Making that move?

  • Ok ladies, if anyones listen or reading out there. My boyfriend is talking about us moving in together. I have a house that I either can try to sell or assume the loan and do a modification all before the foreclosure goes through. He has a two bedroom one bathroom house.

    I have a daughter and granddaughter living with me, my son part time when he is in town from his job. Plus three jackrussells.

    He has two sons under 18 that live with their Mom, but are there often enough to need a place to sleep.

    Are we crazy? Will it work? I want to, jump right in and take it all on, but I am worried that all the things we have to overcome may come between us in the long run, I want to make sure it isn't to soon in our relationship to try and do this?

    I love him, he says he loves me. Can we handle it?

    Help.....I do not want to mess this up, I am getting way to old to keep starting all over again and again and again........

  • Hi Kay,

    For what it's worth, I think things will work out just fine with this man. Better that he sells or rents out his place and moves into yours, actually no......getting sell them both and get one between you, fresh start for you both.

    Just concentrate on each other and everything else (kids and all) will all fall into place.

    It is your time to be happy.

  • How do you know when your spell takes effect i keep hearing, primitive but powerful any thoughts on that?

  • Thank you Wenchie. I am a bit nervous. I just don't want to mess things up.

    I feel like if this doesn't work out, I just don't want to be attached and open with anyone any more after that. I am getting to my limit of starting over in a relationship of this kind.

    Do you know what I mean?

    I am getting to old to keep trying, although I really want this to work, I want it to be for the rest of the life I have been blessed with here. Otherwise, I just don't know if I have it in me to keep searching.

    Funny thing is, I wasn't even looking for Jeff. It was as though he just appeared in my life, in a surprising way, that I never even saw coming.

    I am working through feelings and trying to put myself together again, separate from him and I.

    I feel this is important for me to do, in order to better esyablish my relationship with him.

    What do you think?

  • Kay I think your throwing up blocks why not stop and just let it be. I know exactly what your talking about and your like every other Aries you want to control this. Sometimes you need to just be thankful and stop trying to run this show. I'm older than you and you know I have been there and done that. So let yourself be happy and let this man in. You say you love each other and your too old BLAH BLAH BLAH. Nuff said.

  • So if you took all the extras out of the equation, and can picture just yourself and he in the middle of your relationship together, if you see yourself holding hands, content, happy to be making a go of this, then you already know you have the foundation for a healthy start, especially since you both know theres a lot to come that has to be dealt with, worked around, and your still both willing, I think its normal to be a little fearful, you don't want to go in with eyes wide shut, and have all the potential kaos ruin your chances together, with that many kiddies, a couple pets, a small space for everyone to bump into and love to grow, its going to get a little crazy at times, but if you go with the flow of it, just accept that the decisions you guys are making now is for the benefit of your relationship, the future you possibly want together, then the kids, the dogs, the whole damn neighborhood will fall into step with you! If it were me, I would explain its about to get a little crowded, and ask the rest of the group if they have any ideas about how to make it positive for time being, let them know you care about their feelings too, but do not apologize for it! Do not, do not feel gulity for anyone else, not even the dogs! Your contentment will do them all some good too later on, mabe they'll be able to say, hey love grows in little places, we were still welcome, it all worked out! If you bump into each other a lot, just remember to do your own things once a while, however or whatever it is you do, keep doing it, and don't freak out if conflicts arise, even if sometimes it seems often, it doesn't mean you won't work out, and will have to start over, you'll know if thats your situation, and will know if it feels right to stick it out or run for door, regardless of what you decide, just remember what it was that brought you there, then you won't have worry about having to start over, or be worried, tired, or afraid of that anymore. Good Luck, God Bless you!

  • Hi Kay,

    I think you are like any of us who think it is all too hard when we have been let down and disappointed in past relationships and scared to try again. It's easier to keep up the walls and convince ourselves that we don't need anybody.

    You will be fine, trust in that. Working on ourselves is always a good thing, but don't shut him out while you're doing it. Allow yourself to be happy, it will be just fine. :-))

  • Wenchie, You are too sweet for words. Them road blocks I keep putting up, I am trying to allow to fall, but I am having a hard time completely letting go of them, as a secrety blanket, I guess.

    bluecat123, You are right, what matters is what got us here, not what might come into our path that may or may not cause issues. I definately need to learn to relax. lol

    LibrasLair, Thanks for the kick in the pants. LOL

    Instead of worrying so much, maybe I need to just concentrate on what I can control and not what I can't. I am a plan kind of Aries. LOL

    I need a plan to just have some direction. I see my direction going as it will and taking one problem, obstacle and situation, one day at a time.

  • You'll find the right path,obstacles can be a pain in the ass, it can be hard to know when to turn around and when to plow through, but your aries, once you set your mind to it, I can't imagine you not plowing right through, even its one thing at time!

  • btw, if any obstacles seem to turn into closed doors no matter what the situation, remember that it will eventually answer any questions later on, when others fly open, once your determined to take one step or another in the direction you feel right with, I can't feel anything stopping it from being blissful for you.

  • I have had a couple different kinds of readings and they all seem to oppose each other. Maybe I should have a Tarot Card Reading and see if I can get something to come through that isn't confusing or contradicting.

    I am not looking for more then advice and what choices I have, really. If I am wasting my time here, I don't want to keep wasting it.

    I know I have a guard up around me, but I am willing to dissolve it, if there is hope he too will allow his to come down. Still scared of course, but willing to take that risk.

  • Oh you crazy kids! Let go and let happen. Release your fears and watch the magic of love work things out. I, too, am wayyy to old to start over again, but this is about you, my dear. Listen to Wenchie and LibrasLair. Getting reading after reading on this same topic is only going to muck up the celestial system for you at this point. You even say so when you asserted that each reading is different. STOP (LOL). Let yourself go and give up some of that control this time.

    Many blessing on this union and blessed be.....

  • You are right of course, Scribe1.

    That stuff just tends to confuse me further. Thanks to you all, for listening to my whining and insecurities.

  • No problems Kay! Scribe is right, just have some trust and faith!!!!!

  • Kay you say your getting conflicting readings. Well think about this. Someone reads for you it's a reading about what your doing at that moment. And if you keep going over this move in your head from yea to nae then that could be your problem therefore conflicting readings.

  • I never thought of it that way, LibrasLair. Thank you for pointing that out.

    I got so many things to accomplish before I get to that point, in regards to a move in and that's what I should be focusing on and let the rest take care of its self.

  • I am wondering if I should switch jobs and move to another state 500 miles away from where I live now? Among other things, wondering what all anyone can tell me.

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