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  • Hello.

    My name is Dmitry, I from Russia (city of Moscow).

    I would like to share with you the information.

    I will tell at once, at writing of this message I used the translator, therefore some messages can be translated not precisely.

    And so.

    I wish to talk about origin of maps ТАРО.

    Many, probably, know that presently there are many different variants about that, to us maps whence have come.

    One speak that maps have initially been thought up for games, others speak that maps have come to us from Egypt and so on.

    But in any case this question remains riddle.

    But it was until recently.

    Problem in that many people, telling fortune use ТАРО only as means of guessing and only units reflect on private world of these maps.

    Not so long ago the Russian group of pupils using biolocation method has written the description to maps ТАРО.

    78 maps the information about which was it is taken from surrounding space.

    It is surprising, but the main thing is unusual.

    I would like to share this information with you, expensive readers and to hear your opinion.

    Now on these maps (since November) have started to conduct lectures on maps ТАРО and as tell about the unusual phenomenon connected with pendulum which allows to answer many questions.

    Please, familiarise with material.


    The Fool

    Spirit of unconscious, chaotic actions.

    Dreaming mind and dreaming soul.

    Man cutting himself from the Universe.

    Absolute inaction in the course of Absolute time.

    Ill-considered actions and steps.

    Actions and steps that lead to committing mistakes and perishing.

    The Fool –

    Inaction on the scale of the whole Universe.

    The Fool – it’s every person living on the Earth.

    He’s given great abilities by the Creator of the Universe since he was born.

    But he’s appeared to be blind.

    His blindness has done no good to him.

    It has made shorter his existence, as well as leading to a chasm.

    Nevertheless, the paradox is that

    The Fool is sticking to the way of errors believing that he’s chosen the right one.

    He’s got no critical idea of his way.

    In fact, there’s no way, just rocky obstacles he has to pass.

    It seems to him, the way is no more hard, but it’s got easy just because it’s leading downwards, not to the top.

    The world is wonderful and bright, the sun is rising.

    And it will give the Fool its warmth.

    He will continue sticking to his way and smile,

    But how wrong he is believing

    The path is making him advance – a mere illusion!

    Still faster he’s approaching the chasm.

    The world will get the heat of twelve rays coming from the sun.

    A tiny hope they will give: what if the Fool could still be sighted by having rested on his wand…

    Then he would lay another way.

    And who’s the Fool?

    He is a traveller who’s simply turning over the pages of his life.

    He’s young and handsome, having fair hair.

    But he’s got empty eyes, he’s blind, there’s nothing he can see.

    He’s smiling, he enjoys the life.

    Without questioning himself, – how shall I live?

    White is the colour of his clothes torn to shreds.

    A scarlet cloak’s covering his shoulders.

    But it’s been long since it last warmed the Fool, there’s hardly any place without a hole.

    His boots are equally worn out.

    They have walked an uneasy, baneful way.

    The wand he’s carrying on his shoulder –

    He could have leant on it, it could have given him its wisdom,

    Then he would feel his way, he would avoid obstructions.

    Alas! He’s carrying it in vain,

    Moreover his bag is added to the weight.

    The Fool keeps walking, he can’t notice the evil dog that’s harrowing his body.

    A crocodile is lying still behind a stone, he’s waiting for his spoils.

    Nevertheless the Fool continues walking, light-hearted – to the chasm, to the abyss.

    Its bottom can’t be seen, it’s covered with the fog.

    The sun is rising, so the mountains are lightened,

    The bells are ringing on the foolscap that is yellow with the shades of green.


    The young Fool will tell us that every person’s young and full of hope when he is entering the world.

    The fair hair tells us that a person hopes for an eternal life and writes his life as if it were a draft.

    The blind eyes will show that every person’s focused on a great illusion. He doesn’t wish to see the real, the world that he creates is an illusion, but still he lives in it.

    The smile will tell us that a person likes the world that’s been created by himself. And he admires it. He shouldn’t. Admiring oneself is dangerous. It’s baneful.

    The white clothes torn to shreds tell us that his soul is pure as long as he is young. But it gets wounded on his way with time.

    The scarlet cloak all in holes is the remains of the world created by illusion, the world in which the Fool’s been living and is living now.

    The boots that are worn out imply the way that’s hard and isn’t safe as well.

    The wand on the shoulder will tell us that a person possesses knowledge given by the Universe. But he’s just carrying it, without using. He doesn’t seek support in it, he seeks no harmonizing with the Universe.

    The bag – he hides his own fears and vices in it. It is the thing he is afraid to open, he is afraid of losing it as well.

    The foolscap with bells tells us that no one likes to show one’s true self. Still, the buffoonery is just a cover for a face.

    The dog that’s harrowing the body – grieves and diseases that accompany a person year by year.

    The crocodile that’s waiting for his spoils – catastrophes that on a person’s way appear. He’s hardly noticing them right now, the fate might still bode ill to him.

    The mountains – a hard way full of obstacles, but it is leading only downwards.

    The fog hides the end of the way from a person. The way’s unclear, the heart is full of icy fear, as if it were in chains.

    The chasm and the abyss – the end of every living person’s way, if not to leave the way the Fool is following.

    Walking to the abyss – the end of the way and death waiting in the chasm, if the way downwards continues, the soul will never see the resurrection.

    The rising sun will tell us that the world’s alive, beautiful, bright, eternal.

    The twelve rays coming from the sun – the power of the cyclic principle, the succession of the cycles that will stand forever.

    The dawn tells us that the Universe always gives a person a chance to be happy. Still it’s too often that we don’t use this chance!

    The Meaning:


    Retribution for the unwillingness to think, way leading nowhere, life spent in vain, spiritual death, refusal to accept the knowledge of the Universe leading to perishing, confrontation and betrayal, self-destruction.


    Living in the world of illusions, unwillingness to be sighted, no adaption to the life and, as a possible result, physical death.

    The Key:

    "A man was born

    And since that moment he’s been given

    Great abilities.

    But there exist conventions everyone obeys.

    Not having listened to himself,

    The man, just like the Fool,

    Is imitating other people’s words and gestures,

    Though no need in them he has

    For they do no good to him.

    But everybody lives like that

    And takes the way

    That the society prescribes.

    In this sense everyone’s the Fool

    That has eradicated from his soul

    The gift of the Creator of the Universe…”

    Thinking about the Fool…

    What makes the sense then?

    The obstacles, the rocks are just the same,

    The same’s the thorny path.

    Nevertheless the Fool could still be sighted,

    Then he’d avoid obstructions.

    Being sighted he would be free

    To chose another way.

    Why don’t we talk about the Fool?

    There’s hardly anyone who’s eager

    To be the Fool.

    Still we prefer

    To make a rosy picture of the world,

    To pass the wished for being real.

    We like it when events and people are embellished,

    But when the scales have fallen from the eyes,

    We suffer, racked with pain.

    Oh, every person’s way is rather hard!

    Still everybody has the choice:

    To go upwards overcoming obstacles

    Or scramble down which is equally uneasy.

    Both ways require almost equal efforts,

    But have completely different ends.

    One leads to perishing.

    The other – where our mind has woken up –

    Will give us love,

    Will show us the beauty of the life,

    Will be forever our new path.

  • As you see, the given description big enough.

    When group of pupils have written the description to the Senior Envoys, they have understood - that each map ТАРО - possesses the history, the doctrine, private world.

    It is very interesting if to approach to maps not from outside гадальщика, and to look from outside the author.

    From here it is possible to draw conclusion - that ТАРО is the huge psychological and philosophical knowledge base, opening to the person answers to many vital questions.

    But there is more to come, by means of pendulum unique meditations, short stories are written.

    The description of map of the CLOWN which I have laid out has been translated by the teacher-translator.

    And now I will show you the Short story written too by means of biolocation.

    But because of that that this short story hasn't been translated by the professional - I will translate it as well as this text - through the translator.

    In Russian it has the poetic form and very beautifully sounds. In English - I do not know.

    Please, read and tell the opinion.

    Temple of Gods.

    Has passed it is time, when we honoured God of the sun of Ra.

    Has passed it is time, when gifts for God brought.

    But memory revives sometimes,

    Drawing bright pictures.

    The huge temple from stone white stood.

    And the sun in him seemed spent the night.

    Illusion great was that the temple has erected great Ra.

    Inside it has been decorated by gold and jasper,

    And images of gods seemed there live.

    And in the centre the throne towered.

    It was huge.

    Also the volume God Ra sat on throne.

    And as on pedestal it towered over all когортою gods.

    It sat, both the court managed, and victim accepted,

    But people, that without knowing, have brought in temple of God of the Demon of the stranger.

    It from the cleanest glass stood, hardly below throne

    And all cohort has stood, having looked at the Demon влюблённо.

    That was mirror.

    And here

    There everyone could see itself(himself).

    And even God couldn't present,

    Than can come to the end so impudent вторженье in temple.

    Yes, the Demon дерзок was.

    And everyone felt mighty and great.

    And Ra, without thinking of the past,

    Has allowed demon to stand

    And long it gave rage and envy streams.

    Also gave to publicity lacks,

    And each God envied another,

    And everyone the best wished to be,

    But пораженьем there was that,

    That Gods have forgotten Ra, and the Demon of their visors.

    Isn't present more, either temple, or gods.

    And even Ra has left in non-existence.

    But the Demon-mirror after all it is live.

    And now, and harm creates, and ours ruins souls.

    Let the world another.

    But essence one.

    We look harm eyes.

  • Thank you for taking the time to do all that. I'm sure those here that do us the cards will have more to say. I'm just welcoming you to the boards:)

    Blessings and Light

  • The short story is quite powerful. And a very good reminder to all people. Thank you for sharing that!

    If I understand you correctly, Dimitry, you are curious how other readers view cards and by what method they read another person. As for Tarot being, "From here it is possible to draw conclusion - that ТАРО is the huge psychological and philosophical knowledge base, opening to the person answers to many vital questions." This is the conclusion you have come to and in my experience this is how Tarot readers deal with The Fool and the 77 others.

    I hope this is helpful. Maybe someone has another view of your question.

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