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  • Help! There are 3 men in my life. It feels like there is a connection with all of them, but it's not the same with any of them. With M it's sexual and intellectual attraction. S and I can talk for hours effortlessly, it feels easy with him. A draws me, almost like he needs me but there is a wall he won't let me see through--I feel like i MUST get to know him better . I like them all, but I am a 1 at a time girl. I am waiting and podering whether to move forward with any of them. Am I supposed to be with any of these guys? Are there signs I can look for that will help me choose?

  • A one at a time girl? Are you sure? Are you saying you want to be exclusive? Married? You do need to decide who you are and who you want to be. There is nothing wrong with sorounding yourself with men who are delightful company. As long as you are not lying to anyone of them. If you truely wish to pick one and you can't than none of them are the one because you'd know. I think you should not rush it. I have been married more than half my life and have been exclusive with my husband yet I have always had men friends who are inteligent, talented and just plain yummy! But I do not sleep with them. So I'm not sure what you are really asking because I'm thinking "what's the problem?" Unless, you are sleeping with all three and that does contradict that one man woman description of yourself. This is not judgemental--there is nothing wrong if this is who you are. Lots of people remain free. I'm just picking up that your more in conflict with yourself right now and busying yourself with three men is just helping you evade what's really nagging at you. Spirit says if you wish to truely get to the heart of the matter try taking a break from all three for at least 4 weeks--better 6--and during this time keep a journal and just start recording your days with yourself. You will know the answer to your problem.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I was wondering if you live in the United States; and, if you have a website for your customers who would like to pay in the future, for further services.

    I have some personal questions to ask you.

  • Sorry, I do not do this for a living. I don't blog ever but Spirit insisted I come here and I try not to argue with Spirit. Don't know how long I'll be here. I am a Poet. I also work with children because poetry dos not pay. Contrary to what people think about being published and getting paid ---most publications pay in copies. I'm also an artist and a musician and a photographer. My intuitive gift I have always shared as spirit asks. I do not do it for a living because I am better suited to giving only when it feels right and I can choose. I'm very sensitive and I also have to be careful how much energy I extend as I'm a healer as well and it would be hard to maintain a steady buisness of close contact with people I have absorbed. And I'd be uncomfortable with taking money from people who are waisting their money! Sometimes people should not be getting a reading or they need a reading but are not ready and open yet. That would weigh on me. You can probably find someone if you visit your local spiritual churches. Ask for a reverend or the one who is always booked ahead of time. I pick up some things with you but respect your privacy. I can say you are being split in half.

  • Blmoon, Thanks for the reply, and i don't think i am rushing it. I was married for more than 10 years and I've been divorced for about a year, mentally seperated for several. I have not even thought about dating until very recently. And now it seems like i have too many choices. i havn't slept with anyone yet, but I'm beginning to feel the need for touch again. I think i don;t want to make that decision for the wrong reason. I know i don't want to sleep with multiple partners. Of course, maybe i'm wrong in assuming that they are interested in me that way.

  • Like I said--what's the problem? You over think this. Jump too far ahead. Enjoy the men and cross that bridge when you get there. If you are looking for a prediction of a furure mate it's not revealed--sorry. My message earlier still stands. Spirit still says you still have more reaquainting to do with yourself and the reawakening process is still in process. Know yourself better and the next long term man will be more a keeper. Don't confuse "ready" with wanting--they are two different things. I know you hate this idea but Spirit says you will find answers if you let yourself "feel the wanting stage" just a bit longer. It will empower you in a way that will shield you to make better love choices. Final word--go slow--don't jump ahead of yourself. Be pleasently surprised and lower your expectations. If this doesn't help you let it go at that as I have nothing else to say. Take it or leave it and may your Holidays be joful and your New Year the best ever. Peace

  • Thanks for respecting my privacy Blmoon. I give you permission to be upfront.

    Yes, I do feel like I am being split in half at times.

    I am constantly worrying about my Exboyfriend. He has a lot of deceitful and unloyal people working for him. Some days I pray seven times a day for him. For some reason, I can FEEL when he is having a: Bad day, Sad day, or when someone is trying to force him to do something he does not want to do....I don't know it is so weird to me. Sometimes I can feel when he wakes up in the morning.

    I guess I love him too much.....sort of like a mother loving her son.

    It really is WEARING me down. I will be so glad when all of this ENDS. Deep down, I feel that he did not purposely get involved with the wrong crowd. I have been praying for his safety constantly.

    I wanted to ask you if there was a reason as to WHY I was placed in his life all of a sudden. Was it my TASK to alert him about the goings on in his business?? I am careful as to who and whom, I associate with. So I can not figure out the reason as to WHY the universe would put me into his life??

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    My e-mail is

    Your insight would really help me spiritually Blmoon!!

  • Now I remember posting for you before. You are "love sick". The only magic event that brought you two together was karma and your agreement to "remind each other this lifetime of the goals set before birth--- each your nemesis--challange--the friction that polishes something in the ruogh. Look up literature on love sickness--it is a universal thing--mostly we have all had a dose at least once and for the ones who came into this life so highly evolved they got to skip that painful journey--you lucky bunch! Right now you are not just split--soon YOU will have nothing left but maybe your little toe--you barely exhist outside the energy consuming thoughts of fears worries and frustration. You need to save yourself fast. It is really desicion time--no more searching for an answer that will never come. It is what it is--and it IS ALL HIS. Do not selfdestruct over this all consuming energy sucking situation. Let it go--now, like a bad habit. It will be painful and at times gut wrentching but it IS NOT forever and on the other side of this you will learn to embrace yourself. You two will part happy as soulmates who served their lovely service intended to get you to the next level of your enlightenment be it painful or not--mostly shapeshifters bring pain with the gift. You can really make this New Year the perfect leaping off point. EnJOY the Holidays IN THE MOMENT--notice everything that delights--no thoughts other than you being you. Bless you--I wish you success.

  • Thank You so much Blmoon, I really needed that!

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