During my reiki healing session....

  • during my reiki healing session, which was awesome, a strange thing happened. I was totally relaxed with a clear mind not distracted at all the entire time and just near the end a picture of a koala bear flashed in my head just like a photo and something else too I just cant remember what it was before the koala. This may sound awfully silly or crazy but Ive already established that im a bit crazy so I wonder if this is my animal spirit guide and if so what in the world does that mean? I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks you all! love to you!!

    Also Ive been dreaming of an underwater mill near a waterfall? I may be losing it totally?!!


  • I think your either going to meet an Aussie or a zoo keeper. LOL

  • lol!!! lmao!! May be.. for all I know it could mean I need to start sleeping in trees and eating eucalyptus!

  • I knew you would just die laughing at that.

  • thanks i needed that today!! have a great nice sweetie!

  • Hey! I like that! A nice Aussie man. OR maybe a vist or move to Australia is in your future...or both! You never know....I know you an LibrasLair are joking but I get excited about this stuff and I'll tell you why. When I was 9 years old my parents let me buy a couple posters of my own choosing to frame and put in my room. I grew up in California so it totally beats me why i chose to put up a poster of the London skyline and Copenhagen. I just remember that I HAD to have them and was very drawn to the images. When I was 24, i moved to Malmo, Sweden which was just a 20 minute train ride from Copenhagen and when I was 27, I moved to London. I also remember playing around with a globe one day when I was a kid (I was kind of nerdy) and was turning it around and said, ok the first place my finger lands is where I'll go one day. I hit the Canary Islands. Totally random but the thought of that place always stayed with me. Years later, I became friends with a foreign exchange student from the Canary Islands and went back with her to stay for a few months. Was this just the power of suggestion or was it a foreshadow of my future? When you think of koalas, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe that koala and the dreams of the waterfall are a foreshadow of something to come? Mysteries of the universe never cease to amaze me. Now, that I think about it....maybe I should go out and buy some posters of good looking successful men. Hmmmm....

  • stoneyeye, lol! Yes we were joking but I am seriously very interested in this. When I think koala the first thing ironicly that i think of is a stuffed animal i slept with as a child. Then i think of eucalyptus & Australia. Funny though, I read further about a koala as a spirit guide and it is nocturnal, has very sharp teeth and claws but what I read that I think relates to me is the koalas nurturing instincts. I have a daughter 1yr 10 mo. old and I have just not connected the way I wanted I think because she was born by Csection. Hmmmm that is something huh?

  • HI fairyjaye, I often remember signs, random out of the blue thoughts or a dream that didn't make sense at the time but after a certain event, I'll look back and think... aha . That's what that was. I don't know much about koalas as spiritual guides but the nuturing instincts makes sense. I'm interested to see if anyone else has something to add. I've had that experience too of totally random flashing images imprinted in my mind and it's bizarre. Like a photo that someone has placed really close to your face for a second or two and it's totally out of the blue. Well, at least yours was of something nice! You can't be too alarmed by a koala!

  • Well I don't know about Koalas but I can think of one Aussie I wouldn't mind seeing. And as for your finger and the map. Keep it away from Austin I don't have room for company! Where in California did you grow up? I grew up in Torrance.

  • Maybe Fairyjaye is picking up on our missing our Aussie, Libraslair....or this is us making an excuse to say we miss her. The big baby.

  • Universal Harmony asked me the other day if I was telepathic? jokingly..I hope your friend comes back ladies.


    I am curious too. What type of pics are sticking with you? Ive had many of those "Ah Ha" moments so to speak.

  • Aww.. well, I don't think I'd do well in Austin anyway. I hear it's a really nice city and all but humid weather makes my hair frizzy. Like a clown. lol!

    I grew up in the Sacramento area. I couldn't wait to leave but just moved back and appreciate it so much more. When I left for Sweden, I was warned to bring my heaviest winter coat....so I brought my cute little jean jacket. That was a sharp slap of reality.

    Torrance is just inland from Hermosa Beach isn't it? Nice area. Do you miss it?

  • Fairyjaye, it's sounds really odd and I would never have admitted this but since you shared about your koala....I guess I can confide too. 🙂 About a month ago. I closed my eyes but was not asleep and a man's face flashed out of nowhere. As if someone put a really big blown up photo in front of me. I was startled and a little freaked out. He wasn't exactly my dream man! He didn't look threatening or anything though. He actually looked pleasant and was smiling. I'm laughing. It sounds so funny when I read this out loud. I've had other images flash like that even when I was a teen. Some of them turned out to happen a few years later and I know this because they were weird enough for me to write them down. You know the difference when you are just dreaming as opposed to having a mental image shoved into your mind out of the blue. It's never anything earth shaking. Mostly superficial stuff. For instance, I had a flash of a bunch of cheerleaders in maroon outfits and thought, what the heck was that about???? A few years later I was a cheerleader in a maroon outfit. At the time I had the mental picture, I was going to a small private school where we didn't have cheerleaders and I had zero interest in anything like that so it definitely wasn't anything I ever would have thought about on my own. Very very strange. I've never admitted this before and was kind of relieved when I saw your post. I'm not the only nut! lol! 🙂

  • You are certainly not the only nut. If being a little nutty was my only problem I would have it made!! lol! When I had the session I told the lady who done it in an email about it and hesitated at that. I said something like oh and the silliest thing occured, just a few min. before the end of the session, I had a mental pic of a koala? Is that crazy or what? Maybe someone can tell us more of these images. or whatever they are.

  • Torrance is about 12 miles in from all the beaches and even LAX.

  • The lady that did that reiki didn't answer you. They also have visions sometimes when they are working on someone. Very interesting. And Stonyeye it is very humid here and I have natural curly hair already. Can you say bad hair day year round.

  • Oh yes, she did. Her suggestion was that it could be an animal spirit guide. I have been reading lots of stuff about them but I was curious if any one had any other thoughts. I m sorry I wasn't very clear. I should have said this in the first post huh? oops!:)

  • You may have answered your own question in regards to your baby and the koala. Since no one has stepped up with more.

  • Hello again, ladies:)

    Fairyjaye, I'm feeling like you need to ask your guides about this. I don't think its an animal spirit guide, but I message you're getting, something that is being conveyed to meant to be given to someone else.

    This happens to me sometimes, and it can drive me batty. I will get a picture, a word, something...and that's it. At first, I would dig around like a maniac trying to figure it out. Now, when that happens, I understand that I'm getting something that is MEANT to get my attention because my guides have something to say. Its their way of tapping me on the shoulder.

    Think about what your thoughts just before the koala were, who was on your mind, or who you saw or spoke to AFTER the picture. It may have even been meant for the healer. Whatever you do, don't wrapped up in digging for the answer. We can't get our messages if our minds are buzzing around. Ask them, and let it go.

    I hope that helps.

    Blessings and Light

  • Very good I am proud of you understanding it better. I have PT talk later.

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