How do you relate to your sign?

  • Bluecat123,

    I am just getting comfortable with being intuitive, so I have not explored further yet what other stuff I may have going on with me. LOL But to answer your question, it depends how open the person is, if they are open I can feel yes, but typically my reads are based on intuition which can be very strong, or somewhat weak (just like a radio signal).

    I do not go much further than getting the direction that the person must head in, as that is most important. The specifics of a direction, can change wildly depending on the person's actions in their own life, so I stick to the general direction they must head (a hotheaded phone call to the ex could change everything if I gave a specific read). So, I start with big picture stuff, which for everyone is mainly turning the focus to his/her self, as opposed to what the other person is doing. Each situation is different of course, but the general principle of attitude and the energy you give off being directly related to what you attract is as solid as granite.

    The common sense part I do toss in, but I am very conscience about how much depending on how strong my intuition is for a read. It is very helpful to someone whose own internal compass is buried beneath layers of emotional or traumatic junk, and not so helpful to a stubborn bullheaded person looking for just how to fix one thing (like the boyfriend's laziness), while ignoring everything else. Not surprisingly the people who are roadkill are easiest to get to see the light, even if that may take some time. The people who have one issue, and only want to fix that, they tend to not listen to much outside of it. Like say if I said that the money is not the important thing, it is your health, you need stop drinking coffee it is bad for you, well they just brush that right off (one man's poison is another man's medicine, but they do not care).

    Nothing is one size fits all, except for general principles. Think of it like the world's three monotheistic religions, they all share the Old Testament to a large extent (10 commandments, and so on). Therefore, you can tell immediately when a Jew, Christian, or Muslim has gone off the rails on the crazy train, because well all know the 10 Commandments, and the Golden Rule. They are general principles that all three religions adhere to, except for the radical versions of one of the said religions. So you know immediately that taking away people's freedom to make the world a utopia by making a man made perfect society is nuts, as is protesting at a soldier's funeral saying gays caused the death is nuts, as is blowing yourself up is nuts. You know this because it flies in the face of the basic principles that the three hold in common. Simple.

    As far as it making me tired, in and by itself it does not, but being tired affects my reception (like a radio with weak batteries). So, if I am beat, I can not give a read like when I am feeling full of energy. And I think you would ask to if each read is different, they are. Some people are super open, and some people leave the door cracked just a little, it runs that whole gamut. And of course some people are very kind, and that comes through even if they are in distress, as does if someone is a cruel, mean spirited person. That is the first thing that generally hits me, the person's disposition, that said it typically has nothing to do with the read, as it is not my place to make judgements about someone asking for assistance. I am sure you find that very amusing, as I would if you told me that. The reality though, is it is like being a Doctor, if someone comes into the ER you treat them, even if they just killed three cops, because that i the responsibility involved. The justice system will deal with them later. For the most part though, people here on Tarot are kind and very gracious, some very much so like yourself. So dealing with a basket case, or even dealing with a vicious person is not that difficult, as they are the exception, not the rule.

  • Thats very kind of you Brian, too be able too deal with even the people who are difficult! I try too ignore that kind as much as possible, atleast until I can't anymore, but I've seen you be gracious too even those who aren't sure what too do with that, kind of defeats the purpose of what they really need, but they have too accept the situation for what it is first, realize they are asking for help, and through that experiance learn too be more humble so it will help others area of their life that tend too come through loud and clearer for the reader too share with them, its up too them too accept those truths so they can unblock the little issues.

  • Brian, I have a question, what do you get from me? Tell me everthing good and bad. I just want to see what you get if anything. I gotta go and stop my daughter from destroying my house for a Pokemon book. lol TTFN

  • Hahaha. As a Scorpio I find that I often fall into the stereotypes available, but not always.

    I find it most interesting that the most accurate horoscope I ever read about Scorpio's said something along the lines of 'once they hit 20-21yrs of age their life blossoms' in any case it was true for me. I'm very quiet and secretive, and while I am still like that, I've managed to sort of break out of my shell and open myself up to new friends and experiences.

    Otherwise, I am a stereotypical Scorpio woman 9 times out of 10. Ugh, and by the way, I love the 'one hurt they will plot revenge' part on the first page about a general Scorpio description.

    I know I should let some stuff go, but every now and then I see a huge chance to enact revenge. Oooh, Scorpio's do not take absolute betrayal lightly and I'm now seeing that in myself. I have to say, it is a very ugly side of me. 😞

  • I will be indisposed until probably Thursday the 20th. So hang tight.

    I will get to you then Sylvannah, but you are doing well.

  • np Bryan and hell hath no fury... LOL

  • : o I will get to your question before I mess with your womanly scorn.

  • lol take your time Brian. No hurry. And I have no scorn I was referring to Esmee1000. I don't get mad but I do sometimes get even. lol I'm a pretty laid back person. It is hars to get me mad. And even harder to embarass me but never be vulgar. I don't tolerate vulgarity. Anything else, I can handle. (well, I don't like disgusting people either but then, who does) TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    Tell me what you wanna ask again. I just want to be sure what you wanna know before you answer.

  • Brian, I have a question, what do you get from me? Tell me everthing good and bad. I just want to see what you get if anything That's all. Addicted is back. On here somewhere. Did you know? Despite the stupid arguements I have with my daughter, I still feel positive. She reminded me of when you stick your fingers in your ears and go "lalalala" LOL Anyway, earlier today, I had no energy and no motivation to go mow my yard. No desire. Then I started reading a God inspirational book. After reading a few pages, I got the energy and motivation I didn't havebefore s I like to think that God gave me the things I needed when I needed them. It's a daily book they gave at the church. This was the first time it actually helped me. When I got it, I would look at it eery day to read what that days inspiational qote was. But today, is the first day it actually helped. So, I am feeling good. Anyway, gotta go, TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    First, unplug your ears, no la la la la la la. LMAO

    I see your life getting better, incrementally (little by little, as opposed to wham just super great one day), I know this frustrates you, but since it will get better I suspect the lesson you must learn is patience. It is a lesson for many or us, so you should not feel you are the only one.

    I also see you for the first time recognizing things that are helpful to you, such as the inspirational book from church that you mentioned. The reason it worked this time, and not before, is because you were open to it and to what God has to offer you. The lessons here are what you are open to, and what you are not open to. You have learned that gifts you have can be useful or can make your life pretty miserable. TheCaptain has written about how she had to learn to turn off her gifts otherwise she could not function in day to day life, and she would be a good one to ask about that. You have also learned to take this stuff seriously, and it is not zany fun, interesting for sure, but it is meant to be understood and not played with without knowing what you are doing. Lastly, you have begun to learn that by simple connecting with God, using that daily book, is more powerful in protecting you, or giving you what you need for that day, than any ritual activity. It is all quite simple, if you have faith, believe, and calm and quite yourself everyday for a period of time to connect.

    I think you have come a far way in a short time, an I see you going much farther if you put to use what you have learned. I guess the main lesson in all this for you is, to learn to enjoy the journey. Your daughter, for example, is 11 (I think) and in no time she will be 18, so even as frustrating as you may find here on certain days, you need to enjoy this time. Her falling asleep in her pizza will be a very funny story only a few months from now.

    The more you can calm yourself, the better you will deal with the day to day, and the better your health will be, just ask God for guidance, and offer up your pains and frustrations to him.

    God Bless,


  • Thanks Brian. Patience is definately a lesson I need to learn. More so when it comes to specific things. I have a dream, goal if you will. If I can win the lotto or come into a large sum of money, I want to buy a few acres of land and open up an animal rescue. I think every creature deserves a good chance! I will have a special place for Pit Bulls and I will also rescue livestock, horses, etc... I also want to help the people that are there. I will go into a room at a certain time every day so people can talk to me anonymously if they want. Every body has something to say and something they need to talk about. So, if they are embarrassed or scared to come out with it, I want to offer this. A confessional if you will. That way I can help everybody. Not just the animals I have always loved but I also don't want my employees to feel like employees. More like friends, who get paid. LOL This is my goal and maybe even my destiny. Nothing will discourage me. The first thing I will do though, is save my house and fix it. Gotta make sure that my pack is taken cared of. My daughter can help with the horses and maybe, in return, they can help her too. There is nothing like an animal to help heal you! I want to return the favor. Pit Bulls get such a bad rap. Smaller dogs a whole lot more often than Pits do and if you pay attention, they are all doing what they were told to do. There is so much inbreeding to keep the bloodline and from there, it is how they are raised. I have one pit bull. She is the sweetest dog on earth. She should have bitten Sarah several times but she never has. When we found her, she was all skin and bones, had cuts all over her, dragged her butt on the floor every time she ran, and the sound of pill bottles, puzzles scared her. When they are first training them to fight, they starve them then get them to fight over food. I strongly believe this is what they were doing to her. Despite all that was wrong, she was crate trained. She ran away! And she found me. I used to breed and raise pits when I was a teen. Had alot of rescues from dog fighting. I was only bit once and she never broke the skin! This is very important to me. Every since I had this thought, this is all I think about!I have been good and very close to animals my whole life. I was going to be a vet but, I can do but not watch. When I almost passed out when a vet was inserting an IV, my whole life flashed before my eyes, I have done far more disgusting things myself.This is my calling and I will do this. Nothing will discourage me.

  • Now say a Virgo goes to bed without a hug and a kiss. How does that relate to my sign?

  • bump

  • can u do a reading about virgos love to learn more thanks

  • im a virgo. && alot of the things that describe a virgo female dnt seem to describe me. like i dnt criticize people the only person i criticize is myself. i have a very had time trusting people i choose to hide my feelings most of the time because i hate people feeling sorry for me pretty much i HATE being the center of attention its uncomfortable for me idk why it makes me nervous lol ..i dnt like seeing people sad i always find a way to make everybody laugh or at least smile. 🙂

  • My husband of 40 years is a scorpio and this fits him to a tea.

  • lol 🙂 wat fits yur husband?

  • Hi. I'm a virgo and alot does fit me but alot doesn't. Every thing tells meI shoud be creative and artistic. But I'm not like that. Never been an arty person. I have done a few things and they were prett good but not very often. I am self sacrificing and want to please everybody. I talk ALOT but I willlisten to. I always have something tosay about everything. If it ever came down to it, I would kill a person before I would kill an animal. I am the only person that I know that would be stuck on an island filled with animals and die from starvation!I am always doing something yet feel that I get nothing done. I am a very kind, gentle, and love eerything kind of person. I don't have a mean bone in my body. I have never been in a physical confrontation. If I have to get you for something (usually to teach you a lesson) I will mess you up legally. That could be much worse than just getting your butt beat! lol I have always made people look and feel stupid when they try to 'kick my a s s !'I am a very verbal person and do what I have to. Especially when I have my mind set on something. I have AD/HD. When I was little I was just a problem kid. I dropped out of school but I dd go back to get my G.E.D. Ironically, I scored higher in everything I guessed at than what I thought I knew! I am a very smart person though and would do very well in school but I just don't have the patience/tolerance for it. I am very big on english, spelling, and grammar but don't have the mathmatic skills God gave a rock! lol Never needed algebra or anything higher than that. I am very good with money. (other than my own) Anyways, shower time!

  • sylvannah, me && yu have alot of things in common, everything says im artistic && all that stuff but i dnt even know how to draw anything lol im also a big talker i hate when im around my friends && nobodys talking && its like super quiet i just start saying random things to get them to talk or at least laugh lol...i care about other peoples feelings more then my own i dnt know why but i just do i cant see sumbody sad around me so i always find a way to cheer them up && usually it works 🙂 alot of people tell me im funny && weird but in a good way lol i just okayy why not ill take that as a compliment.

    oh && i have been in a real fist fight before it was in a bathroom but i was just helping out my friend lol

    i love to argue with people though its fun for me cuz i dnt stop until i get the last word lol

    well its pretty hott so imma go take a shower too 🙂


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