Can anyone tell me why this happened?

  • Patricia1970 libra, nice to meet you too and thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Aloha patricia1970 libra,

    It feels like a female did pass, and you are a lightworker,I myself many years ago felt other peoples

    sadness and pain,it was a deep feeling in my solar plexes,but have sense learned to handle it.

    some dead people are looking for a way out or back and they attach to people with light,i,m wondering how you are feeling now??? Did you direct her to where she needs to go....or is she still attached to you? Talk with your spirit and get some insights.......Good luck.....oceanspirit11

  • Dear Oceanspirit11,

    Aloha and Welcome, Thank-You very much for responding .

    What is a lightworker?, there is still so much that i'am learning. 🙂

    I just started to do some steps on the web site Empath Community to help me better handle when this happens to me,alot of times when i'm in a crowd of people either strangers or people i know, i pick up right away on anger,sadness,and other negitive feelings, if it is something that i can not handle like that accident i get away as fast as i can. this i need to learn to handle head on and right then and there.

    I still do feel a little bothered by the accident and have gone down that road 2 times since it happened and both times i get a feeling like i do not want to be on that road. maybe she is still attached to me? what do i do?,tell her to go to the light,in the name of the holy guost? i know i do this for anything from a past life that is weighing on me,and it goes away.

    yes that is a good idea i will try talking to my guide about this. thanks again and please stay on this thread,i feel that your insight could help others here too.


    love & light


  • That is crazy it could mean that it is something which you may regret seeing, someone you've known or close to could have been in it. Or your reaction if seen could have affected you innot so good of a way. Why am I left still trying to figure out my situation?

  • Up Date,

    Oceanspirit11 was right on when she picked up on a female passing and she did attach herself to me because she was afraid to leave. I asked my spirit guide about the car accident and she told me just what Oceanspirit11 had told me. so with my guide standing by, i talked to the women and guided her to the light,it was beautiful,and draining at the same time.and it is the first time that i was able to do that.

    now it just so happens that while talking to my guide,Gwen i learned some surprising news so i have made another thread and turned it into a guessing game,so if anyone feels like trying to guess what else gwen and i talked about either post it here or on the ,can anyone guess what my guide just told me thread. have fun!!!

    blessings & light 🙂

  • Aloha Patrica1970libra

    I'm so glad your feeling better,I have not much time to chat right now,and just to let you know i'm

    a man,hahahahahaha,with many female qualities.............

    Aloha and mahalo oceanspirit11

  • MystoBlueStars,

    Thank you for all the info and link details you have posted here too, I have found them interesting and informative.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Oceanspirit11,

    Aloha,Thank-You, and WOW! that is great ,a very spiritual man,i myself have not meet many and i think it is wonderful,but i do not see you that much on here unless im not looking in the right place.well i hope to see more of you on here,quick ? years ago my daughter used to watch lilo & stich a cartoon and she use to always say: ohona? means family. what is the right way to spell this?

    many blessings and love & light to you 🙂

  • OH and Oceanspirit Happy New Year....... 🙂

  • Dear Wenchie,

    Hi, Happy New Year! I hope yours was nice? I very much enjoyed the Blue Moon and the Energy.I tryed to send you an e-card and it said that the email was not active? I was thinking about you though.hope to talk to you soon,take care.

    Many Blessings,Love & Light 🙂

  • I feel so bad,on new years eve my sister sent me a cute e-card,so i looked at the other ones to choose from and wanted to send my warm wishes and love to my friends,well it turns out it was a viris,it tryed to crash my laptop yesterday on the 1st but i was on it at the time and warnings from mcAfee starded going off on my laptop like fireworks and i was able to save it from crashing but it took better half of the day. I feel SO,SO BAD now that i have learned that LibrasLair and Meandkids computers crashed yesterday and it crashed my sisters as well. Strange thing was i got nowarning that it was not safe. I feel so guilty,and are truely sorry if it was my e-card that did the damage...

    Blessings,Love & Light 😞

  • Hi Patricia,

    I just tested it again to make sure it works and it does, so try again. Remember the .au on the end because I'm in Australia.

    So it's wenchie @ (without the spaces of course).

  • Hi Wenchie,

    O.k. thanks i will try it again, it's a good thing that it did not work for me when i was trying to send that e-card, I will be scanning future sites. take care...

    Many Blessings, Love & Light 🙂

  • Hi All ! Patricia, please excuse me for butting in .... I just read this thread and have a question ...

    Mysto or anyone else here ~ I took these quizzes also and can't seem to find out what the one on yahoo/empath means. What does universal, angel, judge, artict ect all mean? Also, any thoughts on why I would score 95% on, like, 5 of these categories? ( i even had to take a tie-breaker question : )) I can't figure it out so I am left with more questions. Ugh ! Any suggestions or other web sites you can point me to would be great.

    Check out thread " additional forum for empaths, seems this was in the air....

    Patricia, I've enjoyed reading your threads, keep at it!

    Happy Birthday,Blondie! And Blondie , ur posts >>>> sigh, sigh, as my grandmother would say, " come over here so i can slap you. twice! " : )

    Okay, butting out : )

  • Aloha patricia,

    Ohana means extended family,we are all ohana !!!!!!!! That's sweet that your daughter caught on to that....... And your right i'm not on here very often, I'm living on the island of maui right now.....

    Maybe i will tell you my story and why i moved here, And happy new to you too....

    I wish you get everything you need this year......With much love Alan

  • Thanks Laie4! Happy New Year To You!!

    LOL....Slap me twice?..

    Maybe It's what I need! haha


  • 1Blondie178 ~ yeah, slap ya twice was usually how she put it .... she was adorable! i think once was just because & once was for whatever she thought you were messed up about. we always just laughed & ducked ... didn't matter who u were .... no one was immune from this : ) glad u took it in the intended spirit ~ i hope i'm as spunky as she was in thirty years!

    Hope all good things come in 2010 for you also!

  • Laie4,

    Hi,you are not butting in and i have said it many times on tarot that we are all family,all Gods children,here to learn.are you talking about the quizzes on Empath Community site? that is the only one that i found, i'm not sure how to answer your question? i'm having brain fog, maybe if you can track down Mysto maybe she will be able to help alot better than me right now,but please stay and chat it is sad when threads die out. i'm going to get some sleep tonight and meditate tomorr. for a bit and i should be feeling better.i'm still having a problem when i pick up on very strong negitivity as this happened to me today by way of a very dark person that use to be in my life,but i will fix myself up with another cleansing and prayers.

    Many Blessings,Love & Light 🙂

    Happy Birthday 1Blondie178, May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True..... Light & Love 🙂

  • Aloha Alan,

    Thank-you very much, my daughter is 17 now and still says that, she is a very beautiful also gifted young lady. I always tell everyone that we are all Ohana and Gods Children. WOW Maui, i bet it is so beautiful there? I live in florida,on the east coast,we have some beautiful beaches here,but it is so over built,and tons of people,it is so very sad when i see them take away more and more of our beaches to build's getting so bad here that the last year i have seen wild life like a black panther,foxes,coyotes,igunas and even a small monkey being had hit and killed by a car. truely heart breaking.

    I would love to hear your story, i get a smile from ear to ear when i see that you have left another post,it feels good talking to you.if you would like to email me to you can that is not a problem at all.i can be reached at the 1 below or if you want we can chat on here,either way is fine just as long as you keep the messages coming.

    it's funny,i had a bad day today and felt so blah until i started my post to you,thank-you for being so healing. i hope to chat again with you soon,take care, tons of blessings,light & love.... patricia

  • Thanks patricia1970libra!

    I hope you are feeling better today and didn't have any more encounters with negative people. Thanks for reading my posts I was trying to find more info on the yahoo, empath quiz that MystoBlue posted ( at least, i think it was mysto, can't scroll back without having to re-type, i think, : ( That quiz was a little different but i couldn't locate any sort of key for the answers, lol. Left me with more questions .... oh well, maybe Mysto will see this & respond.

    Peace & Joy to you!

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