How do you relate to your sign?

  • Brian,

    Okay, I give, I am totally worthless still laughing and have decided the best thing for me to do is just leave, go home. The day is shot now. Oh, and you want to hear something funny? There is this guy at my office who I always joke with, no idea what his sign was and he just comes by to say something funny and follows it ups with "you know how funny us cancer men can be". So maybe I will agree, I have not laughed at anything so hard so, oh, let's say a decade?

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  • Redpetals,

    I read your post. I am sorry you had to let the scorpion relationship go. I was married to a scorpion for 20 years. My beloved and husband just suddenly passed away 6 months ago. I am a cancerian woman. I could not have asked for a more loyal, intense, and romantic partner. I wish our life together would have gone into eternity. I have been told by many astrologers that a cancer and scorpio is a match made in heaven.



  • MzRedFlower

    I think you do feel everything to much, that's your nature, your sign! Probalby also just fundementially who you are simply as a person and maybe how you were nurtured or how you nurture. As far as your other cancer friends not being as emotional, you have to know that cancers tend to have a wider range of personalites so sometimes they appear not to fit so nicely withing the characteristics of their sign but the emotion will always run deep. Can be confusing to them. Cancers will abandon themselves to love and live for those moments, at a cost to them. You are very feeling people and when you say you feel things deeply, you do because you are all about feeling, (of course this is not to the exlusion of many other qualities you have because you do have many!). Somtimes cancers are drawn in by drama because the emotions are now excited, revved up again, they like that. You know that saying that no matter what it is you are doing or feeling, good or bad, there is always a benefit. You are getting something out of it. Although it may appear to you that you are feeling to much for your own good, you are allowing it to benefit you in someway. Maybe it makes you feel alive, more needed. I am not saying all this applies to all cancers, I am just telling you what I have experineced with my cancer friends and it seems to be a common thread. I know some cancers can be radically different, but again, your sign does tend to carry so many more characteristics. Think of a crab, what represents you, there are many types species so they cannot all be the same but still have something in common, they are a crab. Other signs like scorpians, capricorns, leos...well, they kind of are what they are, not as much variety I don't think. As for me a virgo, we are reprsented by a virgin, can't really have to many types of those so maybe as a group we tend to share more common qualities. Anyway, again just my experiences with cancers.

  • Rooster,

    Please accept my prayers for you! I am so sorry about your husband. As a cancer and a scorpion, I know both of your feelings run deep and intense, what a bond you must have had! No doubt it was an exceptional and loving relationship. I know not all scorpions exhibit the bad traits associated with the sign but my scorp sure did. Used to just bug the living %^$# out of me! The secrecy, evasiveness and noncommittal attitude did him in and will always do so. To bad because he also had some of the other incredibly appealing traits that a scorpion is known for if you know what I mean. Anyway, I wish you much love and happiness in your life again soon if you have not experienced it already.

  • I am a virgo too. What site (or if you can post) are our traits? My oldest son was born the day after me yet he is so unkike me. I was born on the 28th in 1971 and he was born on the 29th in 1990. My daughter is a gemini and I am always butting heads with her. My ex b-f was a capricorn. We had fair compatability at best, My ex husband was a Leo. He had split personalitoes though. My daughter's father was a capricorn too. They are very needy.At least the 2 that I knew. They will act and talk that they can take care of themselves and with the next breath, they are asking for something. I get along with Leo, Cancer, and Saggitarius. And of course, other virgo's. lol TTFN

  • Hey Sylvannah,

    I do not have a partiular site that I go to. What I do is just surf and when I read my sign, virgo, if I feel it comes close to relating to me I will then also read another sign of maybe someone that I know well. If it appears to be fairly close to them too, I think maybe the other signs might have a reasonable description. I guess I should keep track of the sites that I have looked at so I could share them. I will do that from now on! I will search tonight and if I find one I will let you know. My mother was a gemini what a split personality that was, literally! My dad was an aquarian and I just figured that out believe it or not, you can see my earlier post, I think page 4. I still don't know what to think of him. I also get along with Leo, cancer, taurus and caps. Don't think so much with sags or aries, men anyway. Get back to you if I find a good site to check out!

  • Blucat123,

    Wow, you seem to have a lot of experience with a bunch of different signs! I have 4 older brothers, pisces, leo, scorpio and one I don't know because I have only seen him a handful of times in my life. I really only am close to the Pisces and leo (although they are miffed at me right now) because the scorpio was shot and killed a few years ago but we had been very close at one time. I have always had much more of a male influence in my life, hardly any females around (mom is a whole other story!) so I tend to interpret signs through males. I do know that the few girlfriends I have are usually virgo also, guess we just attract each other. Someone told me today that for virgos, another female pisces is supposed to be a good sign. Have to look into that one. What about your female friends?

  • I get along with Capricorn men, just doesn't work out relatioship wise. I get along with everybody but I did not really like a scorpio. I don't think I know a Taurus. My mom was an aries, I did not get along with her excepy for the last couple of years. I have a good friend that is an aries though. My daughter's father was a capricorn but what I found that made it all click for me was, a description for passive/agressive. My oldest son was diagnosed with ODD. ODD is the child diagnosis as passive/aggressive is the adult one. They would hate eachother for the same things.

  • RedPetals, I hadn't really thought about that way before, I guess I have known a few of each at some point or another, mabe its just the cancer in me that remembers those things! I really like how you think out of the box on this thread, as with the crab having many different species, I had never thought about it like that. I've learned something about the virgo mind, you virgos seem too be very sharp, witty thinkers, and good sense of humor as well! My closest female friends tend too be aries, and sags, I have no idea why, thats who I seem too attract.I have one good leo female friend, I like her a lot. The only females I ever had conflict with were scorpio, I have no idea why, but these women just don't tend too be too fond of me at all for some reason, there seemed too be an underlying competive thing there. I haven't met hardly any pisces females that I know of, but I've read the pisces personality is suppose too be one of compassion, caring, which would work with a virgo or anyone I would think. My ex husband was a pisces aries combination, I'm suprised he and I got along long enough too make it too the alter.

  • Sorry for your loss Rooster5!

  • Savannah, I get what your saying, virgo women seem different then the males too me too, as regarding your son! I knew a few virgo males, they seemed too have a bit of a wild streak in their earlier years, liked too have fun, virgo women too me, seem a bit more.. virginal? or calm compared too the guys.

  • Brian ur so funny... Im a Cancerian and I fit all the characters as a Cancer... Moody, Caring, Nurtering, clingy, I get reall pissy when some one hurts me real bad. My moods is like a rollercoaster and it tired me out real fast...and having a daughter that is a Cancer an boy we do but heads Plus where do Ya;ll get ur zodiacs signs at any way...Rhonda

  • Ok can anyone out there tell me what zodiac sign is better for a Cancer..Cuz I like a Sagittarus guy and hes kind of giving me mix signals right now.. One minute he acts like hes interested in me and then next min he dont...I dont understand about guys these days.. I get alot of Cancer ( 5 already), Gemini,(4) ,Leo (3) and all the rest (2) interested in me, but Im attracted to alot of Sagittarus, Gemini,Taurus,and Capuicorn,,,just afew of the other signs, but which sign is best for me and can take on my mood swings clingyness, caring part of me,which I get alot..Oh one thing plus Im into Cowboys and most of them are I just want to find some one who will except me for whom I am and I can except them...I have alot of German and Indian in me besides English & Irish... Geee Im a ,and i can be real stubborn and turn real fast when some one hurts me...its just like i want to go scalp there heads after they hurt me and then it takes along time for me to get over the hurt to move on, untell i find another sucker to hurt Oh!! one thing it seems like all the guys that Im interested in arent interested in me and if they are its like they are playn me and the other ones that im not interested in I cant get rid of them...Im just getn tired of this rollercoaster ride that I want to get off of .. Oh the last guy that I thought that I was in a relationship with, we both where like two peas in a pod, we both liked the same things we got along real well, its like we couldnt get enough of ea other, and after the two in a half weeks being with each other, his whole attitued changed real fast and he just told me hes just want to be friends....I know that he was fallin for me , but I guess it scared him and he backed off real fast...then i found out a week later he moved bk to Texas, thats a cwby 4 Oh he was a Libra too...go figures..I had really deep feeling for him too when he dumped me for no reason and it took me a mo. to actually stop hurtn and gety over him, now its all about this Sags cwby, im worrying about and yes i should go to different varities of guys instead of stayn with only cwbys but the wrangler butt i cant get enough of them and the whole outfit, it just drives me nuts, plus the southern & Texan accents does too...sry cant help it...I just need HELP PLZ !!!!!! LOL Rhonda

  • Hi! I'm a Taurus...and I'm not sure exactly what all the characteristics of this sign are...I know a few...:) Anyone know more about it?

  • Nickolbee, I don't know a lot about taurus, but thats because they can be very guarded. I have a taurus daughter, and have known several, but they were different in a few ways from one another. So please, tell us about you! What I have read is they are stable, practical, don't like a lot of drama, they are interested in stability, they don't easily forget when they are wounded or hurt by another, thats the guarded part I see a lot of. I have read they can be very tight with finances, but I've seen that isn't always the case, they do like too save, but they are also generous in spirit, will help those closest too them, or give too organizations they are passionate about. They tend too choose their professions, stick with that for long times, won't usually see them job hopping too much. They can have open sense of humors, don't get offended too easily by what others might find offensive. I've read this is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, they don't typically budge, I have found this trait too be rather fitting in my personal experiance.

  • I have always wondered about taurus, this sign is what you see is what you get, yet very mind boggling at the same time!

  • Ha ha! Very interesting. Fairly to the point alright. I am down to earth, methodical, good looking ha ha, definitely don't like drama but manage to get into the middle of a lot of it 🙂 or maybe its just more than I'd like!! I would say careful with money but not other words I like to make sure theres enough to get by on first! I would definitely say sensitive and easily hurt and have a memory like an elephant!! Yep I've been in my profession for the last oooh 17 years...more or less since I left school and did my course but I'm getting sick of it now and am in the middle of that should be interesting! With me its definitely a case of what you see is what you get when you know me...but I do hide certain sides of me from those I don't trust! I've been called a dark horse quite a few times!! Good sense of humour and a rather filthy mind lol. I am stubborn especially when it comes to something I'm passionate about or really want to do but if somebody can put a good argument to me my mind can be changed!! I love my comfort in my surroundings, love my house, live in the hills and I also love good food so I tend to find it hard to manage my weight so am always hitting the road for some exercise!! ha ha Ahhh what else can I tell you...oh my confidence and self esteem would be quite low though its not always obvious by looking at me, I feel it on the it would hit my stomach usually! Can't think of anything else at the moment but I'm sure I will later 🙂 Oh love reading and learning about new things. Also need to know and see the method rather than just learning something...if you know what I mean. So experiential means/ways are always good for me! Ok I'm gonna stop! Bet you're sorry you asked now 🙂

  • Hi Nickolbee, no not at all! Thats why I asked, thanks for sharing your traits with us! Question for you, if you don't mind, any particular best approach you know of too attempt too have a taurus forgive and forget? I'm thinking, like you said, there can sometimes be something underneath that doesn't get shared, mabe because of the stubborn side? Thanks for joining the thread!

  • Ronia,


    In the end, you just have to laugh about it, and laugh at yourself. Even the frustrating stuff in life is worth having a laugh over.

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