Requesting a Reading from Captain

  • Captain, I am in need of your insight. I am having some problems with a gemini male. Not relationship wise but to make a long story short this person was holding onto my deceased fiance's 14 k gold chain and the deal was I had 6 months to come up with the money to get the chain back. In two months time I had the money and then him and his wife told me they have changed their mind. Well I have informed them if they don't return the chain due to the sentimental value it holds I was going to pursue the matter legally and since I have done that I have been getting threatening phone calls etc and I have been warned that I better not pursue it legally. I feel that these are evil people and I don't want to let them get away with what they have done. What is your insight on this? Should I pursue it? I am an aquarius born feb 7 1962 in glasgow scotland 12:45am he is a gemini. I'm not sure what is wife is other than a thief. I would appreciate any advice you could give on this. Thx . My apologies for requesting a reading on Theresa's? thread. I am pretty new to the world of blogs and forums. Learning though.

  • Don't worry, nobody gets away with evil doing. And these people are very evil - best to let the Universe catch up with them, rather than putting yourself into harm's way. Your fiance would want you to protect yourself, not a mere item of jewellery, despite the fact it was his. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and worry by letting this go. These people have ripped others off and the law is not far behind them.

  • thank you Captain for your insight on my situation with my fiancee's chain. I am going to take your advice and let Karma do its thing.

  • Hello Captain

    Illona here again. I have a question about a job. I want to apply for a company called HireRight. I have everything they want for this job. And they have not called me. I am going to school for my BA in criminal justice. And the position that I applied for with them is a entry level position which I could do with my eyes closed. I am very good with the computer and I know how to do everything they want for the position. What do you think I should do. And do you think they will be calling me for a job. Or will I get a position where I can do it at home. My dob is July 12 1961

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Hello BlackiePistol

    You know I am like the Captian dont worry about them. They will get theres

    God does not like ugly. And they are very ugly people to do something like that. But believe me that Karma is a

    and they will remember what they did to you and they will wish they did not. Leave it in the hands of God and he will take care of it.

    Wishing you the best


  • Blackladydiver, I feel you should contact the company yourself as I feel there may have been a glitch in communication. I feel like they tried to contact you but failed for some reason.

  • To the Captain

    Good afternoon, Thank You so much. I will call them. So you see that they tired to call and there was a problem. Ok I will. And I have one more question about my friends new job will everything go well for him his dob is 10-04-74. He got the job he really wanted so I just was wondering will this make things for him better. And what will happen with us. Will this bring us together stronger.

    Thanks again Illona

  • BLD, this is your friend's year to shine in his career. He was born to find fulfillment and succeed in his work as long as he follows his heart's desires. All will go well, after a few hurdles he will have to overcome - fairly minor but all will be right in the end.

    With you, the company either has the wrong contact information or contacting you got muddled up somehow.

  • HI Captain: I am back with another question for you concerning my divorce because I just met with my attorney on Friday. I think my husband (exhusband) might have a screw loose somewhere (his BD is 6.12/1961 4:09 PM Oakland CA). He bought a condominum and left me in the house. Because of the market, we can't sell the house so I have to stay here and pay the mortgage. He is refusing to give me enough of a monthly payment to meet my and the kids living expenses. I am having to rent out my oldest daughter's room since she lives mostly with her dad (so when she come over here she sleep with me or her sister - or I sleep with her sister and she sleeps in the bedroom) - no big deal. Anyway, my husband first wanted to move out. Then he had to buy this condominium (he used out home equity loan to pay cash for the condo) Now he is taking out a loan on the condo to pay down the loan on the house I live in - supposedly so I can afford the mortgage, but now he will also have a payment on the condo. He wants to be sole owner of the condo plus be on the deed to the house I live in He says he can't pay me more than he is offering so that I can make the mortgage.

    This man is historically very money conscious and does not do anything rash with funds or property, yet in the last year, he has literally lost his mind. I am beside myself wondering what is going to happen to me and the kids after this divorce. It seems like we are on a downward spiral and I am desperately trying not to hit the bottom. We are supposed to be in a collaborative divorce but so far it has only been collaborative if he gets what he wants. He keeps trying to circumvent attorneys "to save money" but it winds up costing more money because I feel he is manipulating me and I have to call my attorney for every move he makes.

    I myself am being driven crazy. Are we going to wind up in foreclosure and living out of our cars? Is he going to be able to pay enough support for us to meet the mortgage and pay all of our expenses? Its very important that we don't move because my little girl is developmentally delayed and any shift in routine, schooling, life cause her to regress.

    She is a sweet little girl and doesn't deserve the stress that has been forced on her in the last year. I am not too worried about the older one because she is stronger. This is a lot. I have been trying to think about strategic budgets and positive outcomes but he will do something that will throw me for a loop that comes out of nowhere and which makes no sense in relation to other things hes done. Its just bad weirdness. Thanks a ton. At least for letting me dump on yon 🙂

  • Hi Captain - ignore this one - I will copy and paste it on the other thread so its not so confusing - sorry about the mess TD

  • Hello Captain

    Captain I have a very important question to ask you. I have somebody that is coming by my kitchen window. Let me start from the beinging. I just moved to the new apt in Sept 09 and at my old apt complex my friend the one 10/04/74 my neighbors would tell me they seen him by my door. And one day my 13 year seen him by the door because he asked me why did he leave so soon. And was he coming back. I did not even know what my son was talking about till I when outside and seen him getting into his car. So now that I have moved I have been finding footprints by my front door and by the kitchen window. So there other day I was outside talking to a friend and I said something about a paper that was there and I picked it up and it was a recipt. Now the recipt is from a fast food place that is about 28 miles from me. And it is where my friends grandmother lives. Please tell me why is he coming to my window. It is not like he is calling me all the time and coming to see me like he did before. So why does he do that instead of calling me and coming to see me.

    Thank You so much Illona

  • This person has a very dark moody side that he tires to hide. He is checking up on you. He wants to know what you are up to without revealing his own motives. Have you tried confronting him ?

  • No I have not because he won't tell me that it is him. So what are his motives . I don't hear from him in weeks. So why this, this is my libra friend the one that I have been talking about. So is there anything I need to worry about so is he trying to see if I am with another man. So will he ever come out and tell me or will it come down to where I will have to tell him I know its him.

    Sometimes it is scary because he is really bold so one more thing is this dark moody side something I have to watch out for. And he told me that he had a surprise for me is that true and will we do whatever it is that he is talking about. Thank You so much captian I don't mean to be a pain but I just had these questions weighting on my heart.

    Thanks again Illona you are awesome

  • Yes he is trying to see if you are with anyone else. The thing is he is torn between needing his freedom and wanting to be with you. But he doesn't want you to know what he's doing because deep down he knows it's wrong to be sneaking around. He worries about his image - what others will think of him. He desperately wants to please. His dark side is his tumultuous emotions and immaturity.

    You are putting out mixed signals to him that he is picking up. You need to decide what you want. This relationship is not something that is good or stable for the longterm so you two need to have a long conversation about the future.

  • To the Captain

    Hello there and thank you so much. So Captain you don't see us being together for a long time. I really care about him and I guess you are right about me sending him mixed messages but he does not make me feel like he wants to be with me. And there is times when I don't even talk to him for weeks and days. So who is sending the mix messages. I do want to be with him. There has been other guys that want me to mess around with them but I won't because of him. If he would act like he wants me as much as you say he wants to please then I would do the same thing. But you did not answer my other question and that was that he told me that he had a surprise for me that he will go thought with whatever it is that is the surprise. Because he has told me before that he has something and then I never see it or we never go. So is this one the real one. You know I have been wanting to have a serious talk about us but he never stays long enough for us to really sit down and talk like we should.

    I just want to say thank You so much for all your help.

    PS. I have never meet any of his friends or his family. I think that has to do with the age thing.

    Thanks so much captian you have helped me a lot. And I really hope that we do take a weekend and be able to talk.

  • He doesn't want to be with you until he can trust you - hence the sneaking around. Beware - if he does this sort of thing now, he will be worse when you are together. The man has issues and has trouble making up his mind. He spies on others, too.

    The surprise is that there is no surprise - it's just his way of keeping you interested.

    Sorry but I think your life would be less troubling if you forgot him. He's not ready to stop playing games like a kid.

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