How do you relate to your sign?

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  • Marsfeml,

    You mean disregard this post? You okay?

    Hi RedPetals,

    I really appreciate your response to my question about the Scorpio guy. Trying to figure him out is something I've resided to being a lost battle LOL. Actually I don't mind it because the air of mystery about him is a factor in my attraction to him. There is, however, another glitch in the circumstance that I have a hard time dealing with sometimes......

  • RedPetals,

    I am okay, yes. Thank you for asking. I realized after I read what I posted that it might be too much. I had just been typing everything without noticing how much rambling on and on I was doing. I don't want to be a post-monster is all.

  • RedPetals,

    I drew a card for you today, and I drew, the Queen of Hearts. Awe. : x

    Did you know the original creature for Cancer, I guess before it was Cancer, was the Dung Beetle? Yum. LOL : p

    Now, I must say that I am surprised a Virgo would eat a bottom feeding shellfish like a little crab, there are lots of toxins in those things considering the amount of garbage we put into our oceans. However, if you are talking about a much bigger crab, I was unaware of you having a hot tub on your balcony. And butter? You certainly do like your dairy products dontcha? Are you a blood type B? And who gets to drink the aged 1787 Château Lafite just you, or will you share? ; )

  • LOL, you are hardly a post-monster! Are you kidding? Have you seen some of the lengthy posts through out this site? I am not saying they are monsters either but let's say chatty and interesting to read. I have left a few long posts myself! Anyway, I can see your are really attracted to him and I can understand why. The work thing, yes that could be a problem for him. As he is clearly very private just the thought of his personal affairs being known would probably stop him cold. Funny, the guy I was with totally got off on the fact that we were seeing each other and nobody within our circle of friends ever knew about it. Ever. The secrecy was like an aphrodisiac to him but he really had to trust me first to know that I would not say anything. I would say keep the conversation going with him and somehow let him know you are very private yourself and can be trusted. Body language is really a very good indicator. If you don't know that much about it look it up online. When you are talking with him does he face you or turn sideways a bit? Does he touch his hair? Pupils dilated? So many little things to watch for! Also, you can learn to communicate very well through your body language too and he would not even necessarily be aware of what you are "telling" him. That's so funny about the deer in the headlights, Gawwd, have I ever done that too! Awful feeling, just wanted to shoot myself! But, at least now you know he wanted to keep talking with you. Try to remember what you were talking about and see if you can work your way back into that conversation. I don't know about the blushing part so much although my friend could easily be derailed by an abrupt comment. Kinda funny to see a Scorpio spiral! Now that I think about it, he did use the term "how embarrassing" a lot but I don't know that I saw him blush. Regarding his being seen with female companions, again, he may just be the typical very private type and you would never know, even his roommates would not know anything. Maybe he really is not that sure of himself around women so let him know in a discreet way that he is attractive and smart, I am sure he is both! Now, the "drinks like a fish", that's a problem! Why would someone say that? I would pay close attention to that one. Does he have a glass of wine at night (normal) or does he drink to get drunk? Not so good, big problem that you don't want don't want to be a part of. I would think if that were the case then there would probably be plenty of "guy stories" to go along with that. I can tell you my oldest brother was a Scorpio and he was also an extremely intense person but did not channel it well. He was an addict to many things and ended up getting himself murdered. I know this is going to sound terrible but he brought it on himself with the drugs and the environment that surrounds that lifestyle. Anyway, just try to engage your guy in conversation and comment on what he says so he knows you hear him. If you are not faint of heart, find a way to see him outside of work. Or at least try to get him to walk you to your car after work, chat him up then! If you are up to the challenge then go for it!. You will find out soon enough if he is up to it although it may be a tough read in the beginning for you. Or, you may decide that he is not so great after all once you learn a bit more about him. Right now he is just very intriguing and mysterious and I would guess very easy on the eyes! You can do it! Can't wait to hear!

  • Brian,

    Oh, are you not the sweet one tonight! Queen of Hearts huh? Okay, I 'll take it. 🙂

    A dung beetle? lol, How sad for you, just be glad you are a little crab now, floating through ethereal, lovely waters. Just don't eat the crap on the bottom! A hot tub on my balcony? What a great idea but it would have to be the downstairs deck, that would be super nice! Blood type, dunno, are you a crab with vampire tendencies? Don't answer that! lol. Yes, I will share with you. Remember Virgo is the only sign represented by a female, so sharing is built-in to us females! Unless of course we are miffed about something, then what is the saying, "hath no fury..." Well, maybe not that bad! I would let you live.

  • And where are you RedPetalVirgo? I want to be the boiled main course tonight.

  • I am right here Brian. Heating up some water and reading all of your good advice!

  • not on chat though : (

  • I think I am, does it get disconnected somehow?

  • I am IMing you have been

  • You show up as being on, but no response to anything I type.

    Try restarting your computer.

  • If Brian were a crab, what kind would he be? Red Petals said their are many different species after all

  • LOL I can not wait to see how she answers that

  • Bluecat123, great question! You will have to also give an answer!

    Then prepare your self Brian, I will answer in due time, LOL. Now go to bed!

  • Two against one huh? So, not fair RedPetals! LOL

  • Umm, hmmm.... dammit, now I have too go look up "characteristics of different crabs'

  • Hi Sylvannah,

    My dog is a blue chihuahua and her name is peanut... She is a very loving and smart dog for a taco bell dog.. she never barks unless some one is at the door...As for the man part I gave up on looking, if Im ment to have one in my life he will show up one of these days,,,, I I have a Capacorn cwby tryn to get to know me but Im keeping my wall up cuz he his Moving out of the State in Oct... so I really dont want to get attached to him and then get hurt...So hes gonna be my FWB lol maybe..I have to think about it...well gota go so you ave a good day girl...

  • What is your sign? I have never had luck with Capricorns (relationship wise) The y tend to be quite needy and will just take, take, take but never give much.Peanut could be a good dog but I like laege dogs myself. Peanut will never give you any security if you need it.Every dog has that one thing that only that particular dog can provide. I wouldn't even get remotely attatched to the guy if you know he's leaving soon and he knows it too so I doubt he is looking for anything serious. Depending on how you want him to use you, it will be done.

  • Bluecat123,

    Oh no.


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