Libra woman scorpio man will he come back home?

  • was with a scorpio man for 1 1/2 yrs and all of a sudden he says he is confused cause started talking to someone from his past. Really confused , he tells me that he loves me and could spend the rest of his life with me and be happy.When he left, he moved in with the person from his past,but still talks to me and still tells me that he loves me and he misses me.What do I do?so confused and heart broken.I love him dearly and miss him so much. I wish he would come back home.Some help on this matter would be helpful.What does our future hold?or is there one?

  • What are your full birthdates?

  • 10-22-69 and 11-02-71

  • Hi. I'm not a Libra I'm a Cancer female but if it were me I would cut him off. There is no way I would stand and wait until he gets his head on straight.

    i would leave NICELY and tell him that I understand he is confused and needs time and all that. I would further tell him that due to his recent behavior (breaking up and moving in with somebody) that I also am confused.

    I would in my nicest way possible explain that I don't know how I feel anymore and I need a "break" away from him.

    I then would ice him out. No calls, no texting, no email, nothing. If he misses you and loves you-- nothing will hold him back from you. It's not the answer you want but I really feel it to be true. I am having a similiar issue with my Scorp and I'm freezing him out right now.

    So far nothing. It's been 2 months. It's hard I'm not gonna lie BUT I must be a number one girl. If he wants me he'll come find me. If I can't be number 1 then I don't want him. I'm too greedy to share my toys --lol--.

    The above is, of course, only if you have not hurt or cheated on him. If you did then all is lost.

    hope that helped.

  • I'm quite new to this but I do get some feelings about this situation. hoping more experienced psychics on this site will be able to tell you more but...

    I feel that the guy doesn't really know what he's doing and both you and the other woman will grow tired before he makes up his mind (if ever)...

    I also feel that he'll drag this situation out for your for a long time if you let him. not because of ego or maliciousness but mainly because he's lost in his own confusion and can't see the chaos he's creating around him. this is his current state of mind and I'm not sure how long it will last. good luck with everything xx

  • Libralady2008, I answered you in the other thread of Seeweedlove's.

  • Just a PS: LL, your friend left because he felt you were behaving rather carelessly towards him and wanted more empathy and compassion from you, which he gets from the other woman. Becoming more sensitive to the needs of others will benefit in future relationships.You often make bad choices in a partner - either you choose someone who is too strong for you, finding yourself unable to meet his demands; or too weak a person whom you can never satisfy and who drains your energy and holds you back. Relationships frequently become just another thing for you to overcome and release on this lifepath.

  • the captain,

    ok ty for the insight, so how can I correct this and show him that I do love him and want to make things work between us. I asked you in the other post and will ask again,Will we be together some time this year or can you tell me what our future holds? will we be together again soon or what will happen?

  • Hellsbells,

    Yes, I know he is confused, but I love him and am confused myself. He is a good man and everyone that I talk to says that he doesn't look Happy at all. He has told me that he was happy with me and could come home to me the rest of his life. There are other issues going on in our lives besides just us,there is the issue of my children. I am in a situation that my ex got me into about my kids and am trying to get them back and don't know how to do so.In short,ex wouldn't listen as far as med, situation and been fighting the system to get my kids back home. Have hearing on mon jan 11th, if anyone can give me insight on what may happen. The man i love , loves me and my kids and says he don't want to lose us ,the family, so what now.What do I do,confused about everything,him and my kids.Just wish everything would work out and all of us be together again.thank you

  • LL, I answered you in the other thread.

  • yes, i see that it would be a good thing for the libra to NOT text back the scorpio.

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