Leo Girl, Scorpio Man

  • hey ma_leo,

    interesting post you put up there....what if the scorpio guy never call? he said he likes me a lot and the next thing happen is hmmm, he pulled back for not sure what's the reason is...

    so are you saying, let the scorpio guy chase us, not us chase him??? but how do we know that he's gonna chase us??? i can't even read his mind....well i know he's into me and likes me a lot at some point but the next day things can be so different....

  • hi leo girl, has your guy texted you back yet?

    missleo77, guys generally pull back after they have experienced intimacy with a girl during some initial phases of dating. how long has this guy been gone? I strongly suggest you girls read this book called ‘mars and venus on a date’ by John Gray, who is also the author of Men are from mars, women are from venus, but I think this book is more applicable to us as it talks about the stages of dating. Whatever you do, don’t reprimand him for pulling back, for not returning your texts and calls, just pretend you didn’t even notice when he calls you. Because what will happen is that he will start wondering about you eventually and will get in touch with you. But always be happy to talk to him. This is where I went wrong with my scorp. I’m a typical leo and HATE being ignored. He would sometimes not return my texts or I wouldn’t hear from him from days, whenever I’d see him, I would reprimand him for about 10 mins before we returned back to normal. Then I started suspecting he was cheating on me and we had a fight and that’s where it all went down-hill. I wish I had read this book before and none of this would have ever happened. I know it’s really difficult to stay put and keep your sanity during this difficult time period (of being ignored) but trust me if you successfully get through this time period with these men, things will only take a toll for the better.

    Now that I’m back in touch with this Scorp guy, 2.5 months after our official break up, he suggested about two weeks ago that we should hang out. I haven’t heard from him since then. I sent him a casual text about 10 days ago about the weather which he responded back to but also mentioned that he was working out of town for the week. Yesterday I sent him another text as I was away for the holidays and stuck at the airport so I asked him about the weather again because my flight was getting delayed. It was basically like,’ are you back in town yet, what is the weather like?’ Nothing. 2 hours later I texted back saying, ‘never mind, it’s just the stupid airline.’ Again, nothing. But then he has always been amazing at ignoring some of my texts ever since I’ve known him. I’m starting to miss him like crazy and really want to spend New Years eve with him. I don’t know if it’s feasible for me to call him tonight and ask him about his new years plans or just send a text. I think it would be healthy for us to see each other again (we haven’t seen each other in 4 mths now) to revive the old spark or to decide if we really want to initiate this again. Or at least for my own sanity, to figure out what its in his mind, because if he’s still unsure about me, I really need to put my foot down, remove him from my life forever and move on!!

    Sorry about the long post, but I really needed to share this.. and perhaps get some advice

  • also miss leo, in response to your qs, how do we know he's gonna chase us, i don't know. these scorp men are so calm and collected (even if they are an emotional wreck inside), i doubt if they are ever really agressive about chasing you. this is the first guy i've ever been with who is not keen and doesnt call/text all the time but its this mystery and challenge that keeps me intrigued. i normally get put off by men that are too keen. but then on the flip side of the coin, we dont want to show them that we are too keen either bc we may turn them off, right?!? Then again, us leo girls, with our impatience we may make it difficult for them to chase us as well because we are so self-expressive and open about our feelings all the time. i dont see anything wrong with that, if a man has a problem with the way we are, then he's not worth our time. i'm sure he already knows how you feel about him.

  • there is your answer

    "if a man has a problem with the way we are, then he's not worth our time'

    If a man treats me the way your Scorp treats you, I would already be out on the look out for another already. I really didn't have much patience, in my younger days, up to now, with people that ignore others be it work, friends or romance.

    That's why as soon as I found the man who downright cares to communicate every second every day, I asked him to marry me. As usual, the respond was within seconds. He is a Cap. If all else fails with you, try them. Or, just anybody. I should know better LOL I do chart so I shouldn't just say certain sun sign is good for another.

  • missleo77

    you'll never know what's going on in a scorpio's mind. ever!.

    its just the way we are, we don't do it on purpose its just one of those things we know we do but can't stop doing it.

  • hi Leoscorpion, i know what you mean. I have never liked being ignored by others, it shows to me they dont have any respect for me and hence i lose respect for them. i wish i could do this but i dont get attracted to people based on their zodiac sign. It just happens! the attraction is based mainly on compatibility, intellect, values (and of course looks!), and there are millions of scorpios in this world yet i'm only attracted to this one. my own father is a scorpio and i'm very close to him. he's a wonderful husband and father.

    OK, so i texted this guy a few hours ago if he wants to meet up for new years eve. no response, yet :(. I won't be surprised if he contacts me on the night asking to meet up. This is his last chance. If there is nothing, on the 1st of Jan i'm going to delete his numbers and erase him from my life for good. And I mean it this time.

    i can't believe that you asked your cap to marry you, that's awesome. I'm so glad it has worked out for you guys!

  • ma-leo

    yeah that's what I mean. I do charts, so I shouldn't be saying that you shoud go with certain sun sign LOL because from the day we were born, we are already unique. planetary position I mean. on top of that is upbringing and life experience 🙂

    true also that I had no bad experience with Scorp males aside from one, who promised to settle down with me but didn't. Looking back, both he and I were not really intimate, we both kept to ourselves and so it shouldn't even be a surprise that he bailed out of the plan 🙂 but aside from bailing out, none of these Scorps ever ignored me. I put a link on page 2, where I wrote about my Scorps encounter. Or maybe, I was always on the move, so when they ignored me, I didn't feel it. Back then I really had this endless curiosity for everything LOL So keep having fun. I know you miss him, but don't turn down invitations that come your way. I;'m sure if you go out and about, you'll get some for New Year 🙂 good luck

    And yes, I asked my Cap to marry me. he said yes, and then sent proposal letter to my dad. My dad was alive at the time, he was an Aries. This was 9 years ago, I've been married that long and no regret.

  • Hey GUys,

    He has not texted, called or anything. I felt terrible to I sent an email from work to apologize. I cannot beleive how much feelings I have for this man, it is scary. I hope he does conact me even as friends but if not then that is ok. What do you guys think, afterall he is a scorpio (earth rooster guy)..

    Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing from you all.

  • Ma Leo,

    Do not call him, when he is ready and if he wants to he will call. I am going through the same thing, I made a mistake emailing and such, it only made me feel worst. Leave him alone an dhe will miss you. Do something that you enjoy, read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"...

    Leo Girl 🙂

  • Leo Girl,

    You apologized to him?? Really??? Not to make you feel bad but that was a mistake. He may call you if he is really interested, but don't apologize to him anymore. Men, no matter what their sign is like the chase. You are making it too easy for him.

    Here is my sure fire way to get a guy interesred in you - start dating someone else. You don't have to tell him, just do it. Its a pheromone thing. Men can tell when another man is hanging around the woman he is interested in. It works everytime. Also, it boosts your confidence so that when you talk to Mr.Scorpio, you won't sound desperate. Which is just where a scorpio wants you. Now my little trick only works if the guy is interested in you. Now go out and have some fun on New Years Eve - dress up and flirt your a** off! Guarantee, Mr. Scorpio will call soon after.

  • Leonessa, you have me cracking up at my computer. I think that is a great idea as a matter of fact. I will go out and have some fun. What about you? Hopefully Ma Leo will do the same.

  • Guysm could the scorpio man be scared? I read the book, "All the Rules"....

  • hi girls, mr scorpio texted back last night saying 'hiya, i havent sorted out my ny plans depends whether my friend is organizing anything at his flat. Sorry about that'.

    so i texted back this morning saying 'Ok, would love to see you regardless..'

    I'm confused about his text. Two weeks ago he had said to me, I would have loved for you to come to this party (this was another party he was at) but it was too late because the doors were closing in 20 mins. I didnt know you were back in town or i would have asked you sooner. Then he said, lets see if anything else is happening in the future and we'll touchbase again very soon.

    I don't know if my text to him came across as too desperate but honestly, but if i dont hear anything back from him, this is it for me. I'm not contacting him again. I also hope he doesnt text me the night of literally at midnight expecting me to take a cab on my own. i keep expecting the worst from this guy now based on our track record.

    I want to go to this party so he can see his male friends flirting with me. Men generally find me pretty attractive and i would love to make him jealous.

    leo girl, please dont apologize to this guy or try contacting him again. i know its really really hard 😞 but hang in there. Just try to distract yourself, do stuff with your friends, go out etc. And this is coming from a girl who just woke up this morning and cried for about 20 mins over some stupid guy...

  • Ma Leo,

    Go to the bookstore today and pick up the book titled, "The rules" by Ellen Fein... This book has helped me. Also I ordered the suggested book you mentioned. Dont call him and if he does call you only spend 5 min on the phone but be very nice and breezy. Dont call him, let him call you, no more text or emails either. I am done with ine. If he calls I will do what I am telling you now. Dont ever accept a saturday night date after a wednesday, just an example.

    FYI: there is something about leo women that most men are attracted to. Let him do his thing.

    I know how you feel...

  • leo girl, i've read that book about 5 times some time ago and when it didnt work for me, I gave in eventually. surprisingly all my other friends who read this book with me are all happily married today yet they say they never applied any of its principles, consciously at least! I guess when it has to work with someone it just works :(. the only book i'm finding really helpful is 'mars and venus on a date' plus it's written by a guy who provides a really good insight on male and female psychology. So yes, do read that one and let me know what you think of it 🙂

    the saturday night date after a wed philosophy never worked with mr scorpio because he always wanted to do everything last minute. he's a doctor and works erratic hours where as i work a 9-5. he would always text me 20 mins before our dates about meeting up. i always told him i preferred it he could plan in advance but he was always so disorganized it drove me up the walls. Which is why i won't be surprised if he calls me about meeting up 30 mins before midnight on new years eve! But you're right, no more texting/calling him. like i said, if i dont hear from him by the end of 2009, I'm erasing him from my life in 2010. Ahhh... you havent done much damage at this point so you need to hang in there as well...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is a really interesting post..... I am the Scorpio and he is the Leo and I read every entry trying to turn the tables and trying to see if we fit in here at all....and it's funny I see my Leo acting like some of these male Scorpios and I see myself acting like these female Leos....so maybe it isn't so much the sign as the sex?!? Maybe men are just men, self centered, aloof, short attention span, just all about the hunt and women are all emotional, nuturing, high maitenance, needy for attention and reassurance.....

    I know that sometimes I as a Scorpio woman I can get so wound up in wanting the relationship to grow at a speed faster than it is that I can think myself into it's ruin, but when my head is where it's at I can be a confident woman who is happy and not needy and I focus more on fun and laughter....with him or without him at that exact moment....when my Leo comes around and lets me know how neglected he has felt or doesn't mention anything at all.... I can sense that my heart was safe with him for however long it had been and that he wasn't blowing me off he was just living his life and attending to other important thing and not that I am not important to him. I hope this helps....because I don't think it matters what our "signs" are, when we encounter a happy well adjusted confident person there is nothing sexier or more alluring....no matter if your female or male someone that's fun to be around is the ticket......

  • Leo Girl,

    My heart is with a Pisces, I am in love with him but he is so wishy washy, hot and cold. He won't give me his heart 100% so I think its my right to keep my options open. He's number one but best believe there's a number 2 (gemini - a good match for me), 3 (aquarius - good friend), and a few more waiting for my attention. Do I tell Mr. Pisces,?not really but like all water signs he is intuitive. He always calls after I have been on a date or been in contact with my other friends.

    I have let Pisces know that we can be together 100% but he has to be sure. I went through a period of time, last fall when I was really pining over him and fell into a bit of a depression. So I did what any self respecting Leo woman would do, I broke up with him(its not you, its me baby).

    And I didn't contact him for two months. He'd text me every once in awhile and I would reply briefly. I missed him terribly BUT I have my Leo pride. And fortunately I have never had a problem attracting men. So I kept myself occupied during our "separation".

    Don't get me wrong - we Leos can be fiercely loyal and monagamous when we find the "one". I want Pisces to be the "one" but he needs to straighten up and fly right(swim right). So until then I am keeping my options open. Also, I am in my early 40's and I don't have time to waste like you "young things". But we all have to live and learn my friends.

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  • Ma Leo,

    He is a doctor... I work with doctors, what is his specialy? It all depends but if he really wants to be with you he will find a way.

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