Past Family curse

  • My grandmother has past down a curse to our family. Anyone with the name Mary in it has nothing but bad luck , including me. Can u suggest a way to rid this from my life. Thanks Mare

  • Is there anyone out there that can help. Please Mare

  • The 'curse' exists because you BELIEVE it does. So, undo the 'curse' by performing your own ritual or ceremony that convinces your subconscious that it has been lifted.

    If this seems too difficult, then simply begin by repeating a mantra over and over like: I am free.

    Mantras should be worded with only positive energy and therefore should not contain the word 'not' as this can still confuse the subconscious. You can post this mantra on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your desk, where ever and for as long as it takes to really sink in.

    You really are free.

    Hope this helps

  • And what power did your grandmother have that made this true? She must have been very powerful? Because people curse each other all the time and it doesn't stick. There is no curse unless someone believes and if you can't rap your mind around that look at it this way if your grandmother did have the power well it is in your bloodline and you have it too so use your own power to reverse. Please do not give this thought anymore power! It is like a bad wolf you DO NOT FEED! Use this new year day to wipe it off the face of the earth--reclaim your power. Anytime a family member brings up such toxic nonsense you put up your hand and make it clear you will not buy into that fear and mean it. God rules, not grandmother!

  • Marerose, i agree with anibear... the 'curse' only exists because you believe in it!! try her mantra or a ritual and believe it.... YOU ARE FREE!

  • If you believe you are cursed then you are accepting that negative power into you. Everytime you feel it send it back. Do not reverse it just send it back. Think Positive. You are stronger then you think. Pray to your higher power and ask that it be lifted from you. Again if you accept it you are allowing yourself to be affected by it. You are sronger then it. Believe me I understand what you are going through. Send it back to where it came from!!!

  • the curse was put on my Grand mother and it is suppose to follow anyone withe the name Mary in the family. which is me and a few of my cousins. I will try what u said . And I want to thank U all And wish all the best new year.

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