Leo Girl, Scorpio Man

  • Leonessa

    You are so funny, you need to let me know your secret. I know us Leos if we do not get what we want we stray...

  • I'm a pisces and am involved with a scorpio, is there a possibility that we will be together, i want to know if we have a chance, after reading leo girl scorpio man, i am wondering about my relationship? my birthdate is 3/6/1970, birth place : colorado springs, CO, birth time: 5:30 am

  • leonessa,

    never make a scorpio guy choose, start fliting with another guy and yes a scorpio will contact you but mostly not because he wants you but jealously has set in.

    **** with a scorpio's emotions! NO, they will give you a very hard time, but will never really really trust you again. we respect straight forward honesty and fact.

    **** with us and you loose us.

  • Tetley 79,

    I agree with you, never make any man choose. Also, I'm not suggesting that Leo Girl flirt in front of him or throw any dates in his face, or do anything overtly to make him jealous. What I advised her to do is not sit by the phone waiting for him to call. She should get out there and meet other guys. I'm not saying sleep around( unless she wants to), just go out there and see who else is out there .

    By the way, I gave you the same suggestion.

    When someone is trying to control you or lead you on, the only way you can take your control back is to take your attention away( even if temporary). For me, it's easier to focus my attention on other men. I'm not making promises or pledging my love.

    When the one I want is ready to be serious, so will I.

    Leo Girl, I know you are attractive because if you weren't you wouldn't get a Scorpios attention. They only like the best. Right Tetley?

  • Leo girl, mr scorpio is a forensic psychiatrist. speaking of psychiatrists, when i first met him, i was so happy that he'd always be able to read my mind and be more senstive toward my needs/feelings, but it seems like he only ever emphatizes with his serial killer patients. He's always so defensive about his patients whereas i cant see the logic of defending a child rapist etc. sick or not! maybe he's also just messed up like them..ahh

    what kind of work do you do with doctors?

  • Hey GUys,

    He has not texted, called or anything. I felt terrible to I sent an email from work to apologize. I cannot beleive how much feelings I have for this man, it is scary. I hope he does conact me even as friends but if not then that is ok. What do you guys think, afterall he is a scorpio (earth rooster guy)..

    Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing from you all.

    hey leo_girl,

    ohh i can feel how you feel too.....i did that before too and apologize to a scorp guy is just hmmmm, driving him away or he might think that we are weak or something....I can't believe myself too for falling to him...it's scary and it killing me softly...

    in my current situation, sometime he text me but always a weird text....

    i can't really give a good advice because i'm confused too....but so far the best thing is, play it cool....let him call you...give him some space, don't chase him, eventually what ma_leo said is true...he will contact u even in a weirdly way!...

  • leo_ma,

    that's so true, we don't like to be ignored....i'm starting to back off but when i pulled myself back, he will contact me in a weird way....not like an obvious or normal way...

    hmmm about your situation, maybe he just doesn't know what he wants.....i guess, as a leo, we kinda know what we want, right??? but somehow to me, scorp guy can be so confused (sorry to say this)....

    in my situation, he's trying to move on from his ex and he met me....and we were too full on and he realize it was a wrong move...so he pulled back a little bit...but he's unsure....

  • i don't think scorp men is aggressive....are they?...they are so calm, reserved....that's right, everything is so mysterious and puzzle...and it keeps me intrigued....am so tired with it....it's like today he want me and the next day he doesn't want me...what the ...k is that???

    do you think it's a turn off if we're open to them?? is that self-expressing scared them away???

    you're right, when i don't call him or text him, he will call me or text me but it's always something that unexpected....in a such weird time and what he text was always sounds weird.....

  • leo_girl & ma_leo,

    oh i apologized to that scorp guy before and i realize i shouldn't do that...it makes their pride even higher and lower down our pride....they might think that we're weak or desperate or hopeless....maybe i am desperate hahahaa, is just something about scorp, i guess probably they put a magic spells on me...it's like a magnet....

    i cried over him yada yada yada and it's so not worthed....he doesn't even know about it, he doesn't even care....

  • aww missleo, i feel the same way as you. My scorp was also in a relationship right before he met me and we went in full force and when i got too emotionally involved he probably realized it was a wrong move on his end and has backed off. i dont think they appreciate the fact that we are so expressive and open about our feelings but i cant help being me and if I were to constrain my feelings and thoughts all the time i wouldnt be me anymore :(. i do think when we apologize etc they start thinking we are desperate and weak. Mine even told me he thinks his personality is too strong for me. they are the biggest freakshows on the face of this planet and yet they have us wrapped around their fingers. i'm going to be really sad tonight if mine doesnt text me to go out for new years because it will mean that i will have to put my foot down and delete him from my mind and phonebook tomorrow and forever 😞

  • oh leo_ma, your situation is similar like me....i got too emotionally involved too....he even introduced me to his bestfriends....and i wasn't ready to meet his bestfriends at that time....and after he realized it was a wrong move, he never bring me to meet his bestfriends anymore....

    yeah we're expressive and we can't be someone that we are not...i slowed down a bit but when i slowed down, he will text me or call me....but when i shows my interest, he started to pull back again...it drives me insane....it's better for him to say "hey, we should stop seeing each other", but he wouldn't say that am sure....i think he's unsure at some point...

    i apologize so many things to him, i thought leo is stronger than scorpio but unfortunately hahaha, i think am weak....

    my scorp guy text me this morning and i don't understand what was he trying to say...i called him and we kinda had an argument....i think he was hangover or something...

    i guess, it's better for us to be occupied....if we are not occupied with other stuff....probably we might go insane.....meet your friends, meet other guys....and am sure he will call or text you....but not sure when and what's the purpose.....

    what i think, once a scorpio guy had a crush with leo girl, it means something....maybe they get scared with us because we knows what we want and we can be "persistent" at some stuff....

    he says am "persistent"....

  • Hi Guys,

    Lets first remember that if they do not call or if they are not interested it is their loss. Leo women are fabulous and as a matter of fact a good woman these days is hard to find, so yes their loss.

    I will be home tonight and I do not need a man any man to make me feel complete and for me to ring in the new year. We should take pride in who we are. For too long these men have drawn our energy that is better spent on other things.

    I supervise the work of many of these doctors and believe me when they need to get something done it gets done even if they use someone else. Life is short and we only have one, so I wll not let a man take that away from me at all.

    "Blame me" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uix8HbgtyU

  • Missleo77,

    If he calls back you talk to hiim for only 5 mins and then say you gotta go. You might be right they might be scared because we are also a strong sign that show the love we have. Remember that scorpio men do not show it until they are 110% sure, so at this time he is still feeling you out. What happen for the argument to come?

  • Tetly is right... Dont play with the feelings of a scorpio. I can say that if my scorpio were to call back I would be very sweet to him and lissen but I would not spennd an hour on the phone. I am also not ever going to text or email him again. If he needs me he needs to pick up the phone.

    I will not date anyone, I am taking time for me to get me together and ready for him or the next wonderful man that is brought into my life. I will not look for a man. I want the man to find me.

  • Leonessa,

    lol, thank you for the compliment... I know we are all beautiful in our ways, for sme more ways than one. I think that overall my scorpio man saw many things in me, he first asked about my family life, then education, then future, then carrer goals. He was very upfront and we had many plans in this short time. I was shocked but thought this could be the one. My mom at the time said she knows people who met and were married after weeks of dating and these same people are married for over 20+ years and in love.

    Guys we will have our turn and patience is a virtue.

  • leo_girl,

    hahaa, scorp guy might playing games with us.

    However, once leo is not interested with the person anymore, that could be the end for him and leo never look back.

    we might be heartbroken but after some time, we might get back to normal and even stronger than before. We have a distinctive "charm", if not, a scorp wouldn't wink at us, rite? hahaaha..

    i don't think when ur guy call u, u should be sweet to him, just act normal?....why should we pretend to be sweet while deep down we're hurt inside?, isn't it more hurtful by end of the day? hahaha...

    is it true that we (leo) shouldn't be so open to a scorp guy?


    tell me more about scorp hahaha...is a scorp guy a moody person or emotional?


  • Missleo 77

    Think we're both, being a water sign we are emotional but hide it better than anyone else, we can be seen as moody but it's proberbly because our emotional reactions to thing change quickly and we can speed through a number of different feelings within the space of a sentance.

    Being a scorpio we are very critical of other people and can loose patience with them quickly which is another reason for our moods.

    O.k to all these leo girls trying to get a scorpio guy, bit of info,

    Leo's are open which is good for a scorpio because we are very curious and have to know everything BUT don't give it all away, once we have all the clues we get bored and go off to unravel another mystery, but we are secretive so don't expect alot back, and we are good at keeping secrets and confidences.

    With a scorpio keep it so we think there is still something we don't know about you, but dont make us think you have something and start playing games with it, its a good way to damage the relationship.

    Many of us are fairly vain so looks are important, don't play stupid or easy, it'll proberbly mean the scorp guy will use you with no real love involved. Show us your intelligent, and have something important to say and you'll be o.k. Don't try to take on a subject you know little or nothing about and don't try to blag it, we'll see it immediatley and think less of you, it's better to just tell us you don't know.

    Hope this little bit helps,

    i'm off to try and win over my leo girl, again.

  • tetley79,

    so is it better to let the scorp guy chase us instead of us chasing them?

    I think leo are also very curious and have to know everything....weirdly, i can't get anything out from scorp guy...just the surface but not something deep inside...

    so u r saying u r good at keeping secrets, huh? such as affairs and mistresses? hahahaaha...

    i think scorp can be vain, i never date a guy that is quite vain....scorp and cancer can be vain...

    is a scorp always try to avoid serious talk kinda stuff?

    so how are you gonna win your leo girl??? maybe i can give some tips...

  • missleo77

    If we want you as a partner we will not quite chase but more mercilessly hunt you down, we can be pretty intense. Although we don't show it (along with alot of other things) we do like people chasing us but only if we like you, we're good at hiding things which is a hinderance because sometimes we loose partners who think we're ignoring them.

    Scorpio's don't avoid serious talk, its just we don't dabble, we can go for ages about a subject we like but will barely say anything about something we know little about, if you've only the scorp for a little while he's proberly sizing you up, we do it to everything and everybody.

    Before we open up to someone we have to evaluate you first to see if your really for us, its not being cruel its just our way of things.

    As for my leo girl (think i've got something on page 1) I'm running out of idea's, constantly been there for her to give support if she ever needs it, for her birthday bought her roses, etc (full works), take her out as often as i can and have allways been kind.

    As a scorpio who has to know whats going on this is driving me nuts, just constantly getting the feeling she really wants to be with me but for some reason is holding back.

  • Hi tetley, there is one thing about leo girls is that they are intrigued by mystery. A coming on too strong on us or someone who appears too keen is a huge turn off. She may be interested in you but if you want her 100%, sorry to say this, being a leo female myself, but you will have to pull off one of those scorp guy tricks on her, such as, ignore her at least for a certain period of time. Just disappear and reappear after a certain period of time and do this a number of times. You are sure to have her chasing you. We HATE being ignored!

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