue to try and find his plan for me. I believe I may be prepared for just about anything. Alot of people tell me what you said about God only giving you as much as you can handle. I always jokingly reply that God thinks I'm the strongest person on the planet! I'm pretty sure he does though as I've toughed this out alone about as long as I can. I also joke that I must have been an ax murderer in my last life, always trying to keep it light as I think I sort of scare people a little. Or maybe just make them uneasy, afraid to say the wrong thing. Of course, there is no such thing. I have read "The Secret" and gave it a pretty good go, but it didn't seem to change anything. Maybe I just thought I was believing it could happen but that little voice in my head was still telling me I'm cursed. I am hoping with actually taking the time to get help for myself and making constructive positive life decisions I can turn things around. I was just hoping to hear from someone who would tell me I would emerge whole, and better, as opening this all up is very scary to me. I've been holding it together by a string for so long... Like the little dutch boy with a finger in the hole of the dyke. I'm afraid what will happen once I move that finger. Thank you again for your encouragement and good thoughts. I truly believe in the power of others good words and prayers. I continue to hope for a life filled with peace and grace as I keep thinking...NOW my dues HAVE to be paid!

    I also sincerely appreciate your burning a candle on my behalf. The gesture brought tears to my eyes.

    All the best to you

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