Leo Girl, Scorpio Man

  • leo girl, i hope you had a good new years eve. anything at all from the guy? even a new years wish...?

    I actually ended up staying in myself on the new years, it was too cold to go out and i didnt feel like i needed to go out to feel good about myself. Mr scorpio never texted about meeting up which was highly irritating so around midnight (literally) i erased every sign of him from my phone (numbers, texts etc) and told myself i'm going to start fresh in the new year. When I woke up this morning, around 2:30 am there was a text from him, a stupid mass msg which included something like '2010... forgive quickly, love truly..' among other things. My blood boiled to a 100 when I saw that so I texted back a msg reeking with sarcasm going like ''forgive quickly, love truly' really?? how ironic.. sounds surreal coming from you. how about 'practice what you preach' another good one, dont you think?''

    Haven't heard back from him and don't think I will but I'm not contacting him again ESP NOT to apologize. I need to delete his last text as well otherwise in my subconscience i'm always going to know that i have his number in my phone and someday on impulse i will text him again. If only i can also erase him from my mind as well and all my problems will be solved. We dont deserve this treatment from these losers...

    Just thought I should share...

    Have a wonderful new year!!!

  • Hello Ma Leo,

    I stayed in too and am sad myself but I dont think its because of a amn but really the feeling of being lonely. I have not heard from him but my first love did send me a text... I feel as if I will never have the love that I am looking for. I have faith but feel irritated, not sure what I did at all. I feel stupid and used in so many ways. I think I will take 2010 as a year for me and to take a break. I dont know where to start at all because love is not easy to get rid of at all at least the feelings we have...

    Im not sure what to do, I feel drained... I will try to be strong. I am telling myself that I will be ok...

  • Awww leo girl, please don't lose faith. I can understand how you feel, i was actually quite depressed last night as this was the first new years my entire life that I've completely spent on my own. But I relocated fairly recently to a new place as well and don't know many people here either. I met this scorp guy literally the first week after i moved here so not having him in my life anymore has made me completely and utterly lonely. So I totally understand where you are coming from, it's like these men come so close to you and toy around with your feelings, and when you find yourself completely involved, they vanish. First of all, you have to stop blaming yourself because the problem is with HIM not you. If you're not ready to move on or date other guys, then don't. I've already been through this phase with this guy. During our 4 mths of separation, i tried my luck with a few other guys but it was completely hopeless as all i ended up doing was comparing and felt even worse at the end of the day. That's when I realized I wasn't ready to move on. I needed time to myself, MY time, to grieve.... So it's perfectly normal for you to feel this way and need time to get yourself together.

    Now, after this time, and my final realization that this guy really is a selfish jerk, I feel like i may be in a better position to move on. This morning I logged on facebook and this guy in my friend's list messaged me. I had met this guy on a website 2 years ago, we had talked a few times and then somehow we just lost contact. Today, completely randomly, after 2 years, he said hi to me and we started chatting. Then he called and we ended up talking for 6 hours! He's a capricorn, and seems like a really nice person, like a real marrying kind of guy if you know what i mean. And now I'm wondering to myself, maybe this is how it happens, it just happens... I don't know.. I dont want to have any hopes, and I still love that scorp way too much.. but i need a distraction, someone to bond to.. and maybe this could be it....2010 will be a great year, I know just it... so NEVER give up, my dear xxx

  • M Leo,

    Thank you, I feel stupid but today is a new start and I will try my best to move forward, I am sure that I will be ok... I feel as though I let my guard down and now I feel even worst. I was with someone for 5 years and I felt that we did not have a future. After I left him I met the scorp guy and now I feel as though I made a bad choice. I think I am afraid to be alone but I need to get past that. I do however genuinely felt that the scorp guy could have been the one and I wanted to take a chance. I feel crazy. In my life I have had 4 men ask me to marry them and I hesitated and said no. I wnooder if I have made some bad choices.

  • These is no use crying over the past, everything happens for the best. It is through trial and error that we meet the right person because that is what makes us appreciate them more.. like the saying goes, without pain there is no gain

  • ma-leo

    "These is no use crying over the past, everything happens for the best. It is through trial and error that we meet the right person because that is what makes us appreciate them more.. like the saying goes, without pain there is no gain "

    You certainly are no longer that little girl he thought you were. I'm proud of you.

    You will find the man you deserve, be it him or not. Just don't close the door to invitations and making friends.

  • I wonder if its the same guy, i have the same story, here is the story i posted on "Do all Scorpion males Cheat.

    o.m.g. Listening to all the stuff here about Scorpions, now i really freaked out! I just started dating a Scorp 2 months ago. His d.o.b is Nov 12, mine is Aug 16th. Wow, so much sounds familiar, minus the cheating that is. I spent Xmas at his home with his kids, 24 and 20, who came to visit. We had a nice time. Last weekend he asked me to go out, we did, had fun, got back to his house, made love. Went to his room afterward and were laying in bed when all of a sudden, he said that he wanted me to go home now. ??? I'm like What? Why?? It was the oddest behavior i have ever encountered. He continued to talk non stop for the next 3 hours about him, and his family and how weird it was that i stayed over at xmas with his kids ect?? He told me he had insomnia and a weird feeling, and that i should go home. He made love to me again and kept insisting that i leave. All along telling me it was not ME, but him. He needed his space. He has told me that he likes to be alone and needs space and i try and give him that. But that night was so weird, i ended up leaving. When i woke up the next day, i was so confused, he has me so confused. I have never had a guy do this to me in all of my 47 years!! I am so trying to figure this guy out, he's driving me crazy! It's always about him, either he has a migraine, or he's tired or wants to be alone. He is not very open about his feelings and I'm really frustrated. He can't understand why I felt rejected that night. I have stayed at his house 5 0r 6 times previously, then all of a sudden???? He has spent the night at my house 3 times. He also has a problem with that as well. We have such a great chemistry and so many things in common. The **** is unbelievable and wild, and just hanging with him is fun too. I'm just not sure where any of this is going. He keeps telling me to go with the flo, which I am. I'm not pushy, bitchy, or asking for anything more than what is going on now. He text's me more that talks on the phone, if I don't respond to a text, he replies, what are you ignoring me, or playing hard to get? I'm like dang! W.T.F...... I have read every horoscope about Scorp's on the internet just trying to figure out this guy. I have never, ever dated a Scorp in my life, now I'm seeing why! Help, I'm so confused and don't know if I should put any more effort into this relationship of games!

  • leoscorpion, thank you for your comment. I hope you're keeping well. I find it really ironic you said to me a couple of weeks ago that cappys are the best and i said to you well how do i make sure i meet a cappy, i could be compatible with anyone! like i mentioned in my earlier post to leo girl, a cappy from my past recently re-emerged into my life. I really like talking to him, and he's starting to grow on me but I think finally at this point I'm starting to realize that I AM FINALLY moving on from the scorp guy. I keep in touch with him still because it doesn't feel right to cut him off entirely from my life and because a part of me will perhaps love him for a very long time. the one disadvantage with this cappy guy is that he's long distance so all we have between us at the moment is communication until we are able to meet in a few months time. he's very marriage oriented as well and seems very caring. i had a cold recently and he checked up on me everyday whereas the scorp guy on the other hand just gave me a prescprion and didnt even bother following up to see if i was feeling any better (they are both doctors). Your husband is a cap right? This one was born on Jan 19th but even though he's on the cusp, he says he's a pretty strong cap. can you tell me anything about them, anything i should watch for?

  • Awesome! LOL ma-leo I can't help being happy for you :):)

    yeah I know sun signs alone are not enough but I can't help it 🙂

    I can tell you some things about them but first of all need to say that Mercury retro brings old issues up. so take your time with this Cap until retro is over.

    things will be clearer then. It will be over on Jan 16, give or take a week.

    have fun with him, chatting, going out etc nothing serious until say Jan 20 onward.

  • yoopergirl, welcome to the scorpio club, the most difficult and complex sign of the zodiac! our dates of birth are quite similar mine: aug 15 his nov 14. Behavior: EXACTLY THE SAME!!

    'Went to his room afterward and were laying in bed when all of a sudden, he said that he wanted me to go home now. ??? I'm like What? Why?? It was the oddest behavior i have ever encountered.'...'He told me he had insomnia and a weird feeling, and that i should go home. He made love to me again and kept insisting that i leave.'

    MY scorp: he used to be the exact same way. Extremely passionate and then bang, something would come over, his mood would change and he wanted out. He was very flighty.

    ' It's always about him, either he has a migraine, or he's tired or wants to be alone. He is not very open about his feelings and I'm really frustrated.'

    MY Scorp had the same issues. Insomnia, eczema, stress, you name it! It was always about him. A couple of weeks ago, he was in an extremely good mood one night. he called me at like 12 am asking me to come to a club musical he was attending with his friends. when i couldnt he was quite disappointed and said we'll meet again soon. NOW it's all about his mood. When he needs to meet up. Today I texted him asking if he wanted to go out. Reply: Had a really busy day blah blah blah. Yes I know. It's all about you. ALWAYS about you.

    Keep this in mind. THey can be extremely passionate and loving but only when THEY want to, NOT when you want them to be.

    'He keeps telling me to go with the flow' Great stuff, mine said the exact same words, go with the flow...

    To hell with their flow. Do you really want to live this life when you already know that there are men out there that are like NORMAL. Scorpio is the sign of passiionate bonding and extreme detachment at the same time. Do you really want to be with Dr Jekell and Mr Hyde? After sex, a womans wants their guy to stick around and cuddle and be close to them, not just get up and leave or even worse ask YOU to get up and leave just because THEY need space. What about our feelings and what we want? I know they are amazing to be with, but they also have us wrapped around their fingers. Don't we deserve better? And dont forget, if you thnk you can change him you are mistaken. Mine is exactly the same even post breakup... I wonder how manages to keep friends, if he has any at all that is!

  • leoscorpion, I cant really go out with him that's the problem. We live across continents. He's in the US I'm in the UK even though i'm from Canada. Won't be going home before summer and that's when he says is feasible for us to meet up when I'm up there (he mentioned meeting up with my family as well which means he's quite serious). But that also means surviving the next few months solely via phone. Another test of my patience... God help me!

  • ma-leo,

    I can tell he likes you. very obvious. checking on you every day when you have cold and you live long distance 🙂 LOL cheeky goats 🙂 This is a long post , so take your time.

    Caps are competitive and assertive, in a peaceful way. They work long hours.

    So don't call during work hours. You can text, but most likely he won't reply until he gets home from work. Being a doctor, his hours will be erratic so don't fret if he doesn't reply soon. He will reply the next day or after he has his rest after work.

    Also, don't call when he is competing. Hubby likes to compete in outdoor sports such as golf tournament, fishing tournament, or even set up some small poker group with the guys. When he is at this tournament, he will not answer my call. and I am not supposed to call unless it is life threatening LOL He is always eager to win and very common he wins although most of the time it's 3rd place. He always brings money home from poker game too 🙂

    Even if I don't call him during work or tournament time, he always calls after. If your Cap has feelings for you, you will never feel ignored, he will shower you with attention and praises sometimes it actually gets too much LOL If he lives alone, and you happen to drop by, he won't be upset. Just take care don't do it on weekdays when he is working or weekends when he is out with his friends competing for something. He won't be upset but you will be ignored until the game or work is over. Funny, I know, but that's how they are. If he is only out for fun, of course, he will take you 🙂

    These people are good with money and has a good sense in business. They know how to earn good money and provide for their loved ones. They are rather slow in bed, you will have to be patient and creative in that regard. It's not that they don't like s ex. Caps approach everything and everyone slowly, but if they want you, they will fight their way to you. Same in bed. They may take it slow, but as soon as the game is on, you will be surprised 🙂

    They can be sarcastic after a long day of work or competing. But if you tell them that what they do or say hurt you, they will either stop or tone it down. Again if they have feelings for you, they will do anything for you. They like formality and respect old values: family, tradition etc. Pay attention to your behavior in formal, family functions or in the crowd. At home it wouldn't matter how you behave LOL unless of course you have a guest.

    Caps world is the cold harsh reality and responsibility. Ours is a play ground, all sunny and scenic. Don't fret if he doesn't get excited easy at your plans or hopes. Let's say you both agree to marry. You will be singing and go to work with a happy face. He will be working even longer hours, maybe not even smiling. Not because he regrets agreeing to marry you, but because he knows monetary responsibility of having a family and the wedding celebration itself, and so he will work long hours to make sure things are taken care of properly. He will not tell you he can afford something, if he can't. If you have to delay a purchase, he will tell you that too. They rely on what they can see and hold. You can tell him your dreams and hopes, and he will tell you the hard work you need to do to get there. Sometimes it's annoying, but we do need a reminder at times, about the cold hard reality.

    Caps like to save for the future and good with managing money. The thing with them is that they don't spend for something that don't last. They would rather spend big for quality, then cheap that won't last or not sure of quality. Let's say you want diamond ring and a house, he will get the downpayment for house, and get you a gold ring instead. Because a house is a more important investment. With them, you have to tone down extravaganze and fanciness, and go with investment and saving. It may sound dreary, but let me tell you, my 9 years with them I never ever have to worry about money. Even in recession and both he and I lost income, we never lose a single possession, be it house, car, nothing. Because we have saved for a while, instead of buying things we don't need.

    Caps are ruled by Saturn. Some experts call it Old man Saturn, symbol of hard work and perseverance. Don't delay or interrupt him when he is at work or competing, he might get upset and lash out. He will still go home to you or go for that dinner date he promised you, but he will remind you not to interrupt him again. This is like a rule of thumb with them, don't cross it, or do your best to very rarely cross it 🙂 Also watch your temper with him. They don't like temper and will not take it lightly if you can't control it. When arguing, use logic, not emotions. Other than that, we can be just who we are : Cats 🙂

    I think this is enough for now LOL as you get closer, you will find what I wrote is true in general.

    If you want a chart done, let me know yours and his DOB.

    by the way, how long is long distance? can you or he relocate? Hubby and I was long distance too. We only met a few times before we got married and I had to move out with him because at the time he couldn't find work where I lived.

  • oo sorry didn't see your post about living in the UK

    can't you visit him every 2 months let's say? or take turns, you visit him and then he visits you.

    even if it's only a week together.

    and yes, family is a big thing for them. If he mentions you meeting his family, he is serious.

  • by the way Ma-leo

    if you are interested, take a peek at this thread


    got nice pics of hunks of any zodiac there, even Caps

    starts from page 12 I know it's a long scroll LOL but you will find some really nice ones

    oh and other ladies are invited too 🙂

    none of the pics are mine, no copyright of them

    so I can't sell you any pic, but they are good eye candies

  • Awww leoscorpion, thanks ever so much for your insight on cap men. You are an angel! I will definitely keep all this in mind as I get to know him better; he already seems to be exhibiting some of these traits you have mentioned. I've never done charts, not sure what they are, but only if it's not too much work for you, wouldnt mind having one done

    My DOB: 08.15.82

    His DOB: 01.19.79

    If you can't that's okay too. And thanks ever so much!

  • I'll do it as soon as I can

    enjoy eye candies and have fun 🙂

    I'm really happy for you, hope all goes well with you meeting his family

  • to everyone who has given me advice thanks, but its not happerning!

    I have tried 110% to win her over and she has even told me she's an idiot for not snatching me up, but still no joy.

    But i have just found someone else, should be interesting as i have never dated a fellow scorp before.

    Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • ma-leo

    gotta go out of town in the weekend so I'm pulling this for you now

    Mercury - Venus

    Negative aspect: Their relationship will sometimes be agreeable, sometimes disturbed. They will like to share their ideas which are not always to the other's taste, so that they may have interminable discussions in order to convince each other of their mistakes, lack of judgement or lack of taste.

    Mercury - Saturn

    Positive aspect: If Mercury is looking for a mother or father in the spouse, then this aspect is very favorable. Saturn will give a lot on the intellectual level and in life in general.

    Sun- Uranus

    Negative aspect: Here is an aspect that speaks against any long-term understanding. At the beginning, they will appreciate each other a lot, and will have pleasure in being together but, quite quickly, this life will become unbearable with disputes, conflicts and crying replacing love.

    Venus - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: This union will be completely successful. A couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other (and with reason), intellectual understanding, similar tastes.

    Mars - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: They are too different to get on well together, they can never understand each other, and conflict and an aggressive atmosphere will result.

    Mercury - Saturn

    Negative aspect: Mercury will find it difficult to tolerate Saturn.

    Mercury - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Favorable for all types of communication.

    Sun - Venus

    Negative aspect: The two persons are drawn towards each other, but the union is unstable, because there will inevitably be division, probably through misunderstanding on the sexual level, which may frustrate the partner.

    Saturn - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Favorable union.

    Venus - Mars

    Negative aspect: A love that is particularly based on physical understanding, a passionate love with all its negative sides: possessiveness, jealousy, aggressiveness. Such a union is unlikely to last.

    Sun - Neptune

    Positive aspect: They will be greatly attracted by each other, not necessarily physically. With the problems of everyday life, this love will vanish and each will no longer understand what they found so attractive in the other.

    Sun - Uranus

    Positive aspect: The Sun will be enriched by this relationship with Uranus, which will lead to the discovery of a new world, original and full of change. They will go well together, but Uranus is unstable and certainly too independent to enter into marriage.

    Mars - Uranus

    Positive aspect: Favorable for union, linking originality to initiative and decision-making.

    Saturn - Neptune

    Positive aspect: Favorable union. Neptune brings dreams to Saturn, who lacks them, and Saturn brings common sense to Neptune, who is totally without it.

  • ma-leo

    there are certainly difficulties here but if you read the below you will be able to understand. There is no relationship free of problems. But with more positive relations than negatives, you two will not find it too much to bear as long as you two try to understand each other. My chart with hubby is worse than yours LOL it took me a good 2 years to understand him. Everytime I tell him my dreams and hopes, he will tell me the hardwork needed to get there. It kind of killed the joy LOL but after a while I understand why. Because that's how they view things, facts more than dreams. When your Cap does this, ask him to show you how to achieve your dreams, he will find it out for you. In fact, if he is not too busy, he will lend a hand.

    Anyway, here it goes:

    Sometimes you can't let the past go, maybe you have suffered great loss when you were young. Losing someone you love, be it family or true love, either to death or to someone else. The past, as glorious as it might have been, is not to dwell in. You have to learn to let go and move on, for life is meant to learn and move forward.

    You have a big heart, willing to bear the burden of responsibilities, and if you do ask anything in return, it will be love and acceptance. You will be the support he needs when his days are long and he forgets how to take care of himself. Both of you understand each other, although he is more of common sense and intellectual and you are of love and creativity. Your fantasy is rich, that sometimes it takes you off reality. He is your anchor that will help you see reality. You both have tendency to forget about your own needs, try find balance in your life and in your life together.

    You are courageous, organized and reliable. You may need to learn from him about money management, although this may not be necessary due to your strong sense of responsibility and devotion to work and provide for your family. Nevertheless, for the sake of old age retirement, you do need to keep track of your spending. He is assertive, ambitious and optimistic. He lacks the courage to test unknown waters, for they do not guarantee success and he fears that failure will ruin everything he works hard for. You will bring warmth into his cold and harsh world of reality. But he is surefooted and balanced, someone that sticks with reality and understands his role in the world, be it relationship, family, career etc. He takes risks only when it is calculated, another reason to allow him take charge now and then.

    When it comes to love, you can prove intimidating to some. You tend to want to dominate the relationship, thinking you know what is best for both. You need to tone this down and let your mate take charge now and then. You can be protective, but not over protective. Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way, so over protective and taking control all the time, is not necessary. He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeves. Love for him is based on true understanding and friendship, not just physical and emotional. He lacks spontaneity, he approaches things cautiously, even in love and marriage. This may drive you insane for he sometimes slow to respond and to react. Both of you are loyal and devoted, but he tends to take his sense of responsibilty too seriously, leaving you lonely from time to time. You need to bring more creativity into your life. He may not respond right away but in time he will understand the importance of fun and sensuality in relationship. This will help overcome problems on physical and se xual level.

    Bye now hope it helps.

  • hey maleo, your birthday is similar like mine, am also aug 15...

    i haven't posted anything since new year coz i think am over with that mega asshole (the scorp guy) hahaaha...he texted me in new year at like 4am, he was kinda drunk and he said "hey....happy new year, i just had sex with someone but she wasn't good as you (i was kinda angry and upset when i heard that).....and i miss you, can i come to your place and kiss? and I said to him, "hey r..., fuck off and I hang up the phone"....i was angry, sad and i cried.....it was just depressing..i was angry coz who the hell he think!....he just had sex and he wanted to kiss me after?? that's sick!

    On the 4th of January, we chatted in msn-messenger, he said he's seeing a girl now and I was like, huh??? what the fuck....that fast??? but i can't be bothered to ask him coz i don't wanna hurt myself even more.....so i said to him, whatever....

    and ever since he said that he's seeing someone, i try my best to keep myself busy but everytime I'm ready to move on, he always text me, msg me in msn-messenger....ask me, how have I been kinda stuff but i never message him....most of the time, i just replied his msg than starting a conversation with him...

    on the 9th, i decided to meet him and we talked quite serious but weirdly, he timed it....he said, hey i've to leave at 8.15pm, so u only have one hour and bla bla bla....during the meeting, he kept asking me question but everytime i asked him question, he never really answer my question.....but he expected me to answer his question.....that's so unfair...

    I so agree with you yoopergirl and leoma.....what is this space about??? they can be so cold and insensitive...., oh yeah, the bang part and wanna change is just so weird...

    true, they can be not open with their feelings while we are so open.....it makes me confused and frustrated...so that's why i just think it's not worthed at all....

    there was one time, he msg me in msn-messenger, he said.....gee, i'm hor.ny....my girlfriend is not here, she says she's coming....i wonder whether you wanna fool around? and i'm like, we are so not doing that....sometimes i just think that he's playing games, he's not dating anyone but he's just testing me or playing sick games.....coz according to my friend, he's not seeing anyone, but what do i know anyway ahahah!

    that's so true when u said, they can be extremely passionate and loving but only when they want to not when you want them to be.

    Yeah, my scorp keeps telling me to go with the flow, chill out, relax...HOW to fuc.kin RELAX if I can't even read his mind??!?!?!?!...how to go with the flow he doesn't express his feelings!!!!...

    normal to them is soooooooo different with the normal that we want!!!!

    oh, they don't care about their feelings....it's about them first...

    i don't think i can even be friends with him....not now i guess, still have feeling and the wound is still fresh....

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