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  • Hi all! I would like to wish everyone on here Happy Holidays and Blessing to you.

    I was thinking Chrismas and the holidays are sometimes not happy for others. For example those who have just lost loved ones or their homes or jobs or those who will not have enough money to buy their children the new clothes or shoes that they need or the food to feel their little tummies. WHAT IF everyone here could try to do just one act of kindness for those less fortunate during the holidays? I understand times are tough for everyone everywhere but chances are if we have the internet we probably have enough spare change to buy a hungry child a meal or even if you know someone who is dealing with loss you could buy a stamp to send them a card or if you don't have a spare dollar just give someone a true smile those are free if you can't smile hold the door open for someone with a handful of bags or let someone go ahead of you in line when you aren't in a hurry we can all surely do one of these things. I really hope we all will try this and see if it doesn't fill your heart with happiness to help someone in need. That after all is true spirt of Christmas. LOVE!

  • Happy Holidays and Blessings to you to Fairyjaye. You are so right. 3 years ago, I was in a very, very, difficult place. I was at risk of losing my home (long story). I managed to avoid that but it took just about every penny I had. I was unable to buy my children any Christmas presents - oh except a bottle of (cheap) bubble bath each which is a bit of a family tradition. I told myself that it didn't matter (and in a sense, it didn't), there were many, many people worse off than us and at least I had kept the roof over our heads. I told my children I couldn't buy presents and they went off to their dads on Christmas Eve just as normal. On Christmas Day, they arrived back home and suddenly my heart felt like it was breaking. There had been no last minute miracle and there were no presents. It must have shown in my face because they asked me 'mummy, what's wrong' and I couldn't speak. My daughter said "is it because you haven't got us any presents". I nodded - still unable to speak. I felt such a failure. They all put their arms around me and she said "mummy, don't you know, we don't care about presents, we just want to be with you" and her brothers hugged me tight and agreed.

    Have you ever felt your heart breaking and yet soaring skywards at the same time? Because that's just what it felt like. All that I'd tried to teach them about material things not mattering and being grateful for what we have etc - Jeez, they knew better than I did. So now, things are easier but I try to help others where I can and best of all, my children often point the way.

    A smile, a kindly action, who knows - that might be all the difference. And we might never know but it doesn't matter.

    Pease forgive my ramblings.

    Bright Blessings.

  • I was all raring to go with stuff to say on your beautiful, selfless topic, Fairyjaye....except now, after reading Witchone's beautiful post. I'm blubbering like an idiot and at a loss for words or thoughts beyond a big thank you to both of you for that.

    Blessings and Love to you and all who share in the spirit of what you said. Especially those who need it.

  • Yep, I can't say it any better either. Thanks guys.


  • I am touched by your experience witchone. The greatest gifts that we can give are the ones that most often cost us nothing. You are right too in saying that we may never know that we made a difference in someones life or turned a terrible day into an extraordinary day but that is fine because that is how is should be to give without expecting something in return. A lady at my mom's church has been having seizures and momma ask her if her dr didn't have her on dilantin or a med for it and she went on to explain that she had a prescription but she didn't have the money to get it filled because her son takes her money from her and won't even take her to the drugstore and she has to beg him to use a vehicle to get to church. It hasn't been too long since it was very hard for me to buy my meds with no insurance or job due to my health. It just breaks my heart to know that she is just one of so many in need and I often take so much for granted when I am blessed so far beyond what I a worthy of. Im happy to hear from you ladies on this as I was getting worried that no one would reply. Thank you and Bless Your Hearts dear friends. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Love you sweethearts!!


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