All I want for christmas - well its a lot - but peace in chaos is appreciate

  • I've already posted part of my "story" on another forum.. I won't bore everyone with the whiny details again. I am just hoping that someone with see or feel something that will help me gain some positive momentum. in the New Year, In short, I am going thourgh a divorce from someone I was married to for 20 years. It was an Orwellian wxistence - full of doublespeak and dysfunction. A year ago our finances were tidy. Now, I am literally drwning this moment in debt because of legal bills, therapist bills, credit cards, house repairs and you name it. I met someone very nice about 8 months ago. Right now, all I can say is that we are friends because I am not yet divorced and he is in some sort of relationship with a girlfriend he prefers not to mention. (He tell sme everything about his kids, his exwife, his business, what he reads, what he eats, but it's as if she does not exist). Its as if we can commincate telepathically. Very weird. My exhusband was a Geminii - a liar - never listened to anything I said, never cared, never remembered. I have a developmentally disabled 8 year old daughter - the sweetest little girl - truly an empath - I want the best for her that I can give her.

    Here are the birthdates of the significant people in my story.

    Mine - March 14, 1958

    My 8 year old January 10, 2001,

    My new friend November 16, 1965

    (I left out the birthdays of my exhusband and 14 year old daughter who lives with the ex because that would complicate the questions)

    My questions - Am I going to make it finanicially, or will I am my little one be living in a motel by the end of this next year?

    Is my little one going to show any improvement - I know she won't magically get better, but will she be okay with what I can provide for her or am I failing?

    Is anything "bigger" going to happen between me and my friend. I wouldn't ask this question if I didn't feel like we both had this connection with each other - even though he won't come out and say it, I can tell he knows its there.

    I feel as if I should be able to field some answers myself but its as if I walking in a dense fog and if the answers are there for me to see. I can't see them. Maybe someone can just give me a shove into an oncoming..... thanks

  • Hi turtledust, I am not the one with the answers, but I wanted you to know that you are not alone and I will keep you and your little one in my prayers. Even if you just want to talk, maybe we can find a solution by keeping the communication open and thereby finding the route to take. Please have a time to relax and dream of better days to come because they are yours I'm sure, you deserve it. I wish you and your little one Lola, which means love. And I don't want to sound off, but I wish you and yours a beautiful holiday filled with the spirit that we had as kids. Oh do I ever have this wish for you and your little girl. Please talk and we all will chime in with love.

  • Thank you - well a couple of better things happened - I broke down in tears the other night and again at work yesterday. I just tried to mentallly send a message to my friend to call me and he did call me last night. Then my oldest daughter came over this eveninf to watch the little one. I went out to see what I could get for Christmas but figured out some things I could do for them that were less expensive. My oldest daughter called me and told me the tree looked sad because I hadn't got out all the ornaments and put on it. But I didn't feel like getting them out. So she found a box of old ones and decorated the tree with the little one herself. She can be an angel when she wants to be!

  • i feel as you go thru this ordeal that things will start to disperse, i am not able to do reading ,however i have been thru some terrible rough patches too, where i have had no money at all and had to budget very tightly, this too shall pass it will, focus on 1 day at a time, dont look too far ahead, just 1 day 1 step at this moment, you cannot rush thru this,as much as you wish it wasnt happening, as hard as it is just allow what you are going thru at this stage and find some peace time for yourself, do something nice for you and the children and your friend, accept him their as he as at the moment as you really do require that male energy about you, dont rush it or worry as i feel all will work out in the end,money wise try not to take on too much proirities what needs to be done first and when paying bills dont pay of too much that way you will have a bit their to get the extera food you need, i do wish you a very lovely xmas,focus on what is there now what isnt and things will sort out in undreamed ways, look for the good in all of this and take care of you and the children, best of luck and i hope this does help until a tarot reader can arrive to assist you in your questions and answers, much love and peace wished for you at this time of year and to your children, bless you all

  • one more thing turtledust, go and get those decs out and put them on the tree, it will make you feel so much better having done it, and anything else that comes to mind, take it gently

  • Turtledust I saw your list and it overwhelmed me and that's how you sound. You got very good suggestions from dotthorey. So you aren't the first woman on here to be in your shoes. You need to take that list and give each thing a number as to it's importance. And work your way down the list. First things first. Your children and Christmas then what comes next the bills? Also is the order of importance and as you check off each one you will see the head way your making. And start to see some light. You still have a lot to be thankful for and that's what most people forget and let themselves be miserable dwelling on the negative stuff and that's just what it is STUFF. It doesn't take a psychic to see these things. You can't do anything about yesterday it's gone and tomorrow isn't here yet. Work on today and tomorrow will take care of it's self. Keep telling yourself that and also if you have something that is really worrying you give it 15 minutes to come up with the answer and if you haven't let it go because things do have a way of working themselves out even tho we couldn't see it at the time. Come on don't add anymore stress to the holiday than it already has because you give it too much power that way. It will get better but not over night so don't expect it to. Happy Holidays to you and your children.

  • Thank you all for your answers and advice. I j=know thais all just came tumbling down on me and spilled out all over the place. I feel a littl ebetter than I did a couple of days ago. The tree looks a little happier. I got together some stuff o=for Christmas dinner. My kids are both over here tonight and the oldest one helped wrap presents and put them under the tree. So things are a little cheerier here than they were and I am finaaly starting to get over the cold or flu or whatever it is that I have had.I wish everyone a happy holiday and hopefully, by the time next week I will have a better handle on what it is that I have to do. Thanks Cindy

  • turtledust,and every one, Happy Easter! Just kidding, Merry Christmas!

  • Hi turtledust, the water will subside and then you can pick the shells and hold them to you'r ear to listen to music that when becomes fine tuned balances your perception! I am also wishing you and yours an enchantingly beautiful Christmas!

  • Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. I did try very hard to make a nice Christmas and my littlest one had a pretty good time. I did make Christmas dinner for the kids and my exhusband.

    I tried so hard to make things nice. I asked my husband over to have dinner with us and open some presents.The oldest daughter was her old mean self and he did nothing about it and tthat almost ruined the dinner. Didn't make it to the pie though.

  • Turtledust you made through another day. And even though it wasn't perfect you made it the best you could. And that's what counts. Now relax. Maybe a nice bath and kick back. Don't think about anything except relaxing your mind. Have a great night.

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