• Hello, I see that you have great knowledge and would like to ask you what you see for me? This has been an up and down year with things going pretty good lately. I have been seeing a guy that yes it has been just to have a good time, but I think there is more to him than I really know, it may be surfacing now. I want us to at least be friends, but what is going to be the out-come?

    if you can see anything or if you pull cards, would you for me?

    Thanks, my b.d. if you need it is 04-27-1979.


  • Hi Wicked

    Nice of u to connect to me even after what has gone down. Im genuinely pleases n happy.

    Its been years since i used cards- All i need is a real name city and country u live in.

    i dont do dobs. but thanx anyhews honey.

    before looking fully i can say from experience that the BEST relationships, the ones that LASTS starts as friendships- so allow the time to get to know him.

    ill come back to look n see if u provived what i need to look into ur issue.

    until then sweetie smile n b glad u have a male in ur life. most hasent.


  • charmedwitchBente,

    If you are willing can you do once for me, I live in Brentwood Maryland, what new love will the next year brings for me, or will I continue to be with S, but I feel things are ending............


    Happy Holidays

  • Hi purita

    is that ur real name ? S??? need his fullname sweetie

  • CWB,

    lots of things going on in my life and I sense a big change is coming up ahead. Could you tell me if the friendship/working relationship with Ryan will lead to something else. Real name is Monica, we both live in Houston, USA

  • hi charmed

    i would love to know what you see for me in general and the person who has been in my life-- my name is michelle cooper his is roger bussell we live in los angeles ca in the united states

    thanks in advance

  • Thank u for ur confidence in me BUT i am NOT offering readings. 2 asked and ive said ill see what i can do.

    Sadly for now i must decline as ive become ill and i need to focus on getting better for xmas.

    For now i have to ask u to post and ask someone else. Blmoon, libraslair, wenchie, hisbablove, danr, stonyeye etc are excellent n i recommend them warmly.


    thank u

  • No problem, get well soon !!!!

  • thank u virgopiggy merry xmas

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    Can you give me insight on the upcominig year 2010? My love life mostly! No matter what happens with me and love, i never seem to give up on it! Im just in need of some genuine guidence right now!

    Thank You

  • Hi Sorry Ive been asleep b/c I work nights and of course that messes my sleep up on the weekends too. My real name is Nikki, I live in Indianapolis, and I live in the U.S.A.

    I appreciate your help very much. I am trying to stay centered and focused on school, advancing at work and focusing on regaining myself. This guy has not been all bad to me, but some stuff may seem to be going on.

    Hope your feeling better for the holidays 🙂

  • I apologize and hope you get well soon CharmedWitchBente

  • Thank you, for now im not reading anyone. sorry.

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