How do you relate to your sign?

  • Sara10- lol they say I'm funny and weird too. I love to argue to. Not for the last word, just to make them feel stupid. lol The last word will always be a yeah or whatever lol I think it's funny. I am smart and I really show it in arguements LOL I have had people try to have fistfights with me before but I overpower them. I just haven't been very physical but I have gotten verbal. I have helped friends before but never had to get physical. Maybe it's because I'm tall. I am 5'11" and most girls are like 5'5" LOL I definately had the opportunity. LOL I used to take 4-5 showers a day and now I have a hard time finding the time and motivation to take one. lol I have only enlarged some pics for my kids t-shirts and I painted a box for my belly button rings lol that is about as artistic as I have gotten. It is 2a so I am gonna go TTFN

  • sylvannah.

    haha i love making ppl feel stupid its soo funny. && yeahh im smarter then people think i really am. && well i have never really had anybody come up to me & try to fight me i dont know why i know alot of gurls that dont like me at all but they just dnt have the guts to tell me anything lol

    omg yur 5"11 thats pretty tall im all short im just 5"4 lol

    haha about the showers ughh i know sumtimes i get so lazy i dnt feel like taking one

  • I have alot of guy friends. I don't like girls. I have always been more comfortable with guys. I have a ton of them but only a handful of girlfriends. I used to love showers and then, I don't know what happened.In Tampa I was always pretty tall but here in Z-hills, the girls are tall and husky (or whatever you wanna call them lol) And they all wear a size 10 shoe! I have such a hard time finding shoes here lol

    I don't wear make-up and I don't care about my hair. I just have nothing in common with most girls. I have always been a tomboy and have so much in common with me. Which makes it kinda hard when I have a b-f. They all get jealous and all get afraid that you will find someone else and if you arewith guys all the time, well you see where that is going. But I am not going to change who I am for no one! I was this way when you met me. But if you find someone who truly loves you than they will trust you.I am very loyal. But That is just me. Girls (in general, not all) are very superficial. I am not nor will I pretend to be. I was talking to an old friend last night and we were disgussing how I will go in the mens room if the lades room is full. But, I do say excuse me. lol Girls are different than guys. We can't just whip it out whenever we have to go and sometimes, when you gottago, you gotta go. lol Back then it was probably more the drugs lol now it is just a matter of finding a toilet. I don't care where it is. Anyway, it's thundering so I'm gonna go. TTFN

  • omg i dnt like gurls either && they dnt like me lol i rather hang around with guys most of the time theirs only like 2 or 3 gurls i could actually hang out with cuz their just like me...haha husky?. wow i bet it is hard to find shoes. im a size 4 lol my 11 year old sister is the same size too so i take her shoes sumtimes lol...well i dnt wear alot of makeup either i just wear eyeliner & i have to do my hair cuz its curly && if i dnt do nothin to it it'll get dry & turn into a poof ball lol..ive always been more of a tomboy too i dnt see the point of taking hours just to get ready && another thing i dnt see the point of carrying a purse around all day i just fit everything in my pants pockets or in my bra lol jk..&& yeah not all gurls are loyal now in days. like me i really dnt tust guys so im not that faithful. but i know i could be loyal to a guy it just has to be the right guy.

    haha omg wow are yu serious about the bathroom thing. i do the exsact same thing i dnt mind going in the mens bathroom either lol && if theirs no bathroom around && i gotta pee trust me ill find a lil bush or sumthing && ill pee there lol...i wish we just had a thingy && we could whip it out && let it out lol like guys doo.

  • I have a purse now (I gues those come with age lol) I didn't hae one til I was about 25 or so. I have 3 kids. So now, I have too much crap to put in my pockets. lol I thought about getting one of those small funnels and putting it in your pants with a hole on the bottom. That would be a good idea when you go drinking in the woods. lol My daughter is 11 and her shoe size is 4 I wear a size 9 in mens. I had no problems finding shoes when I lived in Tampa. I have aways ben loyal. I don't trust anyone and I haven't met a guy yet that was loyal (or faithful) But they are not me and I'm going to be what everyone else isn't. I strongly believe in do unto others. Everybody never has any doubt on whether they can trust me and if I say I'm gonna do something, I do it. I am a person of my word and people know they can depend on me. I guess that too comes with age. That kinda stuff will get important to you later. Right now, just think about my funnel idea lol I have long straight baby fine hair. Usually put in a bun. I just cut my own bangs when I can't see. But other than that, I do nothing with my hair. I get along with everybody but prefer to hangout with guys more. They are more laid back and most don't try to impress anyone. Anyways, TTFN

  • Just wondering if anyone still really relates to their sign or do you feel that you relate to another better? If so, in what way? Do you feel you are on a cusp? Or, what can you add to your sign that would not necessarily be typical of that sign?

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