Leo Girl, Scorpio Man

  • I met a scorpio man online and we have been amazing. He has withdrawn since he is going throughsome family things at the moment. I am not sure what to do, i email him and even text him but I have had no reply. In the beginning he was emailing me, calling for hours and now he just kind of disappeared. He does answer the phone when I call and he is happy but then he tells me he will call back and he does not. What do you guys think is going on? Im not sure what to do, I have ha dpatience but its crazy. We have never even seen each other but I think he is absolutely amazing. He is always very kind, he has never been rude. He has been very romantic as well. May I please have some advice... Should I just leave him alone and move on. He did ask me to be exclusive.

  • watch out for the Scorpio sting! they are often very intense people but can be very self serving. I don't think your warm Leo nature could handle a long exposure with this nit picky sign. every Leo and Scorpio I seen interact always repel one another after a while -they are too hard headed for hard headed Leo- there becomes this void in communication like you all can't hear each other talk. Leo you are a person who thrives in the lime light you are ruled by the sun where Scorpio makes their way in between the dark spots remaining undetected. they love a sense of mystery and mirage-but at the same time they have no problem showing you how disgusted they are with you or your actions- they are the kind of people who do things to the hilt! very discipline by nature which Leo loves but Scorpio is not very emotionally attached thats the safety net for there sensitive nature. they tend to be loners they would have to be the most disagreeable sign in general- most other signs I talk to refer to Scorpios as difficult. But on the other hand they are considered the best love makers or the sexiest sign go figure. Leos best unions are often Taurus, Libra, Capricorns, Aries, Cancers they are the signs that will give you the petal stool treatment you require- lots of lavished attention

    Honestly I don't for see this as a good match astrology wise but people have different rising signs that puts a spin on things nothings cut and dry-

    Good luck keeping a Scorpio in one place they are ruled by water and follow the tides most of my Scorpio acquaintances come and go often -disappear and reappear without notice.

    The commitment issues is they want you to need them /depend on them so they can drop emotional bombs on you from time to time. Scorpio wants to real you in so the can mold you into what the want you to be. Somehow in there mind perfect exists and you got to be that.

    They can be a little unrealistic in there expectations of others-

    So good luck Leo!

  • Thank you for your reply, I am beginning to think so as well. I have not sent any kind of communication to him today, I too need to take some time to refocus on what I am doing currently because I think he could possibly drive be crazy and take me off my goals. I wish he could call and just simply explain but at this point I think he is very selfish and does not care about anyone but himself. This is very sad because he seems to be very nice. But thing about us leos, we tend to be very cold towards a person after we have made up our minds that they have hurt us.

    Again, thank you.... I will try to be strong, but do I move on, he did ask me to be exclusive.

  • I would not settle for any man that doesn't put me first- will your relationship continue in this way if you chose to let him do as he wishes while you sit on the shelf? You have better options I assume.

  • leo_girl,, I'm also a Leo girl who has had major issues with a scorpio man (you can read my post 'need help with scorpio man!!' that has been active for a while. Shanikeyspleaz presented a really clear depiction of what these men are like. I have been through the exact same thing with a scorpio man that you are going through right now and BELIEVE ME, HE WILL COME BACK!! I cannot guarantee when that will be, it took mine 2.5 months, we had an amazing relationship and one day we had a fight (which could easily have been resolved!) but he was having his own personal/health and family issues and disappeared for a couple of months and has now re-appeared into my life pretending like nothing happened between us. I can understand how difficult it must be for you, it's like walking on flames every day. Don't, for once, falter or show him you are weak, try to be supportive and understanding and carry on with your life. Nothing turns off a man more than a girl who is constantly waiting for him to call. Carry on with your life and when he does get in touch with you again, pretend that nothing has happened. One more thing, I know being a leo, how open, soft, and impatient we can be, but these men are the complete opposite, they will always hold something back from you , can be very self-centered and will teach you tons of patience that you never though you had!!! It's up to you to decide what you want...

  • I am a Leo and I have lots of Scorpios in my life. My father was a scorpio, my daughter is a scorpio, lots of scorpio cousins. I get along pretty well with the scorpios that I am related to. Thats probably because of family loyalty. When a Scorpio or a Leo really cares about someone, they are both protective, loyal and loving. Scorpio and Leo are not suppose to get along. In a way, they are very much alike but they are opposite sides of the coin(if that makes sense) both like to be in control, both have a lot of pride, both can be loyal but these traits manifest themselves in opposite ways for both signs. For example both signs can be impatient but a Scorpio will have no problem telling someone off where as a Leo would care about hurting someones feelings and so they may express their impatience in a different way.

    I have also dated three scorpios(long ago) two were very emotionally abusive, and they both really hurt me. One I dated and he was very loving and kind, in his own detached way. I think we got along because he liked me more than I liked him. Like all men, Scorpios like the chase but you can't be too in their face about it.

    Leo women like a lot of attention from their partners and they want to be adored. Scorpios are not really into "adoring" anyone.

    So my advice, is to date other people. Don't wait around for him, especially since it seems like a long distance relationship. You are a LEO - men are naturally attracted to you girl. You are meant to have many male admirers and when the time comes you'll pick the one who you connect with the best. And even if you pine for your Scorpio man, the attention and adoration of other men will make you feel better and build your confidence.

    Leo, the Lioness - Queen of the Zodiac! Bow down before her - LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Merry Christmas...

    Hi guys my leo side came forth yesterday, I have not had contact with my scorpio man, I sent a text that I am sure will turn is blood hot. So, at this point I dont think that he will ever communicate with me. I have slept on the issue and feel that it is all for the best. Any man that would go a week of not calling the woman he asked to be exclusive doe snot deserve her. What if I was in the hospital or had some type of accident. Wow, I think that this is a selfish sign. Leos cannot tolerate not having attention and I am a bi..h with one. I al though a sweet person.

    Reminder: Leo individuals will protect those they love to the very death and will be both generous and expressive in a long term union...provided that union is constantly stoked and fed. At their best, Leo partners are protective, adoring, playful, inventive, generous, supportive, sensual, warm and joyful. At worse, they are possessive, jealous, controlling, cold, cruel, selfish, egotistical and self-serving.

  • Hi leo girl,

    I know exactly how you feel. I used to do the exact same things as you in the beginning as in sending angry texts, having angry outbursts although this experience has taught me to become extremely strong and patient but honestly I dont think my Leo side will ever go away. We crave attention, and love being cared for. I think the same way, what if I am in a hospital or had some kind of accident? I would want him to be the first person to be by my side. During this period of distance between us I got robbed really badly, was in a complete mess and needed him desperately yet my pride wouldnt allow my to inform him not sure of what his reaction will be. Even if we ever get together, I'm going to be resentful for a very long time, the fact that he wasn't there for me when i needed him the most. And if I ever say it to him, which I will, his reaction is most likely going to be, well why didn't you call me then? Yeah, right!

  • Ma Leo,

    At least I know how you feel. Wowm they are selfish. I was laughing today with my sisters and the text I sent they thought it was funny. I am not sure if he will ever respond but that is ok. I hope that he will be fine. But for now I think he needed someone to be honest with him. I felt so embarrassed. I think more so because I wanted this relationship to go somewhere. Hope you are having a great day and do not think about that loser, it is his loss... Leo women are the best 🙂

  • hi just found this site and this discussion of leo/scorpio relationship interests me, i'm a scorpio man and have been after a leo girl for 7 months, its the first leo i've been highly attracted to but can't work out whats going on.

    So far i have pulled out all the stops for her, and i know she has really appreciated everything i've done for her and she has admitted she really likes me but there is something holding her back, and being a typical scorpio i want to know why.

    We have settled into being good friends at the moment but there is feeling between us that we are going to just suddenly burst out with passion for each other but it never quite does or when we get close she just says 'i can't', and thats it.

    I really like her and if anyone can shed any light on this i would be grateful.

  • tetley

    it's been 7 months, but how much do you know her?

    is she close to her family, does she have a close friend?

    if she does, her friend may know something she doesn't tell you.

    is she shy? in general, or just to you? do you laugh a lot together or is she quiet?

    when you say 'get close and she says I can't' do you mean intimacy, or just close?

    if it is, something in the family or her past, have made her avoid intimacy

    upbringing by a religious parents, abuse or past hurts (where she gave herself to a man who didn't deserve her and something in you remind her to this person)

    You can try make her open up, it will take a lot and she might resist and avoid you completely

    so for now, go the safe way : family or friends

  • to other leo females

    I was going to write this for you but forgot LOL I was in the midst of having holiday feast 🙂

    I wrote about my experience with Scorp males page 1 here


    never did have bad experience except from 1 guy

    but looking back he was not really open to me and I never opened up much to him either

    so I guess I shouldn't be surprised he bailed out of the plan settling down with me

    if he did really want it, he would've asked a lot about me, wanting to know more , right?

    but he didn't and I didn't ask him much about him either LOL so I was not wiser either

    It worked out better that we didn't end up together, because one month after he bailed out

    I confided in a friend and became closer to him, married for almost 9 yrs now no regret

    my hubby is a Cap

    so if (not hoping it will happen) things don't work out with the Scorp, try a Cap next time 🙂

    I know they could seem boring at first, but given the right planetary support, it can work better for long term

  • Hello Tetly,

    Advice from a Leo woman. Leo women do not like to be ignored, stop talking to her for a day or so. Do not answer the phone when she calls you. If you are not clinging to her she will wonder what has happened. I am surprised, did you do something to her? Even if it were to be for a few hours do not answer your phone, let her call you at least 3 times.

    I tried to date a scorpio man but he seemed occupied and I wished he would call but after my text I do not think that he will.

  • Tetly79,

    Leo women are usually very good looking, charismatic(even the quiet ones) and magnetic. They usually have lots of admirers( and we like this too!) If she has been holding back for seven months, I'm willing to bet that she has someone else in mind and that you are just a back up plan. I know that sounds cruel but she is holding on to you in case this other person doesn't work out. Plus she probably enjoys your attention. Also, she probably genuinely cares about you and enjoys your company but you are probably not number one for her right now. However(and I kick myself for sharing this with you Scorpio) if you pull back, this will probably increase her interest in you. Leo is a predator and we enjoy a good chase!

    Good Luck!

  • Leonessa

    thanks for the advice, i know she enjoys my attention and we get on well, intimacy between us has only gone as far as one kiss. I get on well with her mum (piscies) and i know from her that there is no-one else.

    i know she has a bad time with previous boyfriends and during her last break up i was there for her and helped her through a difficult time. As for the pulling back, i'll try that but for a scorpio who is all or nothing its difficult.

    Anyway, thank you.

  • i am in there with you, although I am the Scorpio girl and he is the leo man. we are experiencing the same things in reverse!!!1 i will follow you to see what happens...good luck

  • Tetly, have patience, do not be the rebound...Have fun, I am sure you are a wonderful person 🙂

  • Tetley79...I am a Leo woman who was with a scorp for 5.5 years and we are still friends. We were very compatible, I guess it had to do with harmonious planetary aspects. Not saying that this is the say all be all but leos are more open and receptive than scorpios I have learned. It took me a while to notice how scorpios can be a secretive to a fault. Leos are about big love, we like a challenge but its hard to hide an attraction to someone for too long, we are about self expression. Her past may have something to do with it but somebody else being in her radar could be holding her back to...also put in consideration her other planetary aspects. Ignoring her will drive her crazy after a while...leogirl is right on that one.

    leogirl...The Scorpio I dealt with tried his best to control his emotions. He would act cool on the outside when in reality he was feeling some other way on the inside. The result was intensity when it finally came out. It sometimes left me like where the hell did this come from. Being a leo, I am about self expression so I am like say what you mean mean what you say. But this scorp just had to control his emotions although he was so emotional. He is probably one of the most emotional guys that I have ever met which is a good thing. Sometimes I thought he was a contridiction...he even admited that he felt so deeply for me and when we were face to face I could tell but then there were those many times where he could be distant...he even admit that....


    As strange as it sounds in some way I feel similar scorps annd gems are similar (they both about the mind---scorp mind/emotion...gem-mind/logic) but yet different bc gems are more airy of course (not so controlling, possessive)....right now I am so drawn to a a gem...i have learned that I am drawn to the guys who are of course very emotional but they tend to mask it very well and mental stimulation...

  • oh my god, this forum is so interesting...

    am a leo girl and i'm kinda hang up with a scorpio guy at the moment.

    i met this scorpio guy and he was passionate and into me yada yada...and suddenly he pulled back a little bit, he says am being persistent....am a little bit confused because one day he can be so into you and the next day is like nothing happens....i just think that scorpio guy can be moody, secretive and mysterious....as a leo girl, that mysterious part makes me wanna know him even more....i don't understand why he pulled back....

    scorpio guy definitely act cool and cold all the time....as a leo girl, i just can't read his mind....it's hard to know what is he thinking while I express my feeling all the time...

    now i know what is the "s" stands for scorpio, it's sex hahaha.

  • leo_girl,

    that's true that we don't like to be ignored but somehow, scorpio guy likes to have his own space..i meant, a big space for himself....

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