How do you relate to your sign?

  • RedPetals, you are definately right about the crab part. I pull into my crab shell whenever things are not going right in my life whether it's because I've somehow been hurt by someone or some external circumstance has gone wrong. When I'm hurt by someone I love, it can hurt to the core.

    I've also been told several times that I'm like an enigma..........a little bit of everything.......which is not such a bad thing. But maybe being so picky could be.


  • I'm rather picky too, it is hard for others too relate sometimes.

  • Hi Bluecat123! Let me think...I know from my own point of view...the reason why I would get so hurt is that I take things to heart plus if someone is "not nice" to me, I often find it hard to understand why they'd be like that...if you know what I mean...especially if I can't see a reason why they would...does that make sense...?!? In other words I usually like to see the good in people and am sometimes blindsided by the "not so nice" bits! sooo what I'm trying to say is that I think you need to be honest and explain and maybe understanding of their feelings too oh and get down on you knees and beg for forgiveness ha ha and I'm sure you'll be'll take a bit longer to forget but at least you'll be half ways there 🙂 Hope thats of some help.

  • Yes, thank you Nickolbee!

  • Yeah I know what you mean Brian, but it still drains me at the end...Do all of us Caner ppl scare all of the other sign off when we get close to them or is it just me....But some how I guess they dont like being loved by a cancer...Im getn to the point that I dont want to be with anyone, if its gonna make me be on a rollercoaster all the time...

  • Get a dog. They will love you no matter what! lol I am nice to everybody. I used to be a cashier so when I would come across some not so nice people, I made it a mission to change that by the time I was done. I have 3 AD/HD children so I can tolerate alot. I did customer service for over 20 yrs. and I have only gone off on 3 people. I firmly believe in do unto others so I am always nice and respectful. Foe some people, there is no pleasing them. Remember that, whatever is their problem, it is not your fault so just wipe it off and forget about them.

  • RedPetals,

    I am an Aries female and I can say that I found most of my traits to be true with the exception of jealousy. I can honestly say that being jealous is not something I have projected toward someone I've been in a relationship with. It is a destructive emotion that I steer clear of. I have read and heard women say things about how the guy they are dating or married to is only so jealous because it's how they show they love them. That is nuts. Jealousy is about anger, insecurity, and control. It has nothing to do with showing someone you love them.

    And thank you very much for posting the information about Scorpio. I have been very attracted to and interested in a Scorpio man for quite some time. He's very nice, quiet, and appears to be on the shy side - which explains the private and secretive points. It's maddening trying to figure this guy out. I can't. A guy who used to be a roommate of his even told me that he's really strange in the way of trying to read him. And secretive - yes! He lived with him for a year before he found out he even had a sibling. I can respect and understand one wanting to be private though so can't take points away from him for that. Yeah, I've fallen pretty hard for this guy. Problem is he's a bit younger than myself and I don't know if he likes me or not. If anyone has some insight on how to tell if a Scorpio male is interested in a woman, please post away!

  • Marsfeml,

    I totally agree with jealousy being destructive. Like you, it is not something I project either. I have been aware myself that I had been very jealous at times but that is not something I made known. I walked away. I feel that if someone is going to behave in a way that is intended to get me wound up (someone has done that to me) I will not give the satisfaction of a messy display. Really, just flat pisses me off.

    LOL, your Scorpio guy, no, you will not figure him out.

    They are a sensitive, smoldering and a secretive bunch! I cannot speak for all but I will speak from my experience several years ago. He very much fit with the scorp. description. EXTREMELY private but wanted (needed) to know what every atom of my being was about. You will have to be open with him but he may not be with you. At first I was mesmerized by the intensity of his curiosity and then, poof, he disappeared! I kept running into him with the same circle of friends and each time he would again focus that scorpion intensity on me. Honestly, it kind of intimidated me! Like you, I became quickly interested in him but could not tell if he was truly interested in me. Well, he was but it took time to show it. Once he felt "emotionally safe" with me it was full blown scorpion intensity, although insanely secretive to the day I ended it. Watch out for the jealous and possessive nature these guys can have too. From this experience and other Scorpions I have known they are attracted to very feminine women, appears conservative (think of the librarian cliche) and playful. Don't be vulgar or crass. They also like very much to be the man any you be the woman. They notice EVERYTHING about you, from what you are wearing, how you smell, your tone of voice, your nails, everything. You don't have to be perfect, they just can't help themselves. And they remember everything so never lie! Dating a scorpion if not for the faint of heart, be prepared. As an Aries woman, you probably already are! Sex to them is not just an intimate act, it is "soul-fusion", be prepared for that too. Keep an air of mystery about you, he will always want to know more, remember they have an insatiable curiosity. Pay very close attention to the things he likes and make sure you comment on it, you will make him aware that you have heard him. You may have to show your interest first but don't be overt about it, no big displays. Maybe ask his advice on something or comment on something he has said, try to keep him talking but don't pry. Does he have any hobbies or interests you could talk about? Good luck to you and let me know how it goes!

  • I think some scorpios are secretive, or shy, I have met a few both male and female that had a great sense of humor, weren't secretive or shy, this seemed too be the core of it for these particular inviduals anyway.

  • Very good point of view Sylvannah! Turning a stranger into a friend, killing them with kindness, awsome!

  • MARSFEML, hi, relating too your sign in aries, I'm cancer, total oposite I suppose, but tend too get along fine with aries women, they are drawn too me, and me too them.

  • RedPetals,

    I am jealous that you have red petals and I do not. Is that a bad thing?

  • I get along with my sign very well... unless the person is "untrained" with their faults, we bump heads and I avoid 'em lol :: Aries... if you don't learn how to manage those positives and negatives early, you can ruin relationships. But 2 of my closest female friends are Aries women --> and they are both older than me. We understand each other, when we need space, when we need attention, it's a wonderful friendship. However, I had an aries female friend I went to HS with: there was no growth, no change, making the same stupid mistakes year after year: she was suffocating me and I had to let her go which she didn't take very well lol

  • Sylvannah,

    I do have a dog and shes more loyal to me then any man would ever be.. At lease she dont talk back at me.. except grawl if im not payn attention to Plus she dont cheat on me too...Just tryn to find some one whos not that way isnt easy some how...It seems like thats all I attract is cheater,player & liars...Isnt there one loyal,honest,loving man out there that dont cheat lie and play ya...If there is send him my way...but he has to be a

  • LOL They are pretty much all like that or are already taken. You might find one that was recently divorced. At least, you will always have your dog! LOL What kind of dog do you have? The big ones are the best. They will love you no matter what you do. I have never been with a guy that didn't cheat on me. He is out there somewhere but has to earn my trust. That takes alot! So, that is why I have alot of dogs. I really don't need a man as long as I have them. (unless I get horny but I don't as much now) I'm not sure why I don't but it's a good thing. I spend about $85 a month just to feed them. They can get quite costly but I love them so much that it doesn't bother me. Finding a man isn't high on my priority list. I want a friend. And if my friend turns into more than great but I want a friend first. So just be happy with your dog. Don't look for a guy, he will find you..

  • Brian

    Hmmmmm, you do not have to be jealous and no, it is not a bad thing, well not to horribly, terribly bad. If you close your eyes, wish long enough and hard enough you can have your very own! Or, just get your butt up and go to the store! You on the other hand have red claws and I do not. Should I be jealous of that? Lol.

  • RedPetals,

    The store? You can buy red petals at a store? Ew. I think I will just wish for red petals, much better outcome that way. Boy, I am getting hungry. : p

    Anyway, claws? What? No claws, they are pinchers, and they are for pinching, especially for pinching bad girls who are Virgos. : o

    Jealousy is bad, sharing is good. ; )

  • Hi RedPetals,

    I really appreciate your response to my question about the Scorpio guy. Trying to figure him out is something I've resided to being a lost battle LOL. Actually I don't mind it because the air of mystery about him is a factor in my attraction to him. There is, however, another glitch in the circumstance that I have a hard time dealing with sometimes. He is one of my supervisors at my part-time job. I used to work there full-time, but then finished college and found a job that was more suitable to justify the money spent on college. So I only work at the same place a couple nights per week. I see him on only one of those evenings. Of course, company policy is that management is forbidden to date employees. I already made up my mind that if thing ever got rolling between us to the point he actually wanted to go out with me that I would quit this part-time job. It's only a couple nights per week. I don't really need the money and pretty much still work there just to see some friends I have there and help them out. So the company policy thing wouldn't really be an issue.

    He is just ... wow is all I can say LOL. I am a bit older than him and I never thought I would think or feel this way about a younger man. You are so right about the magnetism these Scorpios possess. Things seemed to start flowing really well between us recently in terms of conversation and body language toward each other and I was getting really excited about possibilty, but I am afraid I could be misreading something and end up sorely disappointed. I made a small blunder one evening and I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY I did this. I had paged him to call my extension to ask a legitimate question about staying a little later to help out because we were very short staffed. He was very appreciative that I offered to do so and I told him it was no problem. Well, he wanted to keep talking to me but it's like I freaked out in a deer peering into the headlights of an oncoming car sort of way and wrapped up the conversation. What an idiot I am!! I dont' get it. I really, really want to get to know him better and it would be a dream to go out with him. I came into work one night and the girl on shift I was relieving told me that he was helping the employees out because we were short staffed - once again - and she said he looked pretty stressed. I told her I had just passed him on my way in and he seemed fine to me. He said hello to me first and had a nice, big smile on his face. She was making a deal out of it saying, ohhhh he did now did he?? and we both just laughed LOL.

    There are 2 things about him I wanted to ask further. He blushes very easily lol. Is that normal for a Scorpio male to get that way? It's not just around me. It seems to be a norm for him. The roommate I told you about said he does that whenever all the guys would be hanging out talking about women. He said he would just smile, shake his head, and turn red lol. I think that's really sweet actually.

    The other thing is wondering if they have an addictive personality? I ask because the one negative thing I have heard about him is he .. as they put it, drinks like a fish. He drinks a lot I gather. He isn't seen with female companions either. Well, there was one that was supposed to be his girlfriend for a couple of short months. I knew a bit about her and she wasn't really what I would have expected he would go for. In other words, not the description you gave about the women they are usually attracted to. Yes, I was surprised as you may be in reading this. That is one woman within a four year period that I've known him. It could be that perhaps he's been broken hearted pretty badly in the past or he just plain keeps his personal life very personal. His roommate said that during the year they shared a place he never got calls from girls, never went on dates, and never brought anyone home. Of course that doesn't mean he didn't have flings or whatever. Just may have kept it to himself..?

    So I am in a bit of a jam here with this one. I am not faint of heart so I am willing to take on the challenge. I just don't know if he is.

  • Hi Bluecat,

    I have not actually met any male Cancer's before, but I think it's great that you have a good way of relating with us Aries women. We are not the easiest to deal with. My mom is actually a Cancer though. Her and I clash quite a bit. It's not that we argue, but we just aren't that close.

  • Brian,

    Pinchers? Ouch, Brian, that would hurt! Let's see, what do I see for Brian today. Hmmm, I see that little crab being boiled in a pot and then served with lots of butter and paired with an aged 1787 Château Lafite. On my balcony of course!

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