Sag women ( moon in aries ) and gemini men ( gemini moon ) .I would like it to

  • We have 18 years of marriage. it was not easy , yes ,maybe fun ... now we want to divorce, but again and again we are together. how to make points? I'm tired of it all...


  • typical gemini, have had the same off again on again type relationship with a gemini male, when its good its very good, when its bad its HORRID 😄 I feel for you!

  • Angelikah your right about your comment. I too have been in love with a Gemini for yrs and it seems like that how it is. Sorry, to say Gem are Gemini's and someetimes it get's a little dificult and hard to deal with sometimes. But like u said when it's good it's good.

  • Hi, I have decided to join the discussion boards, because I love meeting people I can identify with. I am a Sag, not only a sag, but a Sag w/ my moon in Aries. I think at times I myself can feel misunderstood, the hardest thing on me is trying to make others happy and failing. I guess the term would be, Taken for Granted. I have the hardest time letting go, to be honest, I have never been able to leave unless there was infedality. That was once, (libra) I am happily with a Aries. The wisdom I would like to share, is a new year is approaching, things are going to pick up in all kinds of ways for us Sag's. Everything we have worked and struggled for yrs, is going to pay off. I tell you this because, I hope you can be strong and pursue happiness for your self, even if things get hard from time to time in a relationship. I wish you the best, in this new yr to come. I hope you can find some middle ground for your relationship, but above all grab all the opportunies you can for your self this year.

  • thanks MizzFireball for the nice words.!!!!!!

    During the divorce I have become stronger than before, I've worked a lot with myself... a lot :).... but my gemini has remained the same, coward .... everything would be easier, because by that time I met a fantastic man, a complete contrast, the fantastic sexual relationship, a real man .... yes ... a real scorpion :((((...... I study mu birthd chart , and now I began to understand why men are attracted to me is not real .. is wrong for me....

  • I hate to say it, but a very similar thing happened to me but the roles were reversed. I am a Gemini female and I date a Sag male (of which I believe has an Aries moon). He stomped all over my heart. I was in it for the long haul. I thought he was the "one" and for the longest time he thought I was the one for him. Sadly when things started to get a little hard, a little stressful....he went running. At one point we were even going to fix things and then he "met someone". Kinda feel like if a sag gets the slightest inkling that someone is better than who they are with they will go running.

    There is an appeal for Gemini's and Sag's because we love similar things...the problem is we love them differently.

    In the end it was most clear that we were not meant to be together... we were fighting the inevitable. I believe we held on as long as we did because of the few things that were good, they were amazingly good.

    There are some Gem/Sag combos that I believe can work, depending on the date of birth and each persons moon...but overall its often each persons different views on life that ultimately end the combo. If you made 18 years, I applaud you. That is amazing. I know its not easy living with a Gemini, I can admit that, but it is in us to be very loving and loyal companions.

    It is my personal belief that evolving and growing as a person is important and I do wish you all the happiness...

    I just wanted to point out that though your Gemini may be the coward, not all Gemini's are....and with all the Gemini bashing that has been going on in other posts, well I wanted to point out that Gemini's get their hearts broken too.

    Best of luck to you!

  • thanks for the views of us ...

    the most painful problems is words.....I could never lie. I pretend for a while, don,t speak , and then shoot out the heart of all that ... but my man gemini regularly talked of things that you do not want to live longer. the next day and pretend that nothing has been. but everything can be forgotten, not just words ... they destroyed .... I can no longer tolerate the changing moods, thoughts. enough.!!!!! I tired of that at all the problems they blame others, for me the most ....

    P.S i have many friends gemini...they are the best....we have a best match ....:)

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