Leo Girl, Scorpio Man

  • leoscorpion, thank you for the charts. They seem very helpful, and I'll make sure i print out a copy and keep them for myself. Unfortunately, I haven't had much contact with him lately, we never get to talk during the week because of the time difference, i'm already asleep when he gets out of work. I'm really starting to wonder if this is going to go anywhere, i can only wait till May when i go back to canada to see if he will possibily visit me even it even lasts until then that is!

    missleo, i think your guy is just messing around with you. Some sick way of playing games I think, mine is still playing games with me even though we aren't even together anymore. No point being friends as you will only be hurt. I would spend a few months of no contact and see how i feel then.

  • ma_leo

    can't you just stay with emails? I mean hubby and I used to just go with emails rather than chats and phone calls. at the time he worked 2 jobs so I didn't want to bug him too much. I just go with emails or texts.

    with the time difference it will be harder for you two to talk, but if he still replies to your emails and texts, then he still wants you. he won't put you above his work or competition, it's just how they are.

  • Ok...this is for all you Leo women. I am a scorpio man who Loves Leo women. The only thing is: Why do you Leo women complain so much and put up such DRAMA....when underneath you are soft and gentle??? All that DRAMA can run the SCORPIO away. If you want to keep your scorpio KING, give him total control and watch what happens...if he is mature, he will handle his business.....

  • Thanks ma Leo, You are so right, who needs that crap, Us Leos are very caring, giving and considerate of others feelings. we don't need that kind of Mis-leading type in our lives anyway!

    Just for an update, i wrote him another letter and gave it to him good. He was like"WoW, that's a lot of feelings in one letter. He made a comment to each part of the letter and he & I decided that he could not give me what i want or needed, so we moved on. Thank-god it was only 3 months of hell. I found an Aries Man about 3 weeks ago, OMG, he is everything that I have been looking for in Love. He is gentle, compassionate, caring and ever so helpful, he gives me everything that I have desired and have been looking for my entire life. So, i was able to move on very quickly, and not look back. That loser Scorpio can't even come close to holding a candle to this Aries man. Life is Great and i feel very blessed to have met the man of my dreams. I'll keep ya updated on The Scorpio, as i just have a feeling that he is not quite done with me yet! Little does he know, that I have fully and completely moved on, and yes the grass is greener on the other side!

  • Im a male scorpio, and full time single father trying to balance life and dating and unfortunately i lost a Leo girl that meant the world to me that felt the same way you do. she was very frustrated by my distance and caution during our relationship, but first I would like to give you some non-astrological advice, until you guys meet, I would really not think of this as anything yet.

    As for astrological stuff, my Leo girl was a truly wonderful woman, but was VERY uncomfortable with being patient with me and letting me take my time getting to know her. I dont know about other scorp guys but im kind of unique because im a single father and I have had enough relationships that involved love a couple times before and know that even when you love someone they can still surprise you and so I tend to hold back sometimes even when im totally in love with and loyal to someone. in general, although it takes longer to warm us up, once we're there we never arent going to be loving, attentive and caring to our loved ones everyday.

    As for my Leo girl, I think from the moment we started dating she had already had the next two years planned (especially emotionally) out lol and was always completely frustrated by me not being in the same place as her, to the point she became very resentful, so my best advice to you leo_girl, after meeting this person along with all the normal safety stuff, is either accept him and this behavior or let him go, otherwise both of you will have the worst broken heart ever, the choice is yours, good luck : )

  • In2themusic

    I really enjoyed your reply. I've never responded to anyone on these sites, but felt compelled to after reading your post. I'm a gemini and am involved with a scorpio man. He definitely found me, wanted me, and made that very clear from the first time we met. I'm a professional musician and he heard me perform. He responded to my passion in the music like no one ever has before. The audience was riveted by the energy he was directing toward me with such oblivious abandon. People love my music, but I've never had anyone so "get me" and my passion in such a way. I've told him I'd be a fool to resist him and our connection. Anyway, I responded to his emails, friendly and professional, but soon realized there was such a soul connection, things in common, music, passion, honesty, truth. He invited me to have coffee, so I made the plans. He no showed. He begged me to invite him to hear the music, so I did. He no showed. He begged me to keep emailing, to let him call me, to see me, always telling me how beautiful I am (which is true), and complimenting me constantly. I fell hard for him. I feel his sincerity, his vulnerability, his fear. He told me he wanted to be close me, but was "too attracted". He always asks if I'm going to run away, if he's scaring me? His intensity is different, and I can see why women would be fearful. But now that I've known him for 6 months, I know he is a gentle, kind, loving man, born with intense passion. But still he won't talk to me on the phone, only texting, on his terms. And always my initiating. He emails the most loving, kind words I've ever heard, always responding to me. At first he was the intiator, now it is always me. I guess I'm ready for more, and to see him in person, risking the attraction, and the overkill of passion. I'll take the risk. He worries so much that he won't look good enough. This guy has movie star looks. How long should I carry this relationship?

    He was so much in pursuit, but now has pulled way back. We have talked about waiting for the "right time" as he as been unemployed. But I'm not concerned about that.

    What is up with his pull back, non response? When he is in contact he tells me that I'm the kind of woman he wants in his life. He finds new ways of telling me how right I am for him, that he wants to say more when the time is right. I want him in my life everyday, or at least 2-3 times a week in text, phone, in person, but he is hesitant. He has only called me once, by accident and hung up on me, while we were texting. Why is he so afraid of me?

    Any ideas? I know he's in love, so please come at me from that place.

    Gem 1103

  • One more detail...

    We have seen each other 3x and hundreds of texts and emails. Just no phone, or seeing each other really. No physical contact yet, but we do talk about it a lot.



  • this was really illuminating to read, makes me feel like im not alone in all these probs... So heres my story. im a leo 7 years younger to my scorpio guy. we're family friends and our moms would joke about us getting together, but when i was younger i was repulsed at the thought one day we would end up together but later growing up we began talking casually online, he was in london and i was in canada, both studying. long distance never really mattered because we were never exclusive then. but talking to him was so easy, and soon we were talking at regular intervals for long periods of time. it became a habit. both of us were coming out of another relationship, whether it was that which got us so easily connected, i dont know, but it really became a habit. then all of a sudden we had a talk where he said he knew i liked him, at tht point i hadnt even thought about him like that. after that he dissappeared and came every other week. it hurt but i always knew that he would call back. when we met up for a couple days we talked and decided that we would give it a try. and in the beginning it was wonderful. we would talk whenever we had a chance. i guess thats the honeymoon stage of a relationship. after some time he had some personal and family problem and completely dissappeared. saying i was shattered is putting it too lightly. i knew i had to give him time and space but i knew he was hurting and for me to just leave him alone like to get better on his own was too hard. i begged him to respond, talk to me, but he just ignored and had deleted my messages. after that he got a new number and didnt tell me about it so i had no way of getting in touch with him. and so i waited, after a month of nothing, he called and said we're done. when i asked why, he said there are lots of reasons but he's not going to tell me. which only makes me think he has no reason.. i told him cuz of us i dnt want our moms friendship to get wrecked and he replied to that saying he wasnt interfering.. i thought time would make it better, i just ate and slept, left the world alone. but that just upset my family even more so not to create any more fights with them i began to get busy. and that helped keeping my mind off things but i would like to be alone and whenever i was my minds still goes back to him. what did i do wrong? how can we be so good and the next second have gone completly astray? i keep waiting for him still, expect phone calls, ive sent him a few here and there messgaes and emails, nothing too personal, something i could send to any of my friends, but no response. i want to call him but i dont want to seem desperate or clingy, i have no idea whats going on in his head. right now im so tempted to send him a huge email explaing whats going on with me, and tell him ive tried so hard to get over him, but im still in the same place i was since 3 months ago. im tired of waiting for him but there seem to be no way as to how i can stop waiting for him.. i just really wish he would call back.. i get this feeling that he's waiting for me to messgae him, but i dont want to message him and he ends up deleting it too and the whole things starts over.. im so lost, someone please advice me, im so tired of living like this..

  • Scorp male here, I fell for a leo woman a while ago and i still have deep feeling for her, we've known each other just over a year now, we get along well, she knows i want our relationship to go that next step but she says i'm not for her, but she has NEVER tried to actually know me. Are all leo women like this?, plus she has lately started playing around with my feelings, this is really starting to piss me off and so far i've managed to hold my 'scorpio temper' back but i know if it comes out it will ruin our relationship and i don't want that to happen.

    Why is she doing this, thinks its funny?, cruelty? . . .

  • honestly speakin,i myself z in luv wid ascorpio guy and fortunately or unfortunately,im a leo gal 2o,wid al my typical leo charactrstcs nd sem goes out for hm...our ws nt luv at 1st syt,its he who made me fall me fal in luv wid hm..u knw guys dere usd 2 b a tym wen he wantd my evry single secnd...he wantd 2 meet me evryday...dre usd 2 b days wn v dint evn touch each odr nd may b met for only 10mins stil at nyt,latr wn i usd 2 talk he usd 2 say ,"i had luvly day wid"..things i nvr imagind doing 4 hm,he did dem so easily 4 me...trust me guys,he gev al da atentn,a leo gal drims abt..bt den sudenly he became busy aftr he gt hs new job...started givin me less tym,less atentn..smthin went wrong,i dnt knw wat...nw he hardly calls,or cntacts me rathr...i found dat in ds syt,evry leo gal arnd da wrld,in luv wid a scorp r facin da sem damn problms,sem disappointments,z being equaly hurt lyk im...just 1 thng,cn a typical leo gal nd a scorp guy b nvr 2gethr???nd if dey cn,how???plz tel me a way by whch a leo gal hu has lost hr scorp guy cn get hm back da way he ws???

  • i WANT my guy back..ya guys,i am also a typical leo girl,in love with a stubborn,highly mysterious and passionate scorpio guy..let me tell a bit of a background..we have been in a relation for last one year..everything was great..we both were student when we started on..he is 3year ollder than me..i am born on 27.07.1989 and he on 31.10.1989..he is in marine and now he is done with his studies and got ajob for which he has to be abroad for 6months or so..he said "bye" to me..when i asked he said if we talk the urge to meet will increase so its better we dont talk..but i love this guy a lot..want him back in my life because its only this guy in this whole world with whom i can share everything and i feel comfortable..its not that i am not living my life without him but life is incomplete without him..please someone help..cant bear it anymore..tried a lott...

  • sorry there is a small mistake up there..my date of birth is 27.07.1992

  • I got very confused by a leo girl. I'm married man, but I told the leo girl that I would sort out my problem before we start. Leo girl however said to me that it would not be possible. But my instinct tells me it is not true. I think she said that because she did not want to feel guilty for breaking up my marriage In the past, she did many things for me before I told her that she has been on my mind for long time. But she didn't do it for other mens.

    Do all leo girls do things for all her normal/good friends? How can I find out if the leo girl also have strong feeling for me? How can I test her? Help please. Scorpios hate uncertainty.

  • Scorpio777~ Male Scorpio here, dude youre married..why in the world do you need advice on another woman,,,why dont you take care of your personal buisness first before you start something else that is sure to fail...You seem desperate and a loser....

  • TruePhoenix - You said you had an affair with other woman when you were married on other post. So you were the winner because you had two women at the same time then? At least I have not started any relationship with other woman when I'm still married.

  • Hi all,

    I have just recently signed up onto itarot after reading so many archives about scorpios and im amazed at so many of the cases that people have brought up are very similar to the scorpio i am currently dating. but am having a lot of trouble, hence my name and would really appreciate some help.

    To put the story short,

    i have met my scorpio for a literally a decade, went to highschool together and have been really close friends the whole time and now we are in our mid twenties. we have not started dating until after new years of 2011 and it has been a long distance relationship since he currently studies in a different state. He does come home every now and then and the relationship all started out very passionate and loving until he spent the whole past summer here back at home.

    He’s trying to get into med school which is quite stressful and exhausting with pressure coming from the family. He has been in a damaged relationship before and guarded his heart with all his life and many girls paid for it after (completely accurate as some archive describes “A Scorpio that has been injured by a woman it may take woman after woman that will pay for that other woman’s mistake”). But when he first chased me he said I was “somehow able to fix something that was once broken and that he thought would never be fixed again”. He also believed that he would never love again in his life but of course he was still young back then and before his heart was broken he did have a crush on me but never acted on his feelings, which is why he thinks he is able to find ‘love’ with me since it was already there before.

    He is someone that is easily distracted when hes amongst friends and tends to get off track easily. Thus after being home for the whole summer his grades dropped and his chances of getting into med school has drastically decreased, so has his confidence and self-esteem. He has tried to break up with me once in the summer because he thinks he failed and couldnt get an interview from the schools he applied for but i begged him to give it another chance. He had to face his ‘depression stage’ alone before and i wanted to be there for him this time. Everything was better after he got an interview and he has been back to his studies since summer ended.

    After coming back from the interview in late November, he decided to break up with me. This time he was very firm and theres no way i could change his mind. He thinks he wont be able to get in and said this time nothing can get in the way of him succeeding. He needs to be alone he claims, and that he cant have me by his side, yet i know he still loves me very much.I have tried to tell him i would not give up on him no matter what, that i dont need him to be any doctor or anything because i love him for who he is.

    When we first started he had all the confidence in the world, he envisioned our life and futures together and wanted to marry me. But i admit when it first started I was also very focused on my own goals, but when summer came along i put him as my first priority therefore i only wanted to spend time with him and perhaps to him i lost my since of ‘independence’ and forgot to give him space.

    Now the question is, do u think i should keep waiting? I find that we have an amazing chemistry and bond together. The trust n faith we have in each other is something i have never experienced before. I learn so much from him and i realized that when i’m with him, i bring out the best in myself. I also know that he learns a lot from me as well.

    If he gets into med school, it will take another 4 years to complete and i know he is very scared of wasting my ‘precious years’ as he thinks i can find someone better that can give me the attention and be there for me when i need someone.

    Do leo and scorpios stand a chance?? Should i be waiting? Will he return to me? I have no doubt that he is still in love with me.

  • To all the Leo ladies dealing with Scorpio men, RUN. These signs are more trouble than they're worth. Whenever there is conflict in their lives, (and there's always conflict from one thing or another with these broody souls) they dramatize everything, can't handle the heat they cause with arguments and pull away then they come back months later acting like nothing happened, only to pull you in and do it all over again. If you manage to get away and find yourself living the sunny life that is in your nature, don't allow these miserable signs back in. You will regret it. It's a viscous cycle that's akin to death and rebirth, what Scorpio's known for.

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