Can anyone tell me why this happened?

  • Friday night we were driving back home from getting dinner and i turned on a road that i normally never take for the way i was going,and also giving that it was night,alot of these side roads are very dark. so i do not know why i turned down it and as soon as i did we seen so many flashing lights from police cars,ambulce,firefighter that we were blinded and could not see what happened,but i still stared to drive right towards it,then i had this over powering sence of death,and my chest got this very heavy feeling like something was pressed very hard againest it and the left side of my rib cage too.every hair on my body was standing up and what i was sencing was so strong i said to my boyfriend,no i have to turn around right now,i cant breath,i can not go any closer to that accident.he remand quiet,i pulled into a half circle driveway and drove away from it and down the next side street.well as i passed it on the other side of a hole street ,i thought i was going to pass out from what i was feeling,the feeling in my chest really hurt and then as i got right pass it all of a sudden it felt like hands around my throat.but i kept driving thinking i got to drive as far away from this as fast as i can.7 min.later i was at home.,i was trying so hard to fight what i was feeling,but remained like that for an hour,and even had a tough time eating my dinner, and still did not feel right when i went to bed that night.oh and i got a headache in a split second,which never happens to me.we heard the chopper go over head,and with as many lights that we seen i know that it was a very bad accident but why did it affect me in this way,i have gone passed alot of accidents that deaths were involed and this never happened befor? and i check both sat.and sunday paper and there is no news of it so i do not know for sure if anyone passed.but why did i feel it?


    love & light

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  • Hi Patricia1971libra,

    I feel you may be an empath.

    Go to this link and read the article and let me know what you think. It does explain alot.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Wenchie,

    Hi,it all makes perfect sense now,i have had some other empath avents take place with but i was at home when it happened,but now i have been working on developing my other gifts so maybe that is why this happened while i was out of my house and so strongly.I need to do alot more reserch on this and learn all i can about it,and how to deal with it when it happens. thank-you so much for replying to my question,I hope you have a merry christmas,God Bless.


    love & light 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Hi Patricia,

    You are welcome! I'm still learning how to deal with it myself. I tell you what though, reading that article made so many things fall into place for me, it was a big A-Ha moment!!!!

    Thanks for the holiday wishes, hope you have a fantastic Christmas too!

    Summer, thank you I will also check out that site, thanks for the info.



  • Hi Wenchie,

    Yes that is what i said when i read it, A-HA! your welcome and thank-you too,Blessings!

    Summer, Thank-You, I will check out that site,:-) Christmas Blessings to you and yours too...


    love & light


  • Patricia.. your story sounds pretty scary. Are you sure it wasn't a ghost or spirit doing that to you???? Sounds pretty weird.

  • Patricia the more you read and the more you talk with others the more you open up. Someone can come on here and tell you what happened but I found out that we aren't really suppose to tell you because your suppose to figure it out for yourself. When your ready you open a little more and it's up to you to figure this out. I had a similar thing happen to me and the person with me wouldn't tell me anything and she knew. I felt pressure on my back and then on my chest and on the top of my head and all I knew was I had to get to higher ground. Now this was an area I had been in many times but all of a sudden I felt this depending on the direction I was driving. I asked my friend why do I feel like this and she just kept saying I don't know. I kept talking just like a chatter box and I said did I drown here? She said I don't know. Some people refer to this area as a dead zone. And I said why and she said because they don't feel anything. I was coming up out of the area when I started feeling all of this and I finally said why do they call it that? Well this was swamp at one time and this was all under water. Once I got to higher ground I was fine and didn't feel the weight anymore.

  • You Scored as Communication Empath

    As a Communication Empath, you possess the ability to feel emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies/TV and from works of art. Visit us at

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    Hi Wenchie and Summer,

    I went on that site,joined and took the test and above are my results,pretty fun and the site is wonderful,alot of great Info. and i think that it is going to be a big help for me.

    Summer thank-you again for the address 🙂

    Wenchie i would love to know the results if you take the quiz 🙂


    love & light


  • Hi Patricia,

    Here are my test results:

    You Scored as Human Empath

    As a Human Empath, you possess the ability to connect with other people on an empathic level, allowing you to feel their emotion as though they were your own. Visit us at

    Human Empath


    Healer Empath


    Communication Empath


    Balanced Empath


    Clairvoyant Empath


    Energy Empath


    Physical Empath


    Animal Empath


    The thing that confuses me the most lately and I struggle with is not knowing if the feelings and emotions I am feeling are mine or someone elses. That can be challenging and draining.

    Also I need a lot of time on my own, I get overwhelmed and lately I'm feeling that way with my brother who's moved in. He is ALWAYS here, I've lost my haven at home to escape everyone now that he is living with me. Also I can't stand that he watches movies/tv with the sound up so loud, I need some peace and quiet. I'm feeling caged in and escape to work (I have keys & alarm code) just to have time out and peace and quiet.

    Christmas is over here but I hope everyone is enjoying theirs for all of you celebrating now. It's already the 26th thank goodness!!!!!

  • Wenchie, that link you posted.......WOW. I just about fell off my chair.

    Never in my life have i considered myself an empath until reading that. I have experienced everything that it has stated. I don't even know what to say......I am in shock. WOW.......I just don't even know what to do! I want to doubt, but I'm just not sure!!! I thought it all stemmed back from my childhood, life....and the cards I had been dealt.

    I still have the pictures of when I carved the word "nothing" into my arm one time when my ex and I were fighting really bad and he left me alone. (he couldn't handle fighting and he would leave and sleep somewhere else, that was really hard for me) I drank excessively. Still do sometimes to ease unknown pain. I have been on some crazy diets in my life, one, I had to be weighed 3 times a week. One time, I took a long weekend off, I think it was the holidays, and went back to my old self, partying and eating whatever I wanted. Seeing people I hadn't seen in a long time. Within 4 days I had gained 20lbs water weight. The women at the weight loss clinic were shocked and a witness to that. Within the next 4 days, back on track, it was gone.

    After that last "carving" incident, my ex and I went to the doctor to get some antidepressants. I took them for awhile, but I don't think they changed anything. I am a known hermit, to isolate myself. I have many emotional vampires, one being my mother. I have had problems sleeping all my life, and I have about four different sizes of clothing due to my extreme weight fluctuations. Up and down my entire life.

    I could go on and on to relate to everything that was mentioned, I really don't even know what to do or say, I am in shock! And starting to understand. It looks like I have a lot of work to do, and a lot more research.

    My jaw, is on the floor. I am still reading it.

  • Hi Blondie,

    I'm really glad you have found understanding! It was an eye opener for me explained many things about myself. I like to be social but I need a whole lot of time to myself just to destress and chill out, need my own space. Feeling others energy and emotions and feelings can be confusing and draining at times and I wonder at times "am I feeling this or am I picking it up from someone else?"

    Have a go at the quiz and see how you go. Here is the link for the empath quiz ....

  • Blondie,

    At least it is empowering to know why we are different and ways of dealing with that. We can learn ways to deal with that side of ourselves. If you are an empath then you will have other gifts, good luck on your path of self discovery! :-))

  • Hello and Welcome 1blondie178,

    When i read what you wrote i wanted to cry for you,cause i know that feeling,that pain,that stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I have a boyfriend and we live together with our 2 little dogs and 1 cat, 5 yrs. ago i had a very differant life,nothing like the one i have now.

    back then there was alot of caos and fighting and unhappiness in my life and i had alot of pain,and then one day in an instint it all was changed. I lost everything that i loved,that i held dear in my life and in my heart, at first i did not think that i was gonna survive,i was always used to having all these people around me and caos that was what i knew to be my life and then i had no one and silince,all alone,what was i gonna do? the only thing i could do,learn to live this new life the best i could because it quickly became very clear to me that i was not ready to give up. do you know what i found in this new life?

    Myself,for the first time.and then by a bad dating choice i almost lost myself,but instead in the end of that, i had taught myself a few servival tools. 1: I learned to like myself, no not just like,LOVE myself for who i was no matter if i was short and a little over weight and wear glasses and do not have stright teeth or flawless skin,in the end none of that is imporant anyway and 2: i realized that it does not matter if i have a mate in my life or what i look like because I have God,and no matter what he will always be by my side,always love me for who i'am, and never hurt me. From that day on i was totally transformed.

    So now i have managed to life a pretty calm life for the past 3 yrs.with my wonderful boyfriend, oh we have had alot of up's and down's,(like alot of other people) in these times having trouble making ends meet,and loses of jobs,moving,lossing friends(but i guess they really were not true friends after all),loved ones and friends passing,and health problems and trying to deal with and understand new found gifts inside you. but when you look at these last few words chances are you can relate too? we are all so differant but all so the same.we look for ways and people to help us understand even if its little by little,thats what brings us here to tarot,brings some people to church and helps us get up everyday,a need to keep going,keep learning,keep living,keep loving.

    It sounds like you have already won alot of battles,keep going,keep your head held high.

    i was once taught this and maybe it could help you a little or anyone else,,, the next time you look back at your past life to the bad things,try to smile(even a little) and say,hey wow i'm here,i made it through that,so i know i can get through this next thing in my life(what ever it may be).

    I have a permanent " T " carved in the top of my leg and everyday it reminds me to be a little stronger than the day befor.I came to realize that if i tryed to do things to make the pains of my life go away that what i was doing was only masking it,that i would have to face it someday to make it managable to live with so i stoped hurting myself and started healing myself.

    wanting to learn more, your starting down the right will be long and maybe a bit bumpy but reach out to others for guidenss,stregth,encouregment,and knowloge.

    sorry if i bored you,i have this bad habit that when i;m drawn to someone i spill my heart out to them to try and help them.there is alot of wonderful people on tarot to talk to that can help you understand more,you started in the right spot repling to wenchie,she is a wonderful person.and i was wondering if you checked out the link on page 1 to the empath community? there is on there home page something titeled,Empath Survival Program.I just took my first lesson tonight,and what i read was amazing and i can tell that it is going to help me out alot and maybe it could help you too.


    love & light 🙂

  • Hello Wenchie,

    Thank-You for posting your results,it did exsplain alot of why things were happening with me.and the site has so much more wonderful info.on it. it's gonna nice learning more and understanding my gifts better.

    It's strange but i too need my quiet haven,I recently let someone that i thought was my friend stay with us,well she was only here 3 1/2 weeks and turned our lives upside down,my boyfriend withdrew to our bedroom,i had no peace and quiet,and felt like a dark cloud was following me around.i was having trouble thinking clearly,sleeping and i too was forced to retreat to our bedroom for peace.she would even interruped me while i was meditaiting after i told her that it was very imporant that i do not be disturbed.our nightly walks with our dogs got longer just so we could get away from her. i prayed to God to take this negitivity and darkness out of my life and home and my prayers was answered,she moved out 4 days ago and i recleansed myself,my boyfriend,our animals and my home again and now my balance is restored and so is the peace and calmness that my home had befor she came.

    It is very important for you to have your haven,and i will pray for you to get that back very soon.

    Do you know how long he will be staying with you?

    I hope things do get better for you,take care...


    love & light 🙂

  • There are more things in common on this forum. If you think about it. Most that I read didn't have the greatest of relationships with their family's growing up and that is only one similarity. Patricia were you able to read that information of the stones. I don't know what's wrong with my copier that it scans well but when I go to send it how light it is. I think I need to call them again and see if they can help me with that.

  • Wenchie,

    That's where my doubts lye, I just don't know! I am so confused! =`(

    I took that quiz and I scored very high in all of them, the main was "Animal Empath"

    Which makes sense because I can't watch any type of shows where animals are being abused. The humaine society infomercial makes me instantly cry. If I see anything in a movie when animals get hurt, I cry. I've always said that i feel more for animals because they are innocent where most people are not.

    As far as anything else I notice little things that never made me think about it as a gift. For instance, on christmas eve, my father was having a couple beers, me being sick I couldn't drink but I had a couple of baileys on ice. Before I went to bed, as I was a bit hungry, I was thinking about when I woke that I would have a good, rare breakfast. I knew my dad was going to cook breakfast with peameal bacon. Keep in mind he never mentioned it to me, he rarely ever cooks breakfast as he works and normally just has oatmeal. Somehow I just knew that when I woke up, there would be peameal bacon, sure was there.

    It's things like that I notice, I always just consider them as coincidences.

    This one is bigger...When my ex of 13 years, the first ex, in a middle of a fight, as I knew in my heart that he was seeing someone else, (we were on and off for years) in a moment of nastiness, I said to him "be sure to use protection and remember that she won't be on the pill like I am cause you'll get someone pregnant" <----something along those lines, as I'm sure it wasn't so

    Sure enough, 3 months after we broke off for good, he got her pregnant. Now he is a father to a 3 year old boy. SINGLE father, i might add. I thought that was a coincidence cause he was used to me.....I had been on the pill during our entire relationship, if you know what I mean by "used to me"

    The very day I read the things taurusgirl was saying in that one thread, the very minute, i felt my throat become scratchy, and sure enough, two days later I got a full blown, very painful cold. At the start of the pain, is when I lashed out at her. (i'm sure you read it)

    I don't know, this is all very overwhelming, I don't know what to do. I feel relief at the same time I am very scared. I have never considered this, ever. I'm afraid that I will not be able to control it as I've always seen it as a curse......I have even stated this recently in a last heartfelt e-mail to my ex-fiance... that I feel more than others.......and at that point I didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse. Those were my exact words.

    I don't think, no, I KNOW that I cannot handle another break-up with someone I love so much, it takes such a toll on has any idea.

    I just don't even know. =(

  • 1blonde178- hi you! : )

    when you started your other thread,when did you first notice you were psychic- I wanted to respond but got stuck, I honestly don't know!!! All I know is I never fit in as child or adult

    and always could feel this enormous whirl of emotional

    pain and confusion,I too drank for many years, then as I sought help I found much was not mine but others emotions and feelings,learned Also during break ups, not all my pain, was feeling partners via cords attached....

    am still learning about grounding and protection

    the 2 web sites mentioned here are awesome!!

    Best to you

    Patricia and Wenchie, thanks for sharing

    web sites spent many hours on one site yesterday

    best to you both

  • patricia,

    Hello and thank-you. Thank you for taking the time to write me and telling me some about yourself, I feel as I must share to give you and other a little insight on what I have experienced.

    Well, when I was 3 years old my father and mother split up, as they married too young and my dad still wanted to "party" so to speak. Shortly after that, my mother met a man that was to become my step-father. This man was a drunk, a very nasty one and all he did was verbally abuse my mother and I. He rarely worked, nor even bathed. For an example, at the tender age, before 12....he would tell me " you have a pretty face but your fat and no man will ever love you, just use you".....that is just a blip on for you recognize the type of person he was. He had 3 grown-up kids of his own as well, good people. They turned out all ok.

    At one point, I became so reclusive and so withdrawn that my mother couldn't even speak normally to me without having me burst into tears. My father was still very much a part of my life, he rarely ever missed a scheduled visit. Every other weekend I would spend with him and i Lived and breathed for these weekends. He was my Savior as a child. I would cry nearly at the end of the weekends....I felt horrible when they were over...that 20 minute ride home...well, every minute that went by, I felt sadder and sadder. Dad always cheered me up though, singing silly songs. The bump on a log song....haha. I smile just remembering it. At 60, He is still goofy, and we STILL sing silly songs.

    Anyways, my mother finally got the courage to leave him when I was 13, just starting high school. It was grade 9 when I met my first ex. Even at that age, I felt an instant connection with him. So then it began, 13 years of on and off hell. Drugs, alcohol....rebellion became my life until I was about 20. During this entire time, I believed he was the one and we were just young and eventually we would grow old together. We went to hell and back. Several times, and when we were 20, he was in a car accident that killed his best friend. A needless accident of reckless driving and alcohol. He was never the same again. This man, was the biggest emotional vampire I know. I could not concentrate on anything but him. I went on to college, and he was the brunt of my thoughts, at work...everything I did, revolved around him, no matter how badly he treated me.

    Well, as I was saying to Wenchie, if you read my last post...there came a point were the last 3 years of our on and off relationship was hell. I knew in my heart he was seeing someone else. The pain I felt during this time was unbearable. By this time I had finished college and had gotten a pretty good job at a golf course to gain some experience in my field (cooking). Well, long story short, this place let you drink while you work. There was only 5 of us and we would take turns buying the 60oz bottles of whiskey every week. We would drink that on top of what the restaurant served us. Drinking numbed me. It still does. Whiskey makes me crazy, its a different buzz altogether. Anyhow at a particularly bad time between my ex and I, I felt so low and so horrilbe. Well, one night I had too much to drink and somehow got it into my head that I was going to find him. I was going to find him and confront him, even catch him with this other woman. I was completely blacked out by this time. Long story short, it was a brand new car, exactly 2000kms on it, I had it less than 2 months......I got on a major highway going one way.......and drove head on into the coming traffic. Hit a cube truck.

    In the end, the only injury was a few lacerations and a broken wrist. This was 2004. I had to claim bankruptcy cause I wasn't going to pay for a car I no longer had as insurance doesn't cover drunk driving accidents. The guy in the cube truck suffered a dislocated thumb.

    I was lucky, I should have been dead. I am lucky I didn't kill anyone else. I thought this was the ultimate lowest point in my life. After that, I didn't feel the same about my ex. I still hung on a bit, Cause you see, I didn't find out he had a baby well after he was born. He contacted my best friend of 20 years to ask her to tell me about his son, he couldn't do it himself. I cried. And I cried and ever since that last cry, I had never felt the same for him. He has tried to get me back, but I feel nothing. I have visited him in the past, but I only wanted to get away as fast as I came. I found myself trying to avoid him, I knew my feelings for him was done and I could move on. He sucked the life right out of me.

    So after my accident, I couldn't work for a year, and my break was pretty good and being a cook, well, we lift a lot of heavy things. During this time, right after this accident I became heavy in drugs and partying again for a short while with on of my other longtime girlfriends....who is another big emotional vampire. We partied and I maxed out my credit cards as I knew I was going to claim bankruptcy anyways. We had some good times, some bad, that went on for about a year. But the positive thing to happen is I rekindled a relationship with another lifelong friend as well, I would walk almost every night to visit her. (nights I wasn't partying with the vampire)

    Anyways, I had considered that point in my life to be the lowest, I eventually came around and began to like myself again. I stopped the partying, (well, started spending a lot of time with my best friend, got into better shape. Began to start to "like" myself again. This is about the time I met my ex-fiance.

    My god, it was beautiful. He was everything that I had wanted, we connected so fast it made my head spin. I felt I was ready. I deserved this. The first year was bliss.....I don't ever remember being happier. It was something I had never known, something I had never felt so wonderful. He felt the same, 6 short months in I moved into his home....and a month later he proposed. He took this very seriously too, it wasn't a whim thing. He was married before...and you see, his wife left him for his brother. The proposal... There was candles, music, champagne.......rose petals. I was on top of the world because it was everything I ever wanted!!! This was my highest point. I thought FINALLY! I am getting what I deserved!!!! was not to be cause you see, a year into our relationship, things started to backfire. Even though I thought I had learned to love myself, I hadn't. I became jealous. (this man doesn't even LOOK at another woman in my presence....nor comment, nothing) I became unsure. I became controlling. I drank. and Drank to try and kill all these messed up feelings I was having. Well, I was completely negative, which in turn, caused him to lash out at me. And so it began. We fought, over stupid things. The intense love was still there because when we weren't fighting, it was bliss again. But the fighting and the drinking increased. I gained weight. I doubted everything when I shouldn't have. I look back now and still can't believe the way I was. Well, we broke up a couple of was real bad, thats when I carved myself. We tried, but I wasn't getting better, only worse. I came home from work one day to a "dear Steph" letter saying that he no longer felt we were meant to be.

    I tried, oh I tried to get him back. I basically fought myself and my thoughts for three months after that. My emotions...........well, I don't think I could wish that on my worst enemy. We tried a few times, had a great time, but he was scared that I hadn't changed. We couldn't seem to get on the same page again. I thought I was healed, but you see, his indecision caused to to relapse. And I would drink....and in turn end up arguing with him more. Saying some uniagniable things to him. Things my torcherd mind had conjured up. Things that didn't even make sense, but I knew hurt him. I wanted him to hurt like I if I am an empath, you can imagine how horrible I must have been. So this went on for about 8 months. I would pull him in with our connection.....and every time he was indecisive, When I got scared, I would rip him apart. It is mostly my doing. I know he wasn't innocent, but i'd say at least 80% of the time, he was just defending himself.

    The last time, we had a really good time and, we went on a date...and felt things we hadn't in months. I wanted more and I felt like it was tearing me apart. I had no choice but to give him an ultimatum. He was going away for a weekend with his friend and wanted that weekend to think about us. Well, when he was back, I waited a few days to hear from him, I didn't get much. Finally I asked him whats going on.....and he still didn't know what he wanted. It was then I knew I had to let go because it was literally killing me.

    Well, less than a month into that, as I had seen him on a dating site.....I had a feeling he was interested in someone. Sure enough, he was and has been seeing her ever since. I don't know why, but when I seen the picture of them together, something seems off. At first I thought it was because that is what I WANTED to see, but something seems off. I don't think they will be together much longer, or something is off with HER intentions.

    Anyways, I still have to see this guy, I am almost love him as much as I did when we were together still. He is good friends with my father still and he has unfinished projects to complete in this house. (he was handy) He came here to help my dad with something and to pick up a few things he left here.....and the feeling. omgsh, the feeling we still had was very powerful. At that point I hadn't seen him for about 2 months. Part of me just wants to believe it is only my imagination as he is still with this girl. He didn't even wish me a merry christmas. But another part of me knows it's real. He has stating many, many times during our relationship that he had flet something with me that he has never felt before. That stuff just doesn't go away. I think that brief encounter scared him, now he is trying to focus more on his girlfriend to "forget it" Because before that encounter, we were writing each other a few times a week. After that day we chatted in person, I have heard nothing. He is not without problems either, his wife leaving for his brother took it's toll.

    The pain of losing him was something I have never felt, just as the joy of meeting. I am STILL in pain, whereas he has moved on. I don't know how to take in all of this, I'm afraid these gifts will be the death of me......then I think again and see my strength.

    I don't know, I am hurting but am beginning to learn. I have read many, many times that you must learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else. I agree and when I met Markus, I thought I had, but I hadn't. I love him so much, but I am kind of glad that we didn't get back together when we tried. I know in my heart that I am not good for him right now. I need to heal. ...but I know, even though she is a nice person, I don't know her but I sense it........I know she is not good for him, period. I don't know, it's something I feel. Sometimes I am wrong. I am so confused it makes me want to cry, scream.......and the earth to swallow me whole.

    Right now, I am taking it day by day, trying to learn. I have been feeling pretty good lately, but I know it's not even close to my full potential. Sometimes I believe that I am not strong enough, others, I know I am. It's like a constant...push...pull...push...pull.....and I'm afraid one day, I might just be split in a broken heart.

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