How do you relate to your sign?

  • BrianBluePetals! Awe, how cute! šŸ™‚

    What are you gonna do if the name sticks! LOL!

    Okay, so what kind of crab is Brian. I did spend an endless amount of time thinking about this and really just came back to the "King Crab". I think it's most fitting! It is the most popular crab like King Brian is with offering all of his wonderful advice to all of his loyal subjects. I say that in a good way. But I will still put you in a pot and boil you to eat! So ladies, gather 'round, we are having King Crab Brian tonight! Grab a briancrab leg, glass of wine and get going, just watch out for the pinchers because he will use them if he has to! Ouch! You can't walk sideways out of this one Brian, lol!

  • Marsfeml,

    Wow, isn't body language ever so revealing! Pretty interesting stuff huh!

    So he sidled up next to you to show you his not so necessary notes? Did his arm touch yours or was he an extra step into your personal space? Funny, they do have a super intense kind of make you feel exposed stare. You have mentioned the age thing before, how much older are you? Or how old is he? (if you don't want to say that's okay). Not that it really matters but, your right, maybe he is a little intimidated that a strong, attractive "older woman" could be interested in him. The drinking thing, I just don't know. I mean I don't think it's any big deal he was the last to leave the bar, we have all done that. Maybe he was just killing time, but if he was lit, then okay, maybe a problem. Maybe people just say things about him because they know him even less than you do and that is the only thing they think they can attach to him. Could be a mean and thoughtless comment someone made once and now unfortunately, people run with it made it a nasty rumor. Having said that, I know you know to still be watchful. Have you ever smelled alcohol on him at work? As far as being discreet, maybe comment on how nice his eyes are, ask him what his nationality is, where is he from, just anything like that to get a conversation going. Get him talking about himself! I would be willing to bet no one has ever been able to get him to do that before or at least not very well. If it's easier, just keep talking about work stuff and keep yourself acutely aware of at any point in the conversation you can ask him something about himself. You can do this Aries!

  • RedPetals,

    "What are you gonna do if the name sticks?"

    Beat the tar out of you,

    and Bluecat123,

    and Sylvannah,

    and who ever else gets involved in your organized crime syndicate here on Tarot, you rotten lil Irish lass.

    I just sent an e-mail to Sarah Palin asking her to put the Brian King Crab on the endangered species list in Alaska. She said, "her and Todd just got done eating a couple, and they were delicious, but since there is only one Brian King Crab that she understands, and will see what she would do, even though she is not the Governor anymore. So, it looks like you will just have to have a taste, as you will not be able to eat my dead flesh. : p And how serious are you about eating me? You forgot the butter, oh Queen of the Dairy Farm Fair.

  • Brian,

    I was not able to complete the post as dialed. Please collect yourselt and post again. This is a recording.


  • RedPetals,

    connection better this time?

    "What are you gonna do if the name sticks?"

    Beat the tar out of you,

    and Bluecat123,

    and Sylvannah,

    and who ever else gets involved in your organized crime syndicate here on Tarot, you rotten lil Irish lass.

    I just sent an e-mail to Sarah Palin asking her to put the Brian King Crab on the endangered species list in Alaska. She said, "her and Todd just got done eating a couple, and they were delicious, but since there is only one Brian King Crab that she understands, and will see what she would do, even though she is not the Governor anymore. So, it looks like you will just have to have a taste, as you will not be able to eat my dead flesh. : p And how serious are you about eating me? You forgot the butter, oh Queen of the Dairy Farm Fair.

  • A year and a half ago I met a fellow Sag and a twin soul. We are alike in so many ways it is really like looking in a mirror sometimes. We have the same likes in music, art, philosophy, astrology and astronomy. We both have that sarcastic wit and crack each other up and get goofy on a regular basis. I appreciate her so much as she is teaching me what real unconditional love is. I can think of no greater teacher in my life right now. Or any life.

  • Hi RedPetals,

    Thanks for compliment, but I'm nothing special really, well we are all special...oh, you know what I doing Reiki is one of the most beautiful ways in which we can become a channel for the Universal healing energies to come through us into the recipient, so it's just like being a conduit, the Reiki practitioner is the person who just tunes into different energy frequencies using symbols as means for focus, each symbol enables you to focus on a certain energy that the Reiki practitioner intuitively feels whats needed and passes it on to the recipient, it is them that heals themselves really, the energies will be used and go to where it's most needed in the body... we all are healers, we just need to learn how tap into different energies that's all, it's a bit like tuning a radio to find the frequency and station to what you want to listen, all we need to be a "conduit" for Reiki is the desire to want to help others to heal themselves, it can be the most wonderful feeling at the time of doing the energy sessions, it's the most relaxing, calming and peaceful....I totally recommend it to all that are thinking of wanting to try it!!

    What a great theory about Ophiuchus being a little of all signs, when I found that list yesterday a couple of things on it really did resonate with me, and I will ponder on it for a while, it does sound very plausible to me, it's funny isn't it that I spent most of my life feeling a little irritated in the fact I didn't fit in with being a Sag,, maybe this might be the reason,? I was born under another planet? I think those that know me would agree I wasn't born under the "normal" planets......only kidding!!....I think!

    but as I said I really love your theory!!



  • Healing ways, that is interesting, whats more is how the theory moves the other signs too include that one instead of that one just being the 13th sign.

  • Sorry Brian, it had just sort of came too me!

  • Bluecat123,


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Zephire,

    A sign is just an over simplification of something, it is your sun sign on a birth chart. Google free birth charts and have one done, or do it here on this site (it is pay for a full one) they do a nice job here and it is worth it. That is the first thing. Once you have the report you can read over it, and say yeah that fits, no that does not fit. How could this be? Because we live either by our positive traits, or by our negative traits, or a mix of both. Your trepidation with being a Cancer is unwarranted, freewill trumps all, you can ultimately be what you want to be. You are not locked into anything. You may have talents, and have weaknesses, but you can learn to strengthen the latter, and capitalize the former.

    Something that I found interesting is numerology. A woman by the name of Glynis McCants (google her name), who wrote a book or two on the subject, seems to feel that doing your numbers is the shortest way to get down to the crux of who you are, and what you are about. I do not endorse any one thing, or way, since we are all different, but it does not hurt to try different approaches in search of what you are looking for.

    Also, I see you were a supervisor, God Bless you LOL, a great number of the Japanese use blood types (seriously) to choose who would be best suited for certain positions. There is a book regarding that, but it is hard to find. However, you may find it interesting also.

    Who you are on the inside, is your true self, that is who you are, that is largely your positive traits and your higher self. I imagine you know who you are to a large extent, so the basic thing about that is this, if it does not feel right, do not do it. God set us up to have an inner compass, and it is when we ignore that that things go bad. That really is the first key.

    We tend to pile loads of garbage (past hurts, insecurities, and so on) on top of that and live from some of those. To begin to trust yourself and believe in yourself, which is conceptually easier and in practice more difficult, is really the second key.

    The third key is is all these tools of birth charts, numerology.

    However, before any of those keys is our relationship with the divine, God. Without that, you are missing something that can not be substituted for any other way.

    Those are the things you want to explore. But as I laid out, you can see the tools to interpret who you are, are in no way as important as the most important thing, and the first key, and second key.

    Best Wishes,


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  • Yeah I know that she wont protect me but I like small dogs instead of Large one.. My daughter b/f have a pit mix living with us and he protects us when strangers come around that he dont know..But he is the friendlyness loving dog for being a pit mix..If he knows you he will licks u to my sign is Cancer..Well as for my Capricorn friend, he wants to get to know me and we are actually getn along , cuz we both are stubborn as and we have alot in common and like the same things...So we are gonna give it a try and c where it will go an if things works out 4 the both of us, if he moves then i'll follow....but hopefully he will stay..He a Ranch Hand Manager on his Brother Ranch so maybe he will stay...Like I said I like cwbys and the cwby way..of life...Well wish me luck...

  • Brian,

    Sorry, there is no tar in me to beat out! Blue blood remember? So you are gonna ask Sarah for protection under her ex-gov skirt? Maybe hide in her fishing waders? King Brian is on the endangered species list, okay, I will go for that. I admit you are quite a unique guy, not one of your more common crabs. No, I will not boil and eat you, maybe just keep you in some water to look at now and then. One of these days I will have to think of a question to ask of your for your advice? Or, how about you just go ahead and tell me something I need to be aware of? No, nevermind, I will think of my own question!

    bluepetalbrian....still like it though!!! lol

  • RedPetals,

    Things you need to be aware of, hmmm? Manly men do not go for be called flowers or flower parts, that is more of a foo foo man thing, and if you have a foo foo man, that would be very, how should I say this, Californian, but not such a good thing for one man hetro girl. I will have to talk to your brother and see what your proclivities are.

    Crabs can be quite happy if you care for them and love them, but boiling them, that just leaves them steamed, and quite dead. Which in your case, of wanting to be pinched and crawled upon, it would be not such a good thing.

    Gov. Palin is quite married, so all this talk about skirts and waders, tisk tisk. Just asking for some protection from her, as she does not mind kicking some a s s, Arnold could learn some lessons from her, but I think he ruined himself marrying into the Kennedy clan.

    I remember about the Princess' blue blood. If can not beat the tar out of you, I can certainly put her over my knee, and teach her a lesson or two.

  • Pits are very lovable dogs. You only hear about the bad stuff and most the time, they were just doing what thay were trained to do. And alot of times, they are so inbred and treated like crap, anything would go crazy! lol Capricorns might be good with cancer, I just know not so much with virgo's. I hope it goes well.

    Brian- the only way I would be afraid of Palin was if I was dressed as a wolf. And I don't think that the only difference between pit bulls and hockey moms is lipstick. When I hear of hockey moms being put down because they are hockey mom's, then maybe I'll start agreeing. As you can probably tell, I am not a big fan of Palin. I think that the aerial gunning of wolves is downright dispicable and cowardly. I have no respect for anybody that would do anything like that. I bathed 2 of my dogs. For some reason, I remember the 2nd dog being so much easier to bathe. lol The 1st dog, I gave a benedryl to earlier and the a bath, and now she is dead. lol At least she is not eating herself. That noise drives me absolutley nuts! I actually paid my bills today! The procrastination is over. hahaha

  • RedPetals,

    This is going to probably sound strange, but I don't know the Scorpio guy's actual age. I am guessing there is a 10 year gap between us at the most. I know he is a little bit younger than the friend of mine that had been a roommate of his for about a year, and my friend is 7 years younger than me. So I am rounding on the high end to say 10 years differenece. But hey, now there is something I can ask him to get a conversation going.

    The bar incident resulted in him actually being really lit. Apparently, he didn't just buy one drink at a time but bought an entire bottle of liquor and drank from that. I have never smelled alcohol on him or heard from anyone else that hey had at work. I have never been around him outside of work either. I don't know what he's like. I just have a wild curiosity about what he's really like.

    Body language is quite fascinating. I am glad you mentioned checking that out because you learn things about what you are telling others just as they are giving off signals to you without even realizing it. No, we have never touched or brushed against each other even on accident. He comes across as not the touchy-feely sort of person. That is why I found it out of the ordinary that he would have even stood as close to me as he did. Honestly, I am afraid to touch him in a way because of him giving off that he is so guarded. Some of the body language signals are hard to pick up on because they happen so quickly and on intially seeing the other person, but I am going to try to see what I might get from him.

    I am betting you are right too that a lot of people know even less about him than I do. He really is a mystery.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. You have been extremely helpful to me!

  • HealingWays,

    Thanks for telling more about yourself and Reiki! It sounds like that is something that comes natural to you. Do you have a regular practice doing this? Is this something you practice in person or have the ability to tap into it and also do from a distance? Really cool thing to be able to do! Ya, about, Ophiuchus , I sort of like that theory, you encompass a bit, if not all of all signs. How much better that would make you at tapping into someone's energy! I have not had a chance to look up Ophiuchus, but I am going to and see what I can learn. Interesting stuff, thanks for telling me. Love to hear more!

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