How do you relate to your sign?

  • Brian,

    Shut up. That was embarassing. LOL!

    I will tell you about you and being a Cancer in a bit. Am going to post your 3 cards now...stay tuned.

  • MzRedFlower, great name!

    Something bothering you???

  • Hey Red,

    It is easy to figure out your ideal sun sign requires work work work but its fun. Look into compatibility blogs as well as checking out the local book store. Avoid your OPPOSITES. If he or she is too different you will have extra work cut out for you. I didn't

    do the research and If I had known or educated myself in this stuff I would have never married the sun sign person I did. In many ways we are alot alike but I am a free spirit and he is NOT.

    It has made for a tough marriage. The last thing I needed was MORE work to do. Marriage is enough work as it is. You marry a non compatible sign and generally your doomed.

    Peace and love


  • Thank you RedPetals.

    What bothers me sometimes is that I seem to feel everything so much.........sometimes I think that I feel too much for my own good. I certainly have known other Cancer females and they do not appear to be nearly as emotional (probably more inside than outside) as I seem to be. I seem to care so deeply about things. Is it just me? Could it be that I'm not living my prior Cancer life of giving and caring for everything and everyone?

  • Hi, RedPetals, actually my two virgos were grandparents, they had bdays 1 day apart, they were awsome virgos too grow up with! Did you mean more about me? I didn't know if I undertood right, sorry. I'm a cancer, I've read we are very domestic, but that part doesn't suit me well, I love too explore, not really be on the go all the time, but I don't tend too be drawn too cooking, or anything that really centers on the home life, I would rather be out seeing the world for some reason, my moon is in Leo, rising in gemni, not sure what influences those have had on my cancer traits. I do tend too be secretive, emotional with those close too me, usually only one or two people at the most that I feel very comfortable with. I do tend too live in the past a bit, I read thats what cancers do, and I am loyal, I like too be the peacemaker, always want everyone too get along, yet if my loved ones are threatend, I find I can get aggresive quickly,I tend too see things from other angles, but want too side with whomever I am most loyal. I read that cancer doesn't really like too get dressed, we like too be in pjs all day if we can, that is true for me! I hate constrictive clothing, I think we are suppose too be centered around family, thats true for me. I think we are suppose too be intutive, I tend too come and go with that, or it comes too me, but I don't seem too have a knack for reading on request, I do tend too get a good feel for others feelings, or basic personality, good or not so good when I meet them though. I tend too draw in sags and aries a lot,some libras, I don't think we always understand each other, but do seem too appreciate one anothers differences, I tend to get along other cancer females, virgos. For some reason I tend not too be scorpios favorite, not sure why, or caps, I like taurus's, but I think they don't always seem too understand me too well.

  • I agree with the freewill too, theres so many influences too, like who we grew up with. MzRedFlower, I don't think your the only emotional cancer on the outside, I am super senstive too a lot of things, even the news, but I don't always show it, you might go through phases where you will , then you won't , could depend whats going around you too. Calm energy, or not so much? Whats the other signs in your chart?

  • RedPetals,

    Nah, that was not embarrassing. Easy to over look. You have not told me about yourself yet, I knew you were a Virgo.

    I am very interested in my three cards.

  • Hi Brian,

    Your cards are under the other topic of Irish Brian. I always have more to say and I had some other observations for you but sometimes I know my posts can be long....Sorry about that!

  • RedPetals,

    I have not looked there yet. LMAO I will go look.

  • Bluecat123, I just love your screen name, there are so many good ones!

    Would it not be interesing if we could be another sign for a day? If you could which one would you choose and why? As for me, I am not sure yet. I assume I would still want to be female because I relate much to femininity, don't really want to be a man, but another sign could be fun! What do you think?

  • I think I love your question RedPetals! How long has it been since I've thought who I would want too be for a day, I think I might have that figured out, but which sign? hmm, I think this will take the process of elimination for me, as in which one's I know I wouldn't want too be, (but don't want too say that out loud) and which ones I relate too the most, so wouldn't be too different, mabe one that I haven't understood, so I could see where they were coming from? like taurus, you know, I think I just talked myself into sag, yep, for my own reasons, I think it would be fun too be one for a day, they are free as a bird, and seem too draw in a lot of want they want, and good, helpful people at their sides, and they always seem too find a way too a new adventure of some sort, destination never seems too matter as much, and they have such a way as making the freedoms they enjoy seem perfectly allright, even if it knocks all the plans off course.

  • Hello Worthy1238, and yes you are worthy!

    Wow, did I just have a revelation today thanks to you! I kept trying to dial in on Aquarius but just have been totally blocked, even feeling my temper rise about it. Could not think of anyone I know or any experience with the Aquarians. Even reading online was still confusing to me. It was like what I was reading just did not stick with me and I kept feeling a weird sort of anger. Well, guess what I just realized and never occurred to me, my Father was an Aquarians! I never, ever, I mean ever thought about that, I guess that is why I have such a shutdown on that sign. I cannot tell you how "coincidental" this is in a specific dad-theme in my life right now. Really blew me away. I am really go to walk through this door that you opened for me and work it out. Let me do that and then I think I can acknowledge you better. I am sorry I am not helping you at this moment but you did something tremendous for me! Thank you.

  • Two of my siblings are aquairus, they have the same b day, fourteen years apart, that seems too be a pattern in my family. I think the reason they aren't highly discussed, or known much about may be that they really are a bit of a mystery. I know they can be emotional, have very real feelings, as I've seen them, but they don't seem too like too express them too much, they seem too be more private about their feelings. I know they can be fun loving, and open minded as well, I always thought of one my siblings as too much so! They can be very clever, friendly as well. I have known a couple that,once in love, they could put a cancer too shame, they can be very, very loyal too the person they set their sights on, even though they sometimes have a hard time showing it. If theres a good or inavative idea floating around, an aquarian might have been behind it.

  • My middle brother is an Aquarius, Valentine's day baby - and he's def a mystery! He's the brother who moved way across the country and rarely keeps up with any of us..alas. I am a Taurus and my husband is a Pisces. He's very emotional and I absolutely love it 😃 However, my first bf ever is a Virgo, Scorpio rising, and we had a fight years ago - haven't talked since ... mmph!! now I know why.

  • My ex husband was a picses aries cusp, it wasn't a great experiance for either of us, especially me!

  • Hello,

    I would really like to know more about what aquarians think, feel, characteristices, Escpecially the aquarian males, what are they all about? If you refer back to my post a coule above you will see why. I think I might see a picuture emerging! Thanks for your comments Bluecat!!!

  • RedPetals,

    Aquarian Males are just cheap knock offs of Cancer Males, the finish faux, and their parts are nowhere as interesting. ROTFLMAO

    Just kidding, could not resist.

  • Brian, Brian, Brian,

    Okay, very funny! You can pick yourself up off the floor now. And thanks, I had to google that acronym ROTF..... to see what that meant. I think you are probably right though! You asked me about me the other day and I know I have not responded but I will post something later under Irish Brian. I will tell you about how imperious and regal Virgos are and how base Cancers are!

  • : p

    Base? Ha! Cancer Boys are the funnest. Find another sign that will breast feed you. LMAO

  • OMG, now that's is beyoooonnnnnnd funny! Oh, Gawd, that's hysterical and true! Poor people around me are first subjected to my music, right now its call me, blondie and now I am laughing so much sitting her by myself I think I am drawing a crowd. Excuse me, I have to get up and walk outside, get some air, my eyes are watering.....

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